Camco RV Wiring CAM55310 Review –

Today we’re going to be taking a look at part number CAM55310 This is a Camco RV Power Defender Voltage Analyzer The voltage analyzer is going to help protect your RV from improperly wired electrical boxes and power surges Here at the top, it’s got three diagnostic lights that are going to indicate faults before you connect your 30-amp electrical cord It’s also going to feature integrated surge protection that’s going to provide extra security It’s got a weather-resistant design so it’s going to be a really good protector when it comes to protecting the electrical components That’s got these ridges that run along the housing right there that so you can get your fingers on there, get a nice, secure grip It’s going to make plugging in and disconnecting from the receptacle very quick and easy These lights are going to light up in different patterns, so whatever indicators are lit you’re going to match that up with the code reader down here

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