Bushcraft Evening In The Bug Out Camp
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Bushcraft Evening In The Bug Out Camp

Finally, it’s springtime. And right now I’m collecting dandelion and yarrow. And this early in the year, these plants are not that bitter as normal, as usual. So you can eat a good amount of them without getting a sore stomach. Okay, I have found a little bit of birch bark, which I am going to take with me as tinder. And there’s this old and rotten tree stump, and I want to see if I can find some grubs. I just found a grub, but it’s looking very disgusting. And it’s almost black, so I don’t want to eat it. Home, sweet home! Woohoo, yeah! Looking awesome. That’s where I’m gonna sleep tonight. Okay, guys, so, I just have walked down to see if there is some water in the creek. There is no water, but I have found something different. Two full bottles of beer. Yeah, sometimes people come here and spend the night drinking at my camp. They don’t have my permission, but I guess, it’s just some people from the village. So, whoever it was who came to my camp and brought the beer, I want to thank you very much. I’m going to enjoy it tonight. I don’t have a lot of firewood left any more, so I want make some firewood with this axe here. [music] Okay, today I’m making a small cooking experiment I just took some things with me in the forest, which I had at home at hand. And right now I’m having onions and bacon in the pan, roasting them up, very good. And later on I’m going to add some deer meat, and some mushrooms, and after that I’m going to add some cream. [music]


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