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Yeah my shelter is a real mess… uh… My cousin, he felled some trees and one of the logs hit the shelter… and then I had to replace the ridgepole and after that I figured that I want to make the entire camp new and uh, I want to use a new tarp and a more stable uh… construction so that’s the mission for today. Stay tuned. Okay, we do have a problem. We have some wasps in the ground in the corner of the shelter. Apparently they have built a nest underneath the leaves uh… on my shelter. But I really want to get rid of them because uh… they are a big nuisance and they stop me uh… rebuilding the camp here. Okay this is my bug out camp and today I have a visitor, Survival Mike, my best friend. SM: All right. SL: Not too bad, right? SM: Looks good. SL: Do you like it here? SM: Absolutely, amazing. The view is great. SL: Mm hmm. So this is my best friend, Survival Mike and uh… he taught me a lot of survival skills. He has his own channel on YouTube. What’s the next video that you are going to do? SM: I’m thinking about doing a review on the Dave Canterbury Pathfinder Scout knife. That is actually in the pass around, and I got it for a few days now and I want to try it out, give my honest opinion of it, and yeah, you can see and watch it on my channel Just visit Survival Mike. You get the idea and you can see the review. SL: And he is on Facebook as well. Follow him on Facebook. Thanks for watching. Bye. *baby raptor call* SL: Roe deer.


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