Caddo Lake State Park – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]
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Caddo Lake State Park – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

[blues music]♪ Well, well ♪[blues music] – BRANDON LOPES-BACA: You know,
Caddo Lake State Park, it’s the only area in Texas
that you can find this environment,
this habitat. [blues music] There’s not a lot of people
out here to where it’s gonna be crazy! You can really get out here
and just recharge your soul. [music] – Caddo Lake State Park is the
gateway to Caddo Lake. We are located four miles
upriver on Big Cypress Bayou. And Caddo Lake is special
because it is the largest naturally formed
lake here in Texas. And it was formed around the
year 1800 when water from Big Cypress Bayou tried to
merge with the Red River, but met a giant log jam
called the Great Raft. [blues music] – BRANDON: We are a Civilian
Conservation Corp. park. [music] July 4th, 1934 is when the
park officially opened for public use. – KELSEY: The first thing you
see as you drive into the park are iconic pillars that were
built back in the 1930s and are still standing today. And as you drive through the
park, you’ll see the cabin area. Those were the cabins that the
CCC lived in when they were building this park, as well as
the rec hall, which is where they would have had their meals. So, there is a little bit of
magic from the CCC left all over this park. [laughter] – BRANDON: There’s nothing
that’s gonna be too hardcore as far as the trails go. Their pretty standard, a
couple uphill here and there. So, you can come out
here with your family and just be out here for a
couple hours on the trails and enjoy yourselves! – KELSEY: Park programs are a
really great way to get your kids involved in nature. And you just want to
tap it on the bottom. [water gurgles] So, nice good one! – KID: Oh, that’s cool! – KELSEY: The kids are getting
to experience it for themselves, really get to explore
at their own pace, and just see what’s out there. – KID: Ohhhhh! – KELSEY: It’s called a
Cricket frog, and they’ll get
bigger than this, these are just real
little ones. – KID: Oh, can I
hold one of them! – Yes, critters, and mud
and all that stuff– that is their favorite
thing probably ever. I want my kids to actually come
and physically put their hands into the water, to see
the creatures up close. [woodpecker knocking] It’s not just something they
know about in their head but something they feel
in their heart. What did you think,
is it fun! – KID: Yeah! [blues music] – VELMA COWLING: I love it here! Oooh! This is my home! – Mmmmmm, hmmm. I hope I catch em, cause
he’s pretty good size. – Oh honey, I just enjoy
being here. Yeah, have some me time,
for sure. – Oh, I got something! Oh! Oh, I can fish a little bit! [laughter] – VELMA: When I’m sitting
here fishing like this! Oh, come here baby! I don’t have a
care in this world. Oh, I got a gargalli. Hey baby daddy! Ooooooh baby, I love it! [paddles splash] – EASLEY SMITH: Paddling, it’s
nice cause you don’t have the buzz of the motor from a boat. So, you get to hear the
movement of the water, and you get to kind of feel like
you’re supposed to be there, instead of in a big clunky boat where you’re just
kind of rocking. And you get to get really
close to the trees and see the detail of the wood, and the hanging of the moss. And it’s just nice to see
the little intricate details of nature. [blues music] – KELSEY: Caddo Lake is a really
special place to visit. It’s a place unlike any
other within the state. – EASLEY: This is pretty cool! – BRANDON: You really have the
opportunity to come out here and really recharge and
be a part of nature. [blues music] – KELSEY: Here is a mysterious,
quiet, wild getaway that you just don’t
find anywhere else. [blues music]

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