Hello, my name is Tom. In the summer we have decided with my colleague that we will build a shelter in the nature which will protect us from bad weather and now we will show you how we have progressed so far As you can see, this is our shelter today When we started, around October 2017 we came here and this place was completely empty Because we’ve been shooting here something before and we had a small shelter here it was about 6 years ago and it slowly collapsed so we said we would build this one So first we had to dig the foundations for the construction we did so using these improvised “spades” which we made. As you can see, it’s just a bark. Just nothing special but it’s good if you take a look .. you can dig the soil well even if it does not look like that at first, but we’ve been able
to dig a good foundations with it where we have placed poles that can not be seen anymore and thea whole construction stands on them As a next step, we have decided with my colleague that the branches placed here need to be filled with something Since we did not have any cement or anything, just natural materials we’ve decided to go here .. .. behind our shelter .. .. where you can see .. .. that there is a water .. .. and some beaver burrows So we decided to go there to get clay here my colleague calls it a clay.
I think it’s a sewage from animals but let’s say it’s a clay We picked it up and then used it on our shelter to fix the two poles Pretty big challenge was the roof. If you take a look here you can see that it is made mostly of bark which we chose cause it resembles tiles on the roof and because it is wide enough it can hide the holes that are on the roof and isolate against rain and other natural impacts so the entire roof is covered with this layer of bark which we believe will help us to keep the shelter dry inside Next step was this back wall This was quite important because actually the wind was blowing a lot from the back so we tried to really be careful at this part as you can see even though there are some holes that we will be working
on for some time before it’s impermeable and then my colleague started to work on this wall here We also have such a beautiful bench here on which on can sit here we have a table and here we have our “umbrella stand” My colleague cakks it an umbrella stand,
but maybe sometimes we’ll use it for something else Anyway, we think it’s quite cozy here We tried to use as many natural things as possible An interestign fact is that in this entire shelter, there are only five nails aside from that we’be used ropes and other natural things So here you can see that to make this wall strong enough we’ve made a use of these two trees which essentially form the entire wall where we have sealed only the gap between them The problem was that it was raining a lot and quite a big storm came as you can see here we have some fallen trees which is not the an exception around here But you see that our shelter survived We were pretty scared, but we were surprised that everything was fine as you can see The storm was not the only natural phenomenon that tried to spoil our shelter When we came here a week later after the storm when that week was full of quite a heavy rain we found out that the whole floor of the shelter was under water That’s why I decided to try to raise this place here so that the water falls around and would not go over our feet As you can see, we have a beautiful doorstone here as a colleague said to prevent the water flowing down here and as you can see this is not an entirely natural material These are the paving blocks we found here on a pile we do not even know how it got here in the woods but in order to clean the forest a bit we used them here and I think that they are in the right place and not just laying in the nature So now we’ve deliberately moved in front of the shelter which is actually behind the camera because we want to show you what’s behind us As you can see, there is a swamp and some trees, which is one of the other problems which we had to deal with here because while building the shelter we have noticed that some animals visited it as well for example, deer and beavers so we had to deal with it it’s still coming here though. When we arrived today we’ve got animal tracks there So we’ve decided to show you this place a bit and we will also show you where my colleague picked up the “clay” we’ve used before As you can see, since then water is here for a long time something like clay appeared here It’s a pretty solid mass that can be used just like plasticine and we used it to fasten some parts of our shelter We also wanted to make ceramics in a video that you will see later, but it was not a good idea but aside from that I think it is quite an interesting material which is good for example when building a shelter The interesting thing about this shelter is that
we have an east-facing entrance It is probably our best shelter we have ever built although we have built a lot of them but this is probably the best one So see you at our next video. Goodbye.

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