Cambodia S21 Prison (Tuol Sleng) & Choeung EK Killing Fields #2
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Cambodia S21 Prison (Tuol Sleng) & Choeung EK Killing Fields #2

Good morning day 2 in Phnom Penh.
You OK? … Yes.
We’ve just been for breakfast The plan today is we are going to go and look at some of the modern history of the whole of Cambodia.
More specifically, stuff that happened during the Khmer Rouge regime so we’re
going to go to the s-21 detention camp first which….
gonna be a bit difficult to have a look around, but we’re going to take that in
and then we’re going to head from their up to the killing fields.
Just a bit of background on the Khmer Rouge situation:
I think over 2 million people out of 7 Million population were killed
during 1975 to 1979 which is both within our lifetimes, so it’s something that
while we’re here we have to go and see. and find out what it’s all about.
So, that’s the plan today let’s go get a TukTuk and find our way there. Guide: I would like to tell you
about the history of the museum. Guide: you know genocide museum was a high school
before. Guide: It was built in 1963.
There are four buildings, A B C & D. Guide: after on 17 April 1975 the school was converted to a prison called S21. Guide: behind you are the graves of the last 14 victims who were killed by the Khmer Rouge before they ran away. 14 victims graves Guide: In January 1979 the Vietnamese
came and they found the body in the rooms Guide: after that, they buried them here. Guide: The prisoners would take a bath inside the room
2 or 3 times a month. Guide: They could not get out.
Stay in there all day – no work, leisure time. As we’re walking around right now…..
The Guide…. something really struck home just was when she said
that her father and her brother…. she lost both of those. It just hits you when you’re with somebody who was effected by by losing their own brother and their own father. So that lot there’s just just a snapshot
really of some of the horrifying things we’ve just seen in here. A lot of the
stuff we didn’t even bother recording because it’s just too horrific to show
I’m lost for words. I Don’t really know what to say.
It’s emotional walking around isn’t it? But the guide was good walking around. She answered questions we’d got, didn’t she? She showed us around.
We’re gonna move on now
to number two which is the Killing Fields. and we’re going to take a look around

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