Campezi MU20 Portaflush Portable Camping Toilet Walkaround & How to Use + Review
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Campezi MU20 Portaflush Portable Camping Toilet Walkaround & How to Use + Review

– Hi guys, Ian from
Tentworld in Toowoomba here to talk to you about the CampEzi PorterFlush 20 litre toilet. So first of all, just
like any standard toilet, you’ve got the toilet seat and also the lid over the top of it. In terms of flushing, you’ve
got the bellows there. Nice and easy to use. So, I’m pretty sure
this has been explained, a million times on the
internet but lets go again. To do your business, undo the hatch, so that opens up the drop hatch inside. You can do your business,
when you’re done, you can flush it, the flush
will actually come out the side there go around the bowl, clear up everything quite nicely, then you can close it off. With this toilet here it’s
also got the plastic clips on the side, so when you undo both sides, you can actually separate
it, so then you can have the flush tank separate
from the actual whole tank. So the 20 litre name actually comes from the whole tank capacity. Three litres of that roughly
is gonna be freshwater with your chemical in there
so it can all breakdown into a nice fluid so
it’s easy to dispose off. When it comes to disposing,
on the back here, you’ve already got the
hatch completely undone. So all you have to do is just pour it out. This is one of the basic
models in our stores. We’ve got plenty of others
that we’d like to discuss with you as well so, any
questions at all about when it comes to portable
toilet solutions, give us a call, jump on our
website or drop into a store and we’re happy to go over it. Thank you.

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