BUYING ALL THE ANIME GOODS | Tokyo Vacation Merchandise 2017

Oh boy … Hey how’s it going on my fellow citizens? This is SuckyEngy here Now some of you may be wondering where I’ve been throughout the whole week. Well let me show you That’s right, I just went on a vacation to Tokyo Now I did record like 5 days worth of footage Which is about …, well roughly about an hour of footage and I’ll basically just post them as separate videos and as a whole video later on Now what can I even say about Tokyo or Japan in general that hasn’t been said before already? But you guys don’t want that stuff, you guys want Merchandise. So first off let’s start off with these 2 figmas The Ranko and Anzu figma Which I can’t find in any of my local stores so I basically just bought it from there (Akihabara) I also got this Fate Grand order Mashu figure? I think? Is that how you pronounce her name? “M-uh-sh”? I personally have yet to see Fate Grand order yet I basically just bought this because it’s cheap it’s about like, 1000 yen and also out of “consensus” of a friend which happens to be the leader of “Weeaboo Heaven” Go join the group 😀 I also got this Yukari swimsuit figure from Girls Und Panzer I personally have yet to watch any Girls Und Panzer anything at all Not the series nor the film yet but you know, I just kinda bought it for fun I was trying to get Miho but she was like twice the price She was 3000 Yen, Miho was about 6000 That’s crazy, even for the same scale Following up with the Girls Und Panzer theme I also got these like keychains of the characters The entire cast for the film Maybe not the entire cast As I mentioned again, I have not watched the filn or the series just yet but you can roughly see the cast and what’s available It says this is the secret character I’m supposing that’s Alice Shimada? I also got a bunch of [email protected] Cinderella Girls CDs Don’t ask me why I buy these, I can’t find any of them in my local stores either But you can roughly see all the records that I’ve bought, there’s like 8 of these things. Now if some of the music in this video gets muted, well you can blame Columbia Japan But, nonetheless, here’s the songs I also got this tiny Kanako nendoroid petit figure for like less than 900 yen Also I gotta mention, these Kanako merchandise, I’m basically not buying them for myself But rather for a friend, who do you ask? Well … “Welcome back master, won’t you come in please?” Yea, her And last but not least, we got this T shirt of Godzilla Which on the rear side, you get to see this cool illustration Which is basically the parody of “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” with Godzilla in it So you know, pretty cool And that about wraps up my merchandise video I will be posting the videos of those following 5 days in Tokyo Until then, I will see you citizens next time And, swooo~~

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