Building a Shelter for the Yurt and Cabin
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Building a Shelter for the Yurt and Cabin

Easy….. easy…… beats carrying it up by hand. Yeah but look it’s going to the side. It’s pointing where it wants to go Around the corner. Just gonna stop here right yeah all good hey it’s Gen and Mike from GypsyCat Homestead. Hey
guys. It’s a new year so we need a new project we’ve decided that we need some
kind of shelter to get from the yurt to the hut without getting wet but also in
summer provide us a bit of UV protection we do all our cooking outside so it’d be
nice to have a bit more space and not be trapped under the small shelter of the
hut at the moment Two posts in, this stuff sets crazy fast you know darling one of these days
rather than digging holes, putting in posts and filling in holes I’m gonna go
fishing instead. Haha, you’re dreaming I’m just gonna get in a good position You. Get out of there. Go away A nice cool morning, up early, attaching the battens to the bearers and we’re about halfway there so I shouldn’t be
long and they’ll all be up. Hopefully a nice productive day today Happy if I drill? That was quick We did it, we finished the shelter,
another project done. So our comfort of living is going up and up and I’m really
looking forward to seeing what it’s like at a full-on winter. So we’ve had some
rain and it’s been really great we can go outside leave our shoes outside and
everything’s not getting soaked through also it means that small water tank
fills up twice as fast. It’s a nice sunny day here as well so we’ve got a bit of
UV protection so keeping that sunburn away is also another great positive. During the build there was a couple of things that were challenging but on the
whole it was a lot easier than our previous project so as usual we had an
issue with height. We backed in the truck put some plywood on top and stood on the
top of the truck just to make sure we had a little bit more of a stable
platform. I think that’s safer than what we’ve done previously by balancing on
the top of ladders so maybe we’re learning as we’re going along. But that probably was
the hardest part of the project being a maximum stretch and trying to drill in
the polycarbonate roofing it’s not gonna be easy. As you can see we’ve taken away
the fencing that was around the outside of the hut and that was there originally
just to stop the wild goats coming in and making themselves comfortable
underneath the shelters they seem to realize pretty quick that you’re not
home and they move in straight away. With that being said we need to build a fence
at the front and the back of the new shelter because otherwise this will be
their new home as soon as we go out. If you want to watch more about off-grid
journey and the changes that we’re making to be more sustainable feel free
to hit that subscribe button and we’ll have a couple more videos up in the near

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