Buffalo Lake Campground | Alberta Camping Review

hey everybody welcome back to Alberta
Camping I’m out here at Buffalo Lake Provincial Recreation Area this is north
of Stettler on highway 56 it’s about six kilometers off highway 56 down a gravel
road that road isn’t too bad so it’s pretty easy to get into it’s pretty
rustic there’s not much in here in the way of sites there’s a lot of good
signage up explaining the rules and other things and apparently there’s
supposed to be a camp post right here and as you can see there’s no camp host
so not even really sure how you would pay for camping here right now it is mid
June the sites do not look like they’re used very often at all I would almost
have to say maybe the camp post hasn’t been here in a couple years so I’m gonna
take a drive around I’m gonna let you guys see some of these various buildings
and camp sites in the campground and the lake itself, it might just be one of those
little hidden out-of-the-way campgrounds it’s a dry campground there’s no power
no facilities whatsoever there is a couple of bathrooms I passed but other
than that there’s nothing else out here the lake doesn’t look too bad there is
warning signs off for swimmers itch in the lake itself so I’ll check
on that let you see but yeah let’s do a tour of this campground. So this is Buffalo Lake itself right here is a day use area as you can see it’s a fairly big lake
actually looks like you can do some boating on there if the boat launch does
say hand launched only so obviously it’s for smaller boats there are
some spots over here could be camping sites not entirely sure because it does
save day use only but there is benches along the lake and there’s a few sites
sort of by the lake so it’s kind of interesting I’m not sure these are
camping sites or these are just they use it’s hard to tell because there’s not
very many tire tracks there’s little posts around the campground for each
campsite and it looks like they’re using chalk marks what number the
site is and the one over here is number 19 you can almost make it a pull-through
doesn’t look too bad I’m not sure if I’d camp here, possibly, it looks like it’s
not a bad one I don’t know if I’d go out of my way to get here though that’s a
thing this area of course is we’re in the middle of the prairies and of course
the problem you’re gonna have is that in the summer some afternoons you’re
often gonna get thunderstorms and lightning coming through it is well
treed there’s most of the sites look like they are a little bit secluded so
it’s nice except for the ones along the beach here which aren’t secluded as much
but overall I mean if you’re living in this area or you’re traveling through
going north from more south on highway 56 and you’re looking for a night
somewhere to spend a night or two this wouldn’t be too bad like I said no
camp posts so right now I’m not sure how you would actually pay the camp here
without a camp post around and there’s no receptacle to deposit money in
without anywhere to deposit your registration fee it’s kind of tough to
pay for the night it is nice and quiet I like that very quiet should also point out it’s been raining
for a couple days so as you can see behind me here that it’s kind of a
little bit on the wet side in the grass it does look like there’s tire tracks in
there some people obviously park there yeah it’s I wouldn’t put my vehicle in
there right now similar for some of the sites I’ve seen
that are on the grass that they are pretty wet so I did find a few sites
that are actually very very nice this is one of them it’s a huge site and it’s
nowhere near your neighbors it’s in the middle of the trees but it’s humongous
you could probably fit a good two three four trailers in here easy I think a
little bit tight coming into the camp right campsite itself a little bit a
little bit of trees on there so you probably want to have some help making
sure you’re backing in properly but overall it is a very decent site the
picnic tables are some of them are in bad shape some of them we’re in decent
shape these ones on this side are actually not too bad fire pit is pretty
big in this site it looks like this sand pit here we’re probably used to be an
old fire pit like I said though there’s not very many
tire tracks vegetation there’s growing nicely so I don’t think this campground
gets used very often if at all probably does weekends and probably only on
better weekends hopefully I’ve given you some good information about Buffalo Lake
Provincial Recreation Area personally yeah that was touring central central
Alberta this is probably you want to come and stop for a few days and
possibly a week doesn’t seem too bad definitely something that you know
people would enjoy and especially if you want to have a nice quiet week by
yourself or you just you in the family you’re definitely gonna find out here
about 20-25 minutes from here to get back down into Stettler. Stettler does have
all facilities you need so if you were looking for a Walmart all kinds of other
facilities you’re gonna find that in Stettler it does have all the big grocery
stores and stuff like that let us know in the comments down below if you’ve
been to Buffalo Lake definitely something we are more interested in
finding out from locals or people who have been here
how they enjoyed camping at it and don’t forget to like this video and of course
subscribe to our channel for more all summer long right here on Alberta

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