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Burners Bust Myths About Burning Man | Truth or Myth

– [Interviewer] Burning
Man is a giant orgy. – Myth. – Myth. – Couldn’t find any. We looked and looked. – My name is Ryan. – I’m Cornelia. – I’m Andrew. – I’m Hagar. – My name is Cassidy and I’ve been to Burning Man five times. – Two times. – Three times. – Nine times. – I’ve been to Burning Man sixteen times. – What is Burning Man? That is the eternal question. The playa is a giant, dry lake bed. Seventy thousand people
arrive and build the city, and then celebrate for a week, and then burn it mostly to the ground. It’s an experiment in what it’s like when you take a bunch of
humans and some resources to a completely blank
canvas and see what happens. – That is a myth. – That’s a myth. – Myth. – It is a collection of
people from all over the world and all parts of society. – There is definitely a
bunch of rednecks out there, a bunch of families, there’s a ton of hippies too, but its a smattering of all
sorts of different people. – There’s people getting there in their private jets these days, so I wouldn’t call it a hippy… Fest. – False. – That’s a myth. – Myth. – Almost everyone at
Burning Man is on drugs. – There’s definitely tons of people that go sober the entire week. – There are AA camps and there are people that have done sober
burns, including myself. – Even though marijuana
is legal in Nevada, it’s technically illegal on the playa, because it’s federal land. There are a ton of undercover cops that are policing the event. Because of that, no one
speaks about drugs there. If you ask anyone for drugs, they will immediately assume you’re a cop, and they’ll just start pointing at you like, “This guy’s a cop! “Hey everybody, this guy’s a cop!” – Myth. – That is a myth. Sure, there’s a lot of cool music, but it’s not a music festival. – There are DJs, but there are no lineups, there are no schedules, you never know who’s
playing where and when. One of my favorite running practical jokes at Burning Man is that
Daft Punk will be playing at the trash fence. Someone set up a DJ booth with lights and two dummies with Daft Punk helmets and just put a CD of Daft
Punk songs on repeat. – Myth.
– Myth. – Well, true for some. – While there are certainly
people without clothes there, and I have been known to
be without clothes there… – It’s actually not all that common. – There’s a naked pub crawl, that everybody gets on their bikes and goes around to different
bars around the city. There’s a naked tiki
bar, that’s a lot of fun. – But I think one of the best things about Burning Man is
actually the costumes. – [Ryan] People tend to express themselves with fashion and clothes. – [Cornelia] It’s nipple
covers, it’s glitter, it’s whatever your wildest imagination. – [Cassidy] You can shed the costume that you’re wearing in real life, and be whoever you wanna be for the week. – That is a myth. – That’s a myth. – Myth. – It’s called gift economy. So some people bring little necklaces, or jerky, chap stick. – We hosted a yoga-themed camp. I was the sort of producer-slash-grip creating the shade structures, and– – Camp daddy. – And Hagar, along with other yoga teachers, led yoga sessions for
large groups of people. – The idea is sharing without
expecting anything back. – There’s something great about the collective contribution
that we all make there. Especially for people
who haven’t been before, it’s like nothing else. – That is a myth. – Myth.
– Myth. – Couldn’t find any. We looked and looked. – It’s very hot and it’s very sweaty, and it’s very dusty so I mean… You do the math if
that’s something you want to get down and dirty with. – There is an orgy dome. It’s populated throughout the week, but it’s not everybody
and it’s not all the time. – Pfft! Sorry. Myth.
– Myth. – This one is half true. You can’t do anything that’s illegal. – There’s a lot of police
and law enforcement. And that’s a big surprise
to people who haven’t been. – You can pretty much do whatever, though. I saw a guy who had a megaphone and was reading quotes from
“Fifty Shades of Grey”. I’ve seen people dress up in suits, and act like they’re
having a business meeting. It’s all sorts of ways of expression. That’s sort of what I love about it, is that it is so free, and everyone accepts you however you are, however you present. – That is true. – I’ve met my share of
celebrities at Burning Man, and they’ve had some
amazing accommodations. Extravagant RVs with
air conditioning units, and kitchens and stuff. – It’s funny because if you
come there Sunday or Monday, on Thursday, Friday, you
start to see all the models, and all the hair is very, you know, fixed and wavy, whereas ours is just like
a lump of dust and sand. So you can kind of tell who’s been there for
a whole week grinding, and other people who have just flown in, and staying at a fancy camp, and have glamping experience. – Myth.
– Myth. – When I first started going in 1998, even back then there were already people who were in their forties, and there’s other people over fifty who were regularly attending. – A lot of my camp mates had been bringing their parents and
grandparents to Burning Man over the past few years. – I got with my aunt, she’s the one who introduced
me to it in the first place, and my dad went two years ago, and my mom’s coming this year. – And also we’re starting
to bring our kids. – Kidsville, I believe is the main one. And they were great about
creating a safe environment for families to come with children. If we do go back, we’ll take the kids. – Yeah, for sure. – True. – True.
– True. – The way people go to
Burning Man has changed, and a lot of their motivations, sometimes in attending it have changed. – I think the influence of money has corrupted it in some ways. Especially in the last decade. There was a rise of what we’d refer to as turnkey camps where
people would pay others to go set up camp for them, and then they’d come in on a private jet, and have everything taken
care of by a staff of chefs. – Which really destroys, I think, the spirit of the festival, which is radical self reliance. – That creates a different
kind of society out there that unfortunately mirrors
our own back in the city. – And also Instagram
totally changed Burning Man, because there used to be no cell service, you would go totally into the wild, and into your own wild
and completely disconnect, and it kind of seems
like some people go there so that they can take great pictures for their Instagram feed, and then promote their stuff with the pictures that
they took at Burning Man, which is supposed to be a noncommercial… – Environment.
– Environment. – There will be changes in the future, and I’m okay with that. It has to evolve with the times, and it has to evolve with
the people that attend it. – There’s no life form that
can exist in the playa, and yet we go there. We go there every year to
build something beautiful, then they tear it down. It’s special and I can’t
imagine not doing that with my family and my friends. – We love dancing together, we met on the dance floor of a party. The experience of freedom, of really being safe to fully express and experience yourself, I think has really taught
me something, for sure. – [Andrew] And I think it allowed me to open up to more spontaneity, and more expression
through fashion or dancing. – We’re so busy, and we live
in our own little bubble, but then you come to Burning Man, and you kind of remember again that you’re just like a
tiny, tiny little part of this beautiful world that we live in. So I think it’s changed
my life in a way that, you reconnect with yourself,
but also other humans. It’s open to everyone, and that’s the thing they
say at Burning Man, too, when you come in a lot of
people say, “Welcome home.” – I guess I just always
feel totally accepted there. I don’t get many opportunities to be fully myself in the default world. Burning Man allows me to be who I wish I was all the time. – I wish people would have a more, I guess, open mind about it, and if you’re curious about it, just go and you can thank me later. – Burning Man is not just a big party, it’s about leaving no trace,
cleaning up after yourself. It’s about being self-reliant. it’s about giving to others, and contributing to
your society around you. I think if we followed the tenants of Burning Man in real life, we’d end up with a much better world. – Hi, I’m Samara. – I’m Kenzie. – And I’m Cassidy. – Kenzie and I created this series and Cassidy is our lead
editor over at SoulPancake. – Thank you so much for watching, we hope you learned something
new about Burning Man. – Subscribe to SoulPancake
and comment below to let us know groups
you wanna hear from next. – SoulPancake, subscribe! – Oh no.


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    Loved this! I've only been to BM once. I had joined a conclave and performed before they burned the man. I would definitely love to go again but without the obligations of a conclave. Don't get me wrong. I LOVED performing, but I would like to go completely free of any obligations.

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    What people are failing to state here is what it costs to go. The cost of tickets in 2019 ranged from $425 to $1,400 and some scalpers got even more. Tickets were gone in a little over 4 hours. Some of these tickets were bought up by bots and resold at much higher scalped prices. The technical glitches that have plagued their ticking system remains and was still a problem this year. When they say… "Has it changed?" It sure has! People landing by helicopter in the desert to ready made camps with RV's with AC and personal chefs on hand? Sure, go see if you can go knock on their door to get something for free from them. Good Luck! Meanwhile there's only one access road in or out for the rest of those without their own air transport. And it's another $100 to get your vehicle in too. It's all about $$$ these days. And while it's true you won't be spending anything there… You better bring enough supplies to rely on while your there. You are paying to rent a piece of the dessert.

    People and their money and power have ruined this event. Big changes are stated to be coming for 2020. What? Corporate Sponsors??? I wouldn't doubt it with the direction it's headed in. The only accurate statement made in this video was when the guy said Burning Man is mirroring our own society. He nailed it. There are those that "have", and those that "have not".

    People can either agree or disagree with what I've said. I've talked to enough people that have gone and more and more of them are not repeating year after year as the promoters want you to believe. That says something itself.

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  • Chelsie None

    If the idea of BM appeals to you, but you cant afford it, it's too far, ect. There are small regional burns all over the country. They're almost just a cool, hell sometimes cooler than BM. The community is smaller, and more genuine imo. And they're significantly cheaper to attend. I can attend for a full burn (5-7 days depending) for under a grand, including gas, food, lodging, costumes, "gifts" (I always bring a couple hundred of something to gift; lighters, chapstick, keychains, ect), camp dues, toiletries, art supplies/projects, ect. So for a week vacation that leaves you genuinely better off, a grand is cheap!! I and every burner I know leaves a burn feeling refreshed mentally, and emotionally. It's amazing to step out of the real world, not have to worry about money, or anything, and just be free for a few days.

    Also, I wish they would have touched on the volunteer aspect of it. I'm not sure how BM runs, but all the regional burns I've attended are ran by volunteers. It's an amazing experience, to help bring the city together step by step, and then help pack it all out after you've squeezed every drop of fun out. You don't have to volunteer of course, but it's the best way to burn imo. Another thing that is never mentioned, and again maybe it's just a regional thing, a burn is GREAT for the local economy! People flood in, spending money on their way in and out at restaurants, stores, hotels, ect. There's always always sort of "charity" type thing too. Food drives for the local food pantry, clothing donation bins for the local homeless shelters, collection jars to benefit the local police department, emts, ect (usually all 3+). At regional burns we hire our own security, and emts. But we still appreciate the "official ones", and try to show our appreciation as much as possible. Y'all should do a video on smaller regional burns, it's the same concept, but on a whole nother level.

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    Honestly I can't help but doubt this video credibility. I hope people do more research on this before truly coming to a decision


    This whole video is tailored very will to make us believe all these lies everybody in it is saying.
    May God protect us all from the wicked and the evil.

    May all evils lose their way in the dark and never find a path for the righteous

    Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men.

    Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away.


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