Buying A CVT Rooftop Tent
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Buying A CVT Rooftop Tent

Oh Slyder room huh injure us just can’t for every park welcome back to another accidentally
video Taylor and I are going to chop today we’re gonna buy something we’re
pretty excited about it we’ve been thinking about buying this for a while
and we have it on hold so yeah let’s go get it it’s cold outside so we’re headed to
town you don’t know we live a couple hours from the nearest town or the town
where we go to get our food and stuff and so I told you guys we’re going to
town to pick up something that we’re super excited about and we have a number
of different stops that we have to go to along the way we have a couple of
different errands appointments drop our computer off and then my final stop is
we’re picking up a CVT 10 today a rooftop 10th right truck as we start to leave I typically turn my
radio off because one I want to save the battery on it because I definitely don’t
charge it when we go into town and then too if we do have an emergency
I want to be able to have enough battery that radio could reach the ranch quite a
ways away we’ve got all these cool rock formations isn’t that cool so there’s no cell phone
service it should be like 45 minutes or so and we should be in cell service made to the payment I think our truck is
slowly rattling the fire from driving on the dirt throughout all the time there’s
so many bumps okay stop number one there’s getting
their eyes checked just to see if her prescription has changed I think we have
seven stops total today stop number two finished okay stop number three we’re
going to get some lunch meeting up with some friends and see you I don’t know
where the other places so called no Taylor’s finding the address and we’re
gonna go pick him up so I am kind of hopping the East place but it’s just how
I’m filming today Jake there is later help my brother we’re in
the Costco really fast and then we’ll go to CBT right oh and then we’ll go to the
net means to Costco Costco yep we made it my groceries from Costco
about once month think what are you doing in in town today had a safety
recall on my work truck we’ll give him a ride back to the ranch right now we’re
just waiting yeah I’ve done a lot of waiting today I’m okay with that
I’m excited to see the tent looks like on the truck it’s one of the hardshell
tents they have the softshell tents and the hardshell tents and we went with the
hardshell because a number of different reasons one is that just it’s easy to
set up and take down the soft shells you gotta fold them out and you know put the
awning part on and all that stuff where the hardshell just pops straight up and
comes back down you can leave all your bedding stuff in there in the soft shell
it like folds all your bedding in half where the hardshell just stays the way
that you left it so that took longer than we hoped just got done in the Mac
store and dropped off our computer so I could get fixed and now we’re headed to
this evening tea store finally this is the CBT store and this is the
rack that we’re gonna put on our truck then we’re putting the hardshell tent on
to yeah back in this tent it’s gonna be a lot of
fun a lot of fun memories gonna happen in this tent they’ve been holding this
specific tent for us the black hard shell Mount st. Helens model and it’s
been their display model and so getting a good deal on it these are the
softshell tents like I was talking about before this one’s pretty big it’s got
two ladders going up into it she’s do that look how big this place is this is
one of their their bigger ones if not their biggest this is giant there’s so
much room in here it’s just giant so cool it’s got the
skylights in it stargazers like cool so when we came here the first time I met
Bobby who’s the owner and just talked with him for about an hour and he’s just
awesome guy just really easy to talk to you and then the second time we came in
we met Ian and it also works here and same thing great customer service
incredible customer service they’ve been super kind through this whole process of
holding the tent for us and waiting for us to go to Haiti and get back from
Haiti and they’re installing the rack for us and we’re just super excited to
have this product and use it on our adventures yeah you are happy yeah well you guys we did it we got the tent
on the truck ian was super helpful and there was a
lot of fun hanging out him installing the tent and so now we got to go camping
campus is where you park it hats off to you guys you


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