BUILDING a Small Cabin in the FOREST (ASMR) | Start-to-Finish

This project took approximately 3 months to complete from start to finish. These are re-use pressure treated posts set down 3-4 feet. The string is to help level. Our “chopped up” suzuki log hauler. Norwood portable sawmill hd36. These are boards which will support our cabin made of cedar wood. Large spikes hold them in place. Cutting up 2×6″ planks for the subfloor frame. Many helpers make short work. This is “chip board” which is wood particles glued together. It holds together tongue and groove style. Cutting dead standing pine for structural members. These 2×4″ will be used for the walls of the cabin. Walls go up quickly when assembled on the subfloor, but care must be given for window openings. This forest had many dead standing pine trees. This is a cart that used to haul tombstones. These will be used for the roof trusses. The cabin is starting to take shape. Rough edge pine logs for the loft area. The loft holds temporary ash wood floor. Cool view! Preparing for the ridge beam to span from front to back. This was a very heavy beam! Left over tree tops and stumps. Cutting the bird’s mouth notch which sits on top of the wall. Installing the roof trusses. We had to complete part of the front porch to hold up the upper level trusses. A few more posts to hold up the structure. Slabs to hold up the planks for the wrap-around deck. Notched and held in with spikes. Cedar decking from live cedars. These were not nailed in, but we may do this later. These pine logs will hold up the front of the roof structure and provide shelter. These were tricky to maneuver with just man-power. After hauling most of the logs by hand, a tractor is a nice relief. All windows are salvaged, nothing was new for this job. These frame out the window and abut the siding. Live edge cedar siding. A red roof helps the cabin “pop.” The roof goes up quickly. In order to complete the roof, we must install the stove to correct for the stove pipe. Now the roof is properly sealed around the chimney opening. Fire fire! Now to complete the siding; a big job! The back of the cabin. Finishing pieces at the front. This plywood will help hold the front ash shakes. A circular window! Ash shakes to complete the front of the cabin. Building the custom door. Perfect fit! The window is installed using a pressure gasket. Little bit of trim around the windows and doors. This antler shed was found at an adjacent property from a white tailed deer. Time to invite the kids for some fun! Never too old!

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