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hi welcome to Simon’s discoveries so today I wanted to talk to you about my food and water for the Henry W house state park trip so let’s just go inside and have a look at my equipment okay so what was i eating don’t ask me why I’ve brought so little it’s probably because my calorie intake varies greatly depending on the type of activity I’m involved in so when I don’t do a lot I just don’t burn that much I can basically just go without food for a half a day or something not feeling hungry or anything and then when my activity increases my footing that you wouldn’t believe how much I eat and that’s why it’s just really difficult it’s a gamble for me it’s really difficult to predict and if you ask anybody who has actually been to this park it they will pretty much all tell you that the first time was a big surprise you know from the map from the layout it doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult that mountains there are not that tall or like 3,000 feet high tops so you think like that’s easy not a problem well that’s a very misleading anyway it’s also different type of activity that I usually do a different type of camping where I usually can fish I can pick wild edibles that’s legal and I supplement my food the food that I’ve brought with me with stuff like this I usually stay in one place for very long time longer longer time than just you know one night and when I camp like this I usually don’t travel that don’t travel that far each day which means the weight of my equipment does not matter that much which is probably why I decided to go with stainless steel bottles I hate plastic I have to admit I I am kind of stubborn I knew this would be heavy but just I hate the taste of water from plastic so I brought these and I have to say for this type of camping which I’m not familiar with I have to stress this again it was a mistake mmm the continued itself weighs as much as the 300 milliliters of water this one a little lighter but still it’s it is it is heavy and it adds up and ultimately weighs you down and did weigh me down so next time I’ll just have to get used to plastic bottles for the time when i go and cam trips like this and it is also to do with you know the policy of each park each state and even each country like i say in this case I couldn’t make fires I had to rely on gas stoves that’s what I use for cooking this little gizmo it’s and probably some Chinese knockoff but it works pretty well but you have to carry the gas you have to carry this stove it makes life a little easier because fire is a lot of work but it makes you carry additional weight you may think this doesn’t weigh that much but altogether it weighs almost a pound or maybe even more than a pound so it does add up in the end so like I say the policy of each each park each area is going to greatly affect what you can bring with you what you should bring with you and how this the whole thing is going to work for you ok so what I ate for breakfast I usually had scrambled eggs which is really easy and fast to prepare I was experimenting with this food because I as I say I usually don’t eat stuff like this when I can make it fire I just bring a kilogram of rice or some kind of porridge and I don’t I don’t care how much it needs to boil you know because I don’t care of not afraid of running out of gas or anything so I will drink you know kill or something and that’s a lot of calories and I can boil the fish I can cook the fish I can cook the as much water as i need and all that so in this case it was completely different i was experimenting with this this hmm was good in Death Valley when I didn’t really have to do that much I didn’t walk a lot in this case it turned out to be way too little it was not enough it’s only one pack is like 300 and something calories 310 no that’s not going to be enough because you have to consider that you will be walking all the time and you will not have to the time to stop like for proper lunch or something I don’t want to take all the cooking equipment out and suddenly start boiling water and preparing another meal so you know you have to eat as much as you can for breakfast and as much as you can for dinner so this is what i had for dinner this is 600 calories each for what I didn’t eat both which is either of them so the last day I actually ate one of those for breakfast and I didn’t eat the dinner because I was home for dinner but I would have and that’s what I should have done I should have had one of these for breakfast one of these for dinner and a lot more in in the meantime which I unfortunately did not what I was eating in the meantime was bacon jerky and turkey jerky fantastic stuff but it’s really not enough day out I took was really not enough to sustain me the short breaks did I had my head to have some breaks but you know it takes time so you better eat something that really fills you up so next time I’m going to bring something better I even have something like that on me this is some kind of emergency food it’s divided into six little cubes each cube is 400 calories and I’m planning on eating two at every stop that that will give me 800 calories for like a lunch or something you know so I didn’t take this I’m going to have to do it next time I don’t even know what it tastes like but to be honest with you I don’t care as long as it has the amount of calories than I’m gonna need because that really slowed me down that really changed the game you know lack of food lack of calories you just can’t pull it off if you’re hungry if you don’t you don’t have the strength you you’re out of steam okay so as I mentioned I was cooking on this little gas stove and my cook said was this and this is one thing that this actually worked really well I would have taken this again but i bought the pocket rocket now it’s a lot more expensive but it boils water significantly faster this is the type of thing that I’m happy with you know knowing that you can’t make fires generally cannot make fires in the state of California so this is another piece of equipment that I’m really happy with it worked fantastically this is I think anodized aluminum or something i’m not sure but it’s really lightweight and it actually opens up like this and has two parts to it but because i was going alone only took the big one with me i had this one permanently attached to the can and the can sad inside the big pot the stove sticking out didn’t matter because it’s small enough that I could close this and that was it very lightweight very compact and all and obviously a little windbreak windshield because even a smallest gust you know the smallest Gus can really blow away the energy so use this one it’s aluminum again really lightweight and it helps a lot so I think these were very good decisions and they worked fantastically I have absolutely no problems with these when I didn’t boil anything you know on the go when I had to eat something felt like I was hungry I will eat dried bananas really good stuff and I had a big pack of nuts still seems like a big one but definitely not enough for four days when it comes to water again that took me by surprise I mentioned these being a little too heavy but still I wouldn’t carry more than this because these two plus this little bag that comes with the filter this is like the over two liters and I remember drinking at one point drinking the entire supply of water that I had because I I was walking around the creek along the creek and I drank like a leader and a half at one go and it still wasn’t enough to make me pee but stand you know so I was basically drinking more than I could drink but still not enough to fully rehydrate so that took me by surprise as well this is California I come from a completely different place you know a place that we’re in March is not that hot and again those steep hills made me sweat like you know I I won’t say pig because pigs don’t sweat but that’s what people say I swear basically sweated like a horse because horses do sweat and actually talking about horses because I wasn’t paying that much because I was sweating everything out and my body basically couldn’t get rid of all the toxins that it usually gets rid of by King and at some point my sweat started smelling of horse pace but let’s get back to this little filter because this was one of the way of water purification and getting water enough water for me so when I had time I would get depending on the type of water source I would get if it was like standing water sometimes it stank of like frogs and fish and I really didn’t want to drink that crap so I would use these tablets purifying tablets because they water stinks of chlorine after using these but at least it doesn’t stink of you know some kind of bug or it kills that smell so these tablets are pretty good works I mean I just can’t find those that don’t smell anymore I used to buy them in the UK and they purified water in 20 minutes the water was ready to drink and didn’t smell of anything wonderful fantastic but I just can’t find those anymore so these are very similar it takes a little longer for them to purify water probably about 40 minutes or something and they do leave that little after scent of chlorine unfortunately but as I say in some cases it can actually be helpful because it’s going to get you know mask the stench of the water itself so i used it in several cases probably use like six for tablets I think so that was usually when I had I try not to boil water because you know I was considering gas again so what I would do I had a little funnel like this with a safe inside but that wasn’t enough this that the eyes here are the eyelids are not small enough so they will actually let through some of the Daphnia I could even see daphnia swimming in here sometimes so what I would do I would put a hold on a second put a tissue inside just make sure it’s not a Senate tissue because you don’t gonna be drinking some strange tissue bomb something so i would put it like this and use the cup to pour water straight from the lake or whatever that was and this way it would stop absolutely everything that you could see every visible sediment impurities stuff and then i’ll just charge the tablets tablet inside one tablet per 750 milliliters or something and this by the way improves the effectiveness of those tablets when there are no visible or large impurities so this was one way when i was actually if I would find a creek or a little river swimming water moving border then I would fill this one up and the you know the running water is usually much cleaner so there was no need for extra filtration so I would just fill this up this is like half a liter screw this one on and eat or drink straight from this or squeeze the water in here so it only takes like two Phillips of this to fill this one and this one up it doesn’t take a lot of time gives you the time to you know get some rest really really happy with this solution the tablets don’t weigh that much the filter doesn’t weigh that much it’s great stuff and I really enjoyed using this and I think yeah there’s nothing to improve on that in that department it worked fantastically and if you like you know when I just drew which I did a few times I was actually walking along creeks and I just wanted to take a few sips from the creek I would attach this little straw or even not attach anything and drink straight from the creek just suck it up like this I attach this pre filter layer on when I came back home because sometimes you still have like impurities floating in like little slower running water so I didn’t want to you know muck up the filter which basically worked fantastically throughout and didn’t go and get clogged up probably because I was really careful with you know pre-filtering and checking the quality of the water beforehand and yeah these these things worked really well and there is nothing to improve on here I’m going to be using them again alright yes thanks for watching and I hope this helps and explains a little please click like share and subscribe visit my website Sam’s discoveries that come please follow me on Twitter that’s how much discoveries as well once again thanks a lot for joining me and see you next time

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