Bullies Ruin Our Picnic! | Babyteeth More!
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Bullies Ruin Our Picnic! | Babyteeth More!

hey guys we have a special episode for
you today not only are we going to unbox these two lovely boxes we are going to
try to make a skit at the end of this video using the stuff in here we have
absolutely no idea what’s inside of these two boxes so I’m a really exciting
where’d you get those boxes Doki Doki which is by Japan crate and we’d like
for providing these products you can get your own at japan crate dot com it’s an
outdoor man penguin sailor a change purse Pokemon hook a ball all right a
drinking cup this is solid color English that is a really great box you can get
your own Japan crate oh okay so now what else do we got that’s we have two boxes
here this will tell you what the lazy egg
there’s a box hmm this is a face mask this is a face mask yeah you cool it and
you this is a sponge for cleaning up we did the dry erase board what’s this guy
is this in here Patek Cotto and Friends all right let’s get these items on
package baby teeth more presents panda dog ruins pick an egg
once upon a time Jillian was skipping through the forest with her Rilakkuma
basket oh are you having a picnic can I join ya I’m having it with gudetama I’m
so lazy I’m so tired I used a piece of bacon as
the blanket but you share food with me that’ll cost you some money so pay up here’s some money from my gorgeous oil
change Paris and then the two girls sat down at the picnic Jillian enjoyed a spongy strawberry cake
and Addie enjoyed sipping a cup it’s great that you have this little twin
stars mat so that we don’t have to put our food on the ground but then suddenly
came to boys it was panda dog and his little friend
seller penguin we’re bullies yeah we’re bullies what are
those girls doing I don’t know it’s gonna check him off maybe we can bully
them hey what are you doing here this is our picnic well it’s our picnic now
we’re gonna take your stuff cause we’re bullies you guys are mean we were having
a nice picnic and now you guys are gonna ruin it yeah well that’s because we’re
bullies we do whatever we want and I’m a penguin and my friends at panda dog so
we don’t take any trouble from anyone we make trouble then the girls began
struggling with the bullies only we had written ourselves a note telling us what
to do in such a situation actually I did how do you pulled out her dry erase
board and it said in case of boys throw the penguin and put panda dog in the
pokeball so Addie threw the penguin this is the worst part about being a bully and
Jillian put panda dog in the Pokemon purse yeah I can’t see who put out the lights
I was depending on you to save me because you’re big I was depending on
you to save me because you’re smart and so the girls defeated the bullies and
we’re able to continue their picnic well I’m ready to go to the beauty spa and I
think there might be two masks in here are you ready yeah let’s go
no police were actually harmed during the making of this skit so that was the
skit that we made using items that we found in our to doki-doki crates that
was the best skit I’ve ever seen on you so where’d you get all these
items again we’d like to thank Japan crate once again for providing these
products you can find out more and get your own at Japan great calm under the
doki-doki section it’s great to get a box watch this in the mail isn’t it
every toys every month yes and you don’t have to make skits out of them you can
do whatever you want right there’s a lot of great stuff all right
so what should people do now like to babyteeth more all right all of their friends now

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