Camp Cooking with a Tin Can Camp Stove – GardenFork
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Camp Cooking with a Tin Can Camp Stove – GardenFork

– Today I’m gonna show you how to make this really cool tin can camp stove. Make, Fix, Grow, Cook. GardenFork. Hey, how ya doing? I was cleaning out some,
we had salmon or tuna or something, and I kind
of had a memory flashback to when we were kids
and we would make these really cool burner, fire
starter cooker things out of some cardboard,
some wax, and tin cans. So I wanted to take you
down memory lane today. I think this is kind of
practical for today as well. I think it’s good to be
prepared, but it’s also good if you have kids and they
want to learn about fire. This is a very controlled fire method and you could cook food on it. We’re gonna make an egg at
the end of this video here. So let me just take all this stuff. You need some sort of
can, some wax, cardboard. You could also use candles, either candles that you
just buy at the store or you had laying around,
or if you have some decorative candles that
are kind of at the end of their life, save a bunch of them and then you can make
these cool little burners. I’ll figure out the name and
I’ll put it in the title. I just don’t remember what they’re called but I remember what they do. All right, first let’s cut some cardboard. Cardboard, can. You want the cardboard
to be the same width, the same height, sorry, as your can. Oh, and that works out pretty good. All right, so looks like about a one inch wide
strip works just fine. So we’ve got our tin can
and we have our cardboard. I’m gonna curl the
cardboard as best I can, and then this is going to lay in here and we’re gonna have
a spiral of cardboard. We had a tent in our backyard
and we would camp out, and it was just a fun
memory and I think that we should just go in our
backyards again and go camping with this cool little fire cooker thing. It helps to curl the cardboard
before putting it in there, and these last couple
ones I’m gonna pre-curl it and then put it in. Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect because GardenFork is done is
better than perfect, right? This is just one of these
fascinating things for me. Nice. So this is a electric burner
I keep for different projects. I’m gonna turn this on. If you’re using your
stovetop be very careful. I’m just gonna use an aluminum pan. If you could use a pot or
something you don’t care about, that’s fine, ’cause
whatever this wax goes in, it’s not going to come out and
you can’t make food with it or something, so just turn this up. So this wax melts a little faster. I’m just going to crack it
open, or break it apart, is that what I’m gonna do? I guess that’s what we’ll call that. Be careful with this, you don’t
want the wax to get too hot, bad things can happen, okay? Be careful. Just a little caveat
here, wax is flammable. It can also burn your skin,
we’re using fire here, we’re using sharp tools, so be careful, use safety gear, have a parent there if you’re watching and you’re a kid, okay? And wear clothes that
you don’t care about, like this, it has all the
food stains all over it and I’m supposed to throw out. I put it on because I knew
I’m supposed to throw it out. ‘Cause wax on here, not coming off. Okay, wax is melted. Turn this off, have your
cardboard right here while you hold the pan and pour this into here. (sizzling) Hey, if this is your
first time to GardenFork we have a ton more videos,
the links are at the end of the show and down below here. Also more information about
me, where I am socially. GardenFork is, I call it,
Make, Fix, Grow, Cook. That’s what I’m calling
it right now at least, and it’s eclectic, kind of
a mashup of homesteading and DIY and maker and
what I do on the weekends. I make videos about it and
I share it with all you, so go and subscribe, there’s
a link below or somewhere and at the end of the show
there’s a big subscribe button. All right, here we go. So, while your wax
burner thing is cooling, you want to get yourself
some sort of a tin can. This happens to be a coffee can, which are kind of rare these days. Maybe a can of beans, like a medium or big can of beans might work. Ask around, maybe one of
your friends’ families has tin cans or something like that. But we want to cut with some tin snips, ’cause you should all have some tin snips in your basement shop, a little hole here and then some holes at the
top as well, all right? Take this, cut like that. I’m gonna go up about an
inch and a half there. Take this and push it in. It’s not going, there we go. Evenly push it from both sides like that so it’s up out of the way. Now again, sharp edges here, be careful, but we’re camping, we’re gonna
be careful anyway, right? So we’ve got our slot
cut out of the bottom. Now we need some vent holes in the top, and for that I’m just
gonna take a can opener and punch, I’m gonna do four holes, kind of equidistant. All right, this has cooled, liquefied. You might want to pour more in. It’s kind of like, how big
of a fire thing do you want? Important thing I forgot to point out, the stovetop should be
larger than the tuna can so it fits nicely like that. Like that. All right, fried egg test. Ready? Here we go. One thing, it’s best if this
can is not lined with anything, just a generic coffee tin kind
of can works best for this. Use this at your own risk,
I’m gonna cook an egg on this. If you have a little pan,
put a little pan on here, a little tinfoil cupcake
thing or something like that. Do I have any? (match striking) (gentle music) (fire crackling) Goes without saying, do
this in a safe place, okay? Outside, your campsite, the yard, and have one of these handy. How cool is that, huh? Oh man, that’s stinking up. We should go outside and do this. This is a much better can
than the one we used, okay? So find one like that, not that. All right, I decided to move outside because when I put the can on
it really started to smell, ’cause this all has to burn off. So do a nice burn before
you start cooking. All right, this goes over like that. See how the smoke’s coming out? We just want this to
kind of burn off a bit. So we’re just letting
the can burn off a bit. That is doing really nicely. You could also replenish
the wax that’s in here. Again, do this under adult supervision. You could put some wax here
and it’ll melt right down in. And to put that flame out, just like that. So I’ve built a little
tray out of foil here. A little spray, cooking spray. (egg cracking) Not bad. All right, I like my eggs over easy, I’m not a big sunny-side up person, so let’s see if I can flip the egg. All right! That’s lunch. All right, what do you guys think? Have you built something
like this, any suggestions, comments below, let me hear from you guys. I think the can, the cooking can, like a bean can that you
can take the paper label off would work better than the can
that has the label painted on ’cause it does stink up the place. But we can cook in an emergency. I don’t know, I just like stuff like this. So let me know what you think. If you want to watch more GardenFork there should be a couple of
buttons to click on here. We have a rocket stove we made, like a prototype rocket stove,
out of a five gallon bucket. Maybe that will appear here as well. All right, always like
to hear from you guys. Make it a great day. I’ll see you.


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