Burning Man EXPOSED: The SHOCKING Aftermath of the World’s Largest Leave No Trace Event in Nevada
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Burning Man EXPOSED: The SHOCKING Aftermath of the World’s Largest Leave No Trace Event in Nevada

what is up EWU Crew this is a very
highly requested video and after weeks of the investigating we finally have it
for you today we will be exposing Burning Man for those who don’t know
Burning Man is an annual event held in the Black Rock Desert on the playa for
one week about 80,000 people gather on to the dry lakebed building an
experimental city known as Black Rock City
Burning Man claims to be the world’s largest Leave No Trace event but what we
found during our investigation may shock you before we jump into the video don’t
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another video we also need to make 2 things very clear before we get started
all right we want to make clear we have no problem with people going out to the
desert partying and having fun the thing we do have a problem with though is the
hypocrisy of this event and what we found while researching this video we do
know there’s a segment of burners who are also very upset about what we’re
about to show you and we are not painting all burners with the same brush if
this video makes you angry at us you’re probably the problem now let’s go before
we decided to make this video we made a video covering the town of Gerlach near
the location of the Burning Man event soon after posting this video we
received an email from Melanie who was a security guard for the 747 plane left on
the playa at the Burning Man event months after it ended last year this
quickly became a point of contention among burners who believed in the Leave
No Trace principle of Burning Man and didn’t want the 747 to be there in
Melanie’s email she sent us even she said also I am a resident of Gerlach and
everything you have filmed and seen in the town are the workers for Burning Man
not the residents and yes they are disgruntled 80% of them are not paid
they get crappy food crappy housing and free alcohol at their own exclusive bar
all to go to the biggest party in the world if you want to download on what
Burning Man is doing to this town stay a week here in October when they all leave
and see what they leave behind we headed out the Burning Man two days after the
event to see if they really are a Leave No Trace event here is what we found as
we started heading out we noticed massive amounts of trash along the road
we’ll show you a before and after event comparison on screen right now and as
you could see there’s a huge difference before was only two weeks before the
Burning Man event just one portion of the road but the
entire 75 mile stretch from lads word to the Bernie main event was littered with
trash abandoned trailers RVs and more just garbage everywhere okay guys we are
almost there there’s America’s darkest town right there and then the Burning
Man event takes place right over there so we’re almost there we’ve already seen
a ton of freaking trash so far that’s right with ton of trash along the road
so you guys ready let’s go okay we’re we’re gonna go right now guys we’re
gonna go over on the playa we’re gonna try to go the back road in because we
want to see if there’s a ton of garbage over there as well and for those people
who are gonna be like well you guys should clean it up we’ll watch to the
end you’ll see what happens subscribe let’s go I think we’ve seen a
lot more trash on our way in than we’ve ever seen before coming here a ton of
trash I think when we get out there I’m hoping I’m wrong guys I think we will
see a ton of trash also on the playa but I could be wrong I’m also wanting to see
if the 747 is still there and we will get into that later I think there’s
probably gonna be a lot of trash there because of how much trash we’ve seen on
the road so far and I’m really interested to see if the plane is still
there and I’m really interested to see if anybody’s left anything like bikes
and stuff like that so let’s go okay guys there’s been tons of trash on the
side of the road so I think there’s also gonna be tons of trash on the playa
let’s go and see so because we’ve already seen so much trash I think
there’s it’s gonna be like a lot worse over there the closer we get to the
event so let’s go see let’s go this is gonna get a little sketchy though
because we did see a sign saying no entry or event only so we don’t know if
they’re gonna have it blocked over here but I guess we’ll see and we’re also
going to stop at the hot springs and see if they trashed it so let’s go again is
right behind us we just came over there we saw a couple of people who are
burners right over there at the Hot Springs not sure if they were dumping
their trash looks like they could have been we’re not sure no there’s something
sketchy it looks like I look a little nervous
yeah when we rolled up they looked like they were totally not expecting us so
far around here there’s not a lot of trash around here but one thing I did
notice and I’m not saying this is a correlation in any regards but there’s
no animals today we’ve seen no animals know last time you guys we saw kit foxes
we saw bighorn sheep we saw horses we saw all kinds of animals today nothing
so far Birds what do you want to make clear guys is there was a lady who
claims she was out here and she was photographing some of the art
installations and she was assault yeah within the past few days so we
don’t know so much rise it assault me I’m gonna assault back just want you to
know that so we ain’t gonna be Punk’d we’re gonna go out here and we’re gonna
see what’s going on we’re gonna take photos wherever the hell we want to and
we’re gonna do whatever we want within legal rights okay so let’s see what
happens guys let’s get closer to the event and see what we find
yes let’s go fooling around in there yeah as we got closer we started to
notice garbage everywhere even along the dunes around the event where the Kitfox
habitat is located one piece of garbage is right next to what appeared to be a
Kitfox den then we discovered something disturbing as we looked into this closer
we found an organization called the friends a Black Rock High Rock with some
interesting connections and beliefs first of all one of the Bremen founders
is vice president of this organization so these two organizations are very
intertwined ironically here’s a post from friend of black rocks Facebook page
talking about protecting the KITT foxes and then right there right next to a
Kitfox den there’s garbage littered right after the Burning Man event which
one of the founders is vice president of this organization yes and there’s also
more people on the board of the Black Rock who are also very well invested
into the Burning Man event and they’d like to have there been this is one of
the things that really bothers me guys when I found this is they’re such
freaking hypocrite there are total hypocrites in my opinion they’re
hypocrites they don’t want you doing anything out there they’re trying to
control everything you could do out there but they’re allowed to bring
80,000 people out there and throw a giant party that causes all kinds of air
pollution something that the Leave No Trace never discusses is air pollution
they don’t want to have trash cans out there on the playa because they say it
might disturb the playa but look at all the trucks I’ll show you guys right now
there were so many massive trucks and massive types of equipment out there
working on the supplier that they claim is so delicate they don’t want people
driving their cars off-road but yet the founder himself is shown right here will
show you a picture of him on a UTV off-road doing the exact same thing he
tells everyone else not to do and this is the kind of stuff that really freakin
makes me mad because who wouldn’t heckle you to go and tell everybody else they
can’t do this they can’t do that and you get to go do everything yourself like
they think it’s our own little freakin party or something like their own area
out there get this this one is really insane guys get this they don’t want you
building rocks they don’t want you stacking rocks
I’m not kidding they don’t want you to stack Rock
but they’re gonna build a whole city in the desert for a week and burn it all to
the ground and then they’re gonna burn off propane can you imagine how much air
pollution is enough burning off of all the probing at the end of the event now
these are the same people who run the Burning Man on one hand they’re
pretending like they’re out there to protect the environment they’re really
care about the environment oh we really care about it in the next minute what
are they doing they’re literally destroying the environment out there how
do they get to have it both ways like that basically it seems like in our
opinion they just kind of want the area for themselves and pretend they’re Leave
No Trace and I mean you could see guys this is not a Leave No Trace event based
on what we found and what I found really strange when we were looking into this
organization I guess this nonprofit organization is first of all is a couple
of their sponsors were surprising one of them is Toyota I mean why would tell to
sponsor an event I mean an organization that doesn’t want you to drive your
Toyota’s off-road I mean I bought a Toyota to drive it offroad he doesn’t
want anyone driving off-road except for him of course in his host he’s driving
off-road in a UTV and the second one I believe it’s Polaris they have a
freaking Polaris okay Polaris is literally made for driving off-road but
what I found really understand I know if there’s any legal issues Alyssa but it
seemed like there was a huge conflict of interest because what I noticed is that
when we were out there I swear there was like 60 Polaris is out there like almost
like Claire’s is gonna support this organization okay this is my opinions I
have no no evidences but as found it interesting maybe you know Polaris is
gonna like support this Black Rock organization and Burning Man is gonna go
on by 60 Polaris is from the company almost like it’s like some type of
really scammy illegal thing going on I’m not really sure if you guys are out
there and you know whether or not this could be considered scamming this is not
my area expertise I just thought it was very interesting so we stopped right at
the entrance of the Burning Man event so to take a closer look and this is what
we found and it’s pretty shocking for being just right outside the event what
we noticed is there’s a ton of trash out here on the side of the road
we don’t like burners we’re right outside the event there’s the event
right there as you can see there’s tons of people coming out there’s a ton of
trash later there’s a ton of trash back there that we actually passed up and
there’s trash here we’re gonna keep going guys there’s bottles all over the
sides of the road to you guys this was not here when we were just here before
the event none of this trash is here besides of the road guys it’s just
covered in trash do you see it it’s like everywhere so this I guess is where all
the trash is send the sides of the dunes it flies off the plane gets caught in
the dunes and then look at this this is just totally trapped no we’re gonna go
pick some trash up guys but we can’t do it here cuz we got a whole family with
us yeah there’s a lot of big rigs coming down this road and a lot of fast traffic
if you look right now there’s people going down this road really fast so
we’re gonna look for an area where we can pull off and get further away from
the roads we gonna pick up some trash let’s go the traffic was so insane that
we decided to wait a week before he came back to pick up trash safely who just
dropped that in the meantime we saw photos of overflowing garbage all over
Reno and Fernley and we decided to go take a look ourselves this was the
garbage bin outside of the Fernley Walmart overflowing with burners trash
and yes they just left it there like that outside the bin just freakin flying
all over in the wind then we headed back out for another day of investigating and
we wanted to actually do our part and help try to clean up some of this mess
that they have left behind for a Leave No Trace event I’d have to say what we
found was appalling we all right outside the Burning Man event it’s right over
there we are gonna pick up some trash right
here just a little trash here and there’s a maybe Fox or a rabbit den
right there it’s blown over here foot high fence I would have never seen that
coming I thought that that little fence would capture a hundred percent of every
trash never goes above three feet yeah I mean since I hear where the frickin wind
blows like a hurricane I bet you that that little orange fence this captures
everything except for this stuff hey there’s a water bottle I found a water
bottle you guys let’s grab it water bottle down right in the poor little fox
habitat mistake waterbomb definitely didn’t go over the
fence I’m sure complaining about far worse than the plastic bottle we just
picked up tire piece of a tire guys were for all kinds of treasure today fancy
stow okay I’m gonna keep going yeah she was too busy partying that guy he gets
real triggered for people driving like a little tire tracks but I guess the
trails that go through there with all the heavy the heavy equipment of
spraying it’s okay he’s cool with that because it benefits him you don’t I mean
any of the burners complaining about this video you’re the problem because
the people actually care about the environment will be thankful that we
came out here we probably are helping you guys keep your freaking permit for
next year cuz we’d like we said in the beginning this video we really don’t
care if you guys come on here and party but just don’t be hypocrites no but a
lot of burners themselves were really upset at the amount of matter out of
place exactly and this is one thing we have to make clear is we don’t want to
paint all burners with the same brush but a lot of the original guys if you’re
not upset you’re part of the problem sadly I would say about 80% of the
burners just come here to party you don’t care about that but I always find
interesting this is the funny part is usually the burners who are the most
vocal about you know leaving no trace on the first to leave here before the trash
and they’re like in the middle of Nevada before they didn’t talk about how it’s
like there’s leave no trash and there’s a Leave No Trace event when there’s
freakin trash all over like we’ve been showing you guys they’re here helping
clean up they’re gone from the Black Rock yeah he’s a hypocrite and I like
that he probably complaining that we’re walking over here as they have that
massive freakin stuff going on in the middle of the playa and again we’ve seen
no animals here today it’s very interesting it’s almost like the Bernie
men have scared the animals off for like two weeks now clastic and this is just the beginning
we got to clean up next to the road but we’ve been waiting for the rain to clear
out believe it or not get Vince right there and right freakin there on the
road just a ton of trash along the road right outside some people say
they pack it in and pack it out I guess what they mean is just pack it out to
the road and dump it along the roads as you go look someone said that they had
no no trash cans or bins or something in the park or something in the party I
think is something stupid like that one day let’s come over the plastic bag and
just let it go but not like leave it and follow it and see how far it goes below
see we get into the event we’re gonna go drive over there right now so let’s go
so some people suggest that animals don’t come on the ply even though they
say they saw coyotes near the edges people this year reported that there are
coyotes right next to the edges of the van guys but look we flew out here by
the wind so look at we are really close to the event now it looks like the trash
fence which is put up to gather the trash up prevent it from getting outside
it looks like it’s gone and look what we found right here damn trash fence do not
get that guys that was some serious move but now it’s gone for the people who
bailed early another piece of move right here again we’re getting close to the
event the closer we get it seems like there’s more trash so let’s go see what
other treasures everything and you see people are saying they pack it on I
don’t think that’s trashed right there either guys I don’t think that’s trash
there’s no freaking way that could be trash man there’s just no way is it no
it’s not you’re faking dude the fence would have caught all this stuff there’s
more free the hell’s that that’s a yeah can or something yeah a picture of a
woman oh here’s a cool tip more trash right
there guys the Rangers you over to pick up your trash mother this another piece
of loot if we really hated this event we could totally leave it but that’s not
what this is about guys this is about showing you the real deal when you come
out here and this little bullish about Leave No Trace doesn’t exist I mean look
at these trucks trucks you think they’re leaving no
trace viewing out so much frickin exhaust I don’t think so leave no trace
always leaves out air pollution Lily I think we should comb this freakin area I
think we found the Moop goldmine and we’re about to pick this stuff up this
is like right outside the event now and I like I know some people act like they
would sweep up their little spot and rake it for trash bag if they missed
this one and that one and that one too over there sweet little baby let’s get a
little ridiculous now there’s trash right here and we’re next to the main
stinky Road I’m seeing so many leaves no tracers drive right by the trash I guess
they do it all the way down the whole entire road huh oh my god he tried to
take us out just kidding on the move you jealous there’s more Moop right there
are you kidding me we got some move right here there’s so much room so much
movement guys I’m completely flabbergasted on how the trash got
thanks right there that’s an amazing garbage fence how’d it get over this is
impossible no Tracy babe we have no trash I mean
this fence like I mean cook this is clearly a trash proof fence but what do
we have here something has gotten over it this is what’s that say it’s a burning building
plans build something and it’s so amazing that it made it past us but
doesn’t look freaking magnet for trash as you see we haven’t found any trash
outside that and I find them one here and I found something over here too that
was what I find interesting no guys look at this line of sand look at how it
disrupt I don’t know how that caused this whole entire like line if it has
any effect on the environment but I bet you if the same people that are
complaining about it being a no Tracy vent if it was like another company out
here doing this they’d be complaining that this is like somehow destroying the
playa guys we have to stop right now because what we found out when
researching this after later on we decided to take another look at this and
what they call those are actually serpent dunes and what’s interesting is
they claim they don’t know what causes them although they do know that it was a
burning man seems to accelerate them but as you can see at least from this video
it’s clear as day that the trash wall is literally causing a massive serpent dune
some people claim that these are very hazardous to the playa and there’s been
a lot of debate about them like they don’t know how they are caused or what
causes them or anything but I think this is pretty clear evidence that that fence
is causing a massive serpent dune this is nothing compared to the roads to make
a point there’s trash that blows away guys when the winds pick up here it’ll
take a freakin piece of garbage all the way down as far as the eye can see yeah we have those guys over there which
they’re calm I’m out there doing it’s kinda like they’re just sitting in their
seats was dad in there that’s why we went by oh this is hate and sadly this
little piece of duct tape which is the exact same color on their windows from
the event I feel like if we pull it out of there will be causing more
environmental destruction and we’re willing to tolerate here guys let’s keep
going we under go get some burners and complain to them about their freaking
trash they’ve been leaving out here that’s where we’re going now let’s go plastic bag outside the fence we’re
gonna pick it up go dad I think you let this thing go in a big gust of wind it’s
gonna go down and hit this fence here we have another freaking glove a rubber
glove guys and it made it past the fence right there I don’t know man what do you
guys think I don’t know I don’t even see much garbage caught up in the fence to
you we’re gonna continue to drive around the event and see if there’s anything in
there that we feel like going in and see it let’s go human took a dump there you guys are
probably right this is disgusting guys holy moly we drive like ten yards and there’s more
trash just every ten yards it’s more tape over here and grab that piece of
blue trash over there yeah there’s some trash and I also saw like black stinks downwind the wind’s blowing it this way how fast that is if the garbage gets
over and the wind is blowing yeah it’s just gonna scatter for miles I mean it’s
just so vast I think that’s the problem it doesn’t always we can demonstrate I
think clearly it doesn’t all get stuck in there not even you know most of it
yep all right let’s keep going we go you so much guys we’re only there’s only
four of us as you can see the fast area so we’re not we could only do so much
that’s all we could do is outside defense bungee cord like it fell off the
back of someone’s truck that will toss it away well throw it out guys is what
I’m talking about looking at fast this piece of garbage is flying right now
it’s doing about I’m going about six miles an hour just think it’s cruising
down the fly it’s going ten miles an hour now so then we decided to stop next
to some beautiful donkeys and start cleaning we’re on the main road out of
the Burning Man event and look at what’s all around that’s a bunch of garbage
guys we’re just gonna call it what it is does not move anymore
it’s trash and there’s donkeys right there donkeys are my favorite animal
guys a little funny hip hop back it’s really grinds my gears that there’s
trash next to my favorite donkey they’re suffering right now they don’t even have any concern with
picking up the trash do they trash is little spot I think we’ve done a pretty
good job so far clearly guys it’s not a leave no trace
event because if it was in there won’t be so much trash all over we got trash
outside the playa we have trash we saw a bunch of trash
flying around even inside the play and they started removing like the fencing
which is weird because that means it’s just gonna fly all over Plus all over
the roads if you just drive up and down these roads to burning me in them back
you’re gonna see a ton of trash guys so I don’t think it’s leave no trace of it
as you can see you guys it’s a real Leave No Trace event well I mean we
found tons of trash guys so I don’t know it’s like they’re just like leaving
their trash all over no matter if it’s a Leave No Trace event or not so it
doesn’t really like you know they’re not really following the rules alright guys
well we are done it’s been a long I’ve been working on this video for about I’d
say two to three weeks now we’ve come out here multiple times and I was like
appalled by the amount of trash left along the highways and it’s still like
that guys even today this is like barely any trash compared to what you’ll see if
down this road right now if we go down this road and show you all the freaking
trash everywhere it’s still everywhere but it also goes all the way into
California it goes all the way every which way they go is trash they left it
everywhere we just came out here I know we didn’t
do much we got some a bag is fairly full but we just wanted to come out here and
document this after the email we got from the woman who said we needed to
come out here and see the amount of trash they left after alright guys we
have a long ways to go hit the like button hit the subscribe button we’ll
see you guys next time



    EWU CREW! 🐺💛 SOME BURNERS THINK WE'RE HIDING THIS FROM YOU! We've received some feedback on this video from members of Burning Man's DPW (AKA Department of Public Works), who are VERY ANGRY about this video being posted. We're not sure why they think this makes them look better, but they want everyone to know that the event attendees cause so much environmental destruction that an entire cleaning crew of 200+ PEOPLE has to stay for NEARLY A MONTH after the event to attempt to restore the area to its normal state. How ironic that a Leave No Trace event requires an entire clean up crew to attempt to restore the environment after the event.

    As everyone knows, this video was made to document how some ATTENDEES treat the area and environment while attending what is called the world's largest Leave No Trace event, leaving destruction and trash in their path even in the local towns and cities. Of course, as mentioned in the video, air pollution is completely ignored. The trash that's blown away before the clean up crew can get to it is ignored. The animals are stuck living in the garbage for a month while the clean up crew attempts to clean this huge area.

    For some reason, they think we are trying to hide the fact that there's a cleaning crew, when the fact is, in a Leave No Trace event, there shouldn't be a mess to clean up in the first place. Attendees going to a Leave No Trace event where the community is expected to respect the environment shouldn't leave this much trash behind. This was the point of this video, as everyone else seemed to have no problem understanding. Be sure to SHARE this video, SMASH the like button, and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! If you'd like to see a follow up video, comment down below! ❤️

  • Nikkid Evans

    You guys should see the garbage, unopened food and water they leave at our carwash! It fills the dumpster within 2 days after the event. Some have destroyed our customer bathroom as well.

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    I am a big guy, and I would not go there alone.

    Any woman who goes to the SW alone is just looking for some trouble

  • Logan Stroganoff

    I understand the locals sentiments completely! I live in a beach town and the garbage left on the beaches every damn day in the summer is infuriating! If a storm whips up quickly it winds up in the water. So many people are disrespectful as hell of others homes and whats worse is that many have the attitude of entitlement bc,as they say, "we are your towns economy." While true to an extent it doesnt give one permission to flout laws and trash the place.

  • Crowstudio

    Hippies? No—a lot of narcissistic, self gratifying, sensitive, and hypocritical elites hang out here. Drop a bomb in the middle and you’ll find the immediate cleansing on the whole gen of politicians, technologists, and agenda garbage protégés from the same bottom heap of the elitist and occultist world…

  • 2fast65

    I think most of these people are from California the land of fruits and nuts stay out of Minnesota we are all good without you people.

  • melthedog-prayn4heavn

    I don't know why you blocked the vice president guys face. He is a public figure who obviously puts his face out in the public domain of the internet. This means you have every right to show him….i believe he and his "not for profit" seems like they could making a lot of $$, they may be doing behind the "scene" deals with the sponsors…i can't say for sure how they can do this…but it looks like something 🐟 is going on..i don't like the Fed's(BLM EPA)..but in this case either the state or the "others" need to investigate eggswhatwhat this group may be doing ..BUT as we all know $$ talk and 🐮💩walks…so thanks for exposing this but the repetition on the video is a little much…

  • videoclipits

    If these people are true burners, they should pile up their garbage and burn it. Like perhaps in that already dug hole made by that Kitfox animal thingy. It would burn much like a rocket stove.

  • SneakySolidSnake

    the trash on the roads is real. leaving no trace is an unrealistic expectation. reality greets ideology. everything else is just uninteresting fluff to pad out the video, mostly sarcastic complaining.

  • Erik Molnar

    Look at the Woodstock 99 aftermath. Most people don't care about the environment when it comes to their convenience and getting high af at these events

  • Meredith Ahern-Tamilio

    I'm gonna take a wild guess before this video even starts I think its about how much trash they leave behind and are complete skum that do this..just a guess like I said

  • Meredith Ahern-Tamilio

    Wow I shouldn't be surprised at my guess that this video was about the human beings being there normal skum those poor animals that live here like these 2 guys said where are they , they have not seen any animals this is disturbing to me and this NEEDS TO NEVER BE ALOUD TO HAPPEN EVER EVER AGAIN NEVER EVER EVER

  • Meredith Ahern-Tamilio

    Wow I shouldn't be surprised at my guess that this video was about the human beings being there normal skum those poor animals that live here like these 2 guys said where are they , they have not seen any animals this is disturbing to me and this NEEDS TO NEVER BE ALOUD TO HAPPEN EVER EVER AGAIN NEVER EVER EVER

  • cris c

    Should anyone really have to think to hard about what these groups and crowds of people intend to do or become, acceptance speech 2008 anyone? you are what you leave behind and they are going to bring this whole place to a waste land. Your petition… as someone else on here suggested the town make to stop these people is minimal, your next election is the biggest petition your going to make to hold back the "Trash People"!

  • Pickles Dill

    I ALWAYS wonder about this. Especially woth our atmosphere in the condition its in and then burning such large scale pieces…i cant help but think it cant be great. Ive always wanted to go BUT i think im the kind of person who should have been born earlier to be apart of the original city

  • L G

    It is time to stop burning man too many foreign assholes Washo county sheriffs Reno police BLM and government workers go out there just look at titties The desert needs a rest

  • Joe Zyzyx

    Foxes love to pick up trash and take back to their dens, so that MAY be where some of that trash by their dens came to be there.

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