Building a Wickiup Shelter (Day 1)
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Building a Wickiup Shelter (Day 1)

Hey guys ! thanks for tuning in so I’m looking for a spot where i can cross this river here and then i’ll be looking for a good spot to build my wickiup. I don’t know if you guys can see but there’s some cool otter tracks and see where they slide with their belly and they go from 1 little water hole to another. We’re in mid-november so there’s probably one or two inches of ice on this river and a bit of snow to hide it, it’s really dangerous I can’t cross that…. So I can’t cross the river, but there might be this spot, I don’t know how thick it is like i said i don’t want to take any risks so this little point here so thick bush right there seems to be good shelter from the wind and forest is not too mature so not too many widow-makers. I’m going to go check it out I’ll start building the shelter there’s a little opening here that i found within this it’s nice and dense forest i’m going to start building my wiki up right here where there’s a natural shelter I’m going to be using my axe It’s been a long time since I’ve built one of these so i cut these about 12-13 feet long going to tie em’ up and see what kind of height I get. I got the ends together i’m going to tie this up well to about 2-3 feet so I have some more space at the top. Using some paracord I could have used some root or something but they’re starting to become frozen in the ground or any kind of natural natural cordage but i’m going to tie this down like i said earlier i had to count how long they are before i’m going for about 12-13 feet measured them just by taking some steps so these three beams are going to be really the main frame for the wickiup so I need them to be pretty tough and solid just kind of winging it on the knot. a couple twists and turns and should be good. When I pull them up they’re going to tighten on themselves anyways. I’m gonna do a little fire, and eat some lunch ! I’ve been working on my wiki up for an hour or two hours not done yet this will be kind of like day one building because it’s a long-term shelter so going to build it and work on it for a certain period of days and we’ll make kind of like a little video series. alright guys i’m gonna show you a neat trick to do a one-match fire with only wood no bark, no paper or anything else so in a forest like this you can find these spruce trees that are dead standing and have these tiny little branches you want to pick a good bundle and you want about match size or smaller. I’m gathering them all in the same kind of way so all the bigger ones all the bigger ends on one side and all the smaller end on another side to do this kind of cool because you don’t need a knife or anything just kinda use your hands slowly gather good bunch it should be about good but I just don’t want to fail because I really have only one match and for demo reasons to. Alright I built a little platform here i got my stage two tinder and my stage one that I just gathered it’s over there so i’ll show you guys here i did the same thing with my stage 2i got them all the big hands at one end and all the smaller and that the other so when you break them in half and you can put them back together and you get all the small ends twigs over there and then you get all the smaller one and then you can put them one over the other then you get small bigger and then even bigger. I’ll process that like with the smaller stuff alright, let’s film on this platform. this is all the smaller stuff i gathered earlier. I’ll do the same thing with these. all the smaller ends are going to be underneath kinda break it like this and then i’m going to light my match and then try to put it right underneath here and this should normally catch if it’s not too wet I carry my match in my knife sheath, told you i only got one match , it’s a challenge here Gotta make sure i get the angle right. Here goes nothing ! kydex sheath (match striker) yeah i don’t know if you guys saw anything but anyways it worked ! getting some coals and get the t-bone steak started. These branches really burn good ok so my mainframe is pretty much done now and I’ll show you guys my progression. This will be kinda like the entrance entrance fire area and probably gonna have to build a fire bit farther but i had the great idea to twist some withes so these are just a few willow branches that I twisted underneath it makes some kind of like a cage (weaving method). I don’t know if you guys can see it but so now i can just throw like these these big rotten logs or dry logs and they don’t need to be strong and with this little cage setup I don’t have to worry about them falling on me or anything It’s all going to be nice and solid. ok So, caveman steak, I need a good bed of coals and throw it right in there takes about five minutes on one side depending on how your coals are, and another five minutes maybe less on the other side. this one looks kind of thick, nice and fat should take only get five minutes it’s only three 3:20 in the afternoon so yeah it’s dark here around four o’clock. throw some spices on there ! Montréal steak spice is perfect. 30 minutes spices on that side too this should be done it’s been on here about 10 minutes, five minutes on each side put it on my little bush plate you can look at what this looks like Alright guys i’ll eat my lunch and i’ll see you guys on the next one ! Thanks for watching I’ll put out this fire and I’m out of here. Alright guys !


  • Billanne Bushcraft Nature

    Bonjour, je viens de découvrir ta chaîne et notamment cette vidéo, j'ai hâte de voir la suite de la construction.

    A tchao !

  • Kijika Life

    Wow great channel buddy ! Just subbed your channel after getting your comment, really enjoy the content. I will be checking out your other vids !

  • Taiga

    nice work. I really like those large wikki brush shelters. I made one like that just over a year ago but someone reported it to the police and apparently they tore it down. Thats what I hate about the UK, bushcraft culture is dead here, almost illegal to practice it. I'm glad I'm leaving here to be honest.
    nice work though, keep it up.

  • Laurent Gouzou AKA Lynx1963

    Just wonderfull my friend I just love the way you prepare and start your fire 👏👏👏💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥 It reminds me good old days in the northern Québec I'll give a lot to have a he chance to access a piece of land to make the same thing. Thank so much for sharing brother. The steak was smelling good up to here 😜😂😂😂 I'll Check part 2 right now. Take care.
    Ciao du lynx Maskoutain ⚜

  • Luke Nunya

    Why didn't you show the phase of adding the additional poles after the tripod frame? I've been trying to find a video that demonstrates that part and they seem to be frequently cut out.

  • bali song

    why would you go to all of this trouble when carrying 4 lbs of hammock, and bags made out of PEVA clear shower curtain and a pair of casualty blankets will protect you far better? You do need a bugnet bag between you and the mylar bag, to prevent the condensation from becoming a problem. Stuff debris between the bags and you'll be ok at 20F without a fire, Sit up in a sling chair made from the hammock and you'll be ok at 10F. Stuff mylar chunks between the layers of your longjohns and use a UCO candle lantern (beeswax candles only) and you'll sleep (sittiing up) just fine a 0F (tied to a tree, the lantern at your feet, pop a 10mg Ambien. or the mylar and PEVA bags can be snapped together and made into a Korchanski supershelter, for use with a fire. This will let you handle -20F, or a bit more, as long as you have the fire.

  • The Truther

    I think it is really smart to have your fire going as you work. That will be added to my camping routine. I like the wiki up because you always have at least the frame as a semi permanent camp site to get you started.

  • Hunter Thompson

    great video you did a great job keeping it slow, other people who do videos like this will just set the camera up and show the building they don't talk much or anything that's a sub from me

  • Araf Hasan

    Thanks for your replying .I. know that you are from. Canada. .I. want to know about. your. country .If. you. visit my country ,it will make. me happy . Respect from Bangladesh .

  • Wallace Pelletier

    got news for you buddy that isn't called a wickiup that's called tiipii a wickiup is dome shaped anything that comes to a point like that is a tiipii and i'm aboriginal native canadian i should know the difference.pretty good tiipii though i like it

  • Karen Lee

    I would need help with something that big. But I can't do this I have some skills and Bushcraft I'm no master. I'm in Arkansas right now. There's a chance that I could be homeless in February to so I may need to make myself something like this

  • John Clarke

    I had to build a fire when I was 14 to become a Little Chief at Camp Ridgecrest for Boys, Ridgecrest, NC Rest assured it was in a pouring down rain and after I had to run to the top of a local mountain. Not something I would want do do again, but I only had to do it once. I am of Native American descent, if that matters.

  • The Blue Rose in Winter

    why did you not use rocks for the steak to be put on? most people do.Of course if there is no rocks available i can understand.

  • Jay Reid

    Never understood putting the meat directly on the fire. You have an ax. Cut some green saplings and create "rack" over the fire. We do that in campaign style civil war events often. Works like a charm.

  • 田中敬祐

    自分の持ち山でしょうね 人の山で薪をとたり 木を切ったりすれば犯罪です 他人の山に勝手に入るのも犯罪です ですので此の方の所有林だと思います 此れだけの山林を所有できるとは素晴らしいですね

  • Hans Vos

    Try next time an upside down fire with thick branches and logs. It does not need to be fed all the time. An enormous time saver! This goes for all of you video survivalists who apparently love self flagellation! For heaven's sake stop farting around!

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