Camping 24 Hours Overnight Challenge in Our Backyard!! (Haunted Monster Spotted)
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Camping 24 Hours Overnight Challenge in Our Backyard!! (Haunted Monster Spotted)

– All right, I got all the goods. Come on in. Watch out Steve, comin’ in. – Come in, Grace. – Whew! Oh, yeah.
– Oh, Yeah. – That’s what I’m talkin’ about. – We can have a slumber party. This is going to be so fun. – Party time inside the tent, and now that we’re in the tent Sharers. No camping is complete without
some songs, campfire songs. – Yeah, campfire songs. ♪ Down by the river ♪ ♪ We took a little walk ♪ ♪ We took a little walk ♪ ♪ We met up with some otters ♪ ♪ We met up with some otters ♪ ♪ And had a little talk ♪ ♪ And had a little talk ♪ ♪ We threw ’em in ♪ (animal noises) – What? – There were– (Grace gasps) – Stop, stop, stop, stop. (beep) – Hey, Sharers, what’s goin’ on? Welcome back to my channel. Today, me and Stephen are
going to do a crazy challenge. Once that door shuts, we are locked out of our vacation house for 24 hours. – Yeah, we are locked, door
is locked, we’re ready to go. – Alrighty. Challenge starts now, and we are going to be camping. Let’s hope we can do this.
– 24 hours in the backyard. – Yeah, I’ve never really fully camped. – We got our little lanterns here, and check this out. Oh, yeah, light up top. – Oh, yeah, let me turn on mine. Oh, yeah mine’s a little owl. – Grace is an owl. I’m a shark, oh, yeah. – Okay, so we have lights. Now we just need to get
all the other supplies. – I think, Grace, we can
set up the tent right in this section of the backyard, here. – Yeah. I think this will be a
good campsite right here. – All right, so we got
a bunch of supplies. Grace, you wanna lay ’em out, and show the Sharers what we got. – Let’s lay them out. We got the tent. – Chairs. – Oh, chairs. Sleeping bags!
– Sleeping bags! A grill!
– Oh, grill! Oh, cooler! Snacks!
– A cooler full of snacks! Canteens full of water!
– Canteens full of water! – And s’mores, more snacks. – Oh, yeah, s’mores. I cannot wait to do these. Look how good that looks. Oh, yeah, love snacking. – Well, that’s if you make it properly. – True, that’s the hardest part. – First things first, Grace. We gotta get set up. So we gotta– Where’s our tent? – The tent is right here. – Pull, there we go. – This is one huge tent. – Oh, that’s the frame for the door. – Oh, okay. Alrighty, you got the door? – Got the door. – It is definitely tucked in here. – Did you find it? – I think I got it. – I think there might be rooms in here, like different rooms. This is a really cool tent. Let’s pop this in, right
in this thing, put that in, nice and tight and clip
it on top, just like that. Boom, we got all those in. – Except one problem. The tent still isn’t
holding itself up, Grace. I don’t understand. – Well, Steve– Phew, that was kinda tiring, but I think we need to put
the stakes on the outside. – Okay, keep going. I’ll hold this center pole up, but I don’t know how
long I can hold it for. – K, well you just hold everything up, and I’ll look on the outside. Now we just need to do
one more round of stakes, and this one is really cool, ’cause this one, when you put this one in it actually pulls up the tent, so this one is super important to do. Alrighty, I got all the stakes in. Stephen, come on out,
and look at how it looks. – Oh, yeah, check it out. Oh, this thing’s huge. Oh, wow! Sharer’s this tent is huge! Wait, come inside. Peek at– how big it is on the inside.
– What’s it look like on the inside? – It’s pretty cool, come in. Oh, yeah. – This is so cool. – Look at this, it’s pretty big. Oh, this is perfect and check this out. I get a little window, right here. – Oh, cool. I’m gonna put my bed right here, and next to this window! – I got the chairs. Grace, bring the cooler and snacks in. – Alrighty, I got the snacks, and the s’mores, of course,
’cause that’s the best part. All right, I got all the goods. Come on in. Watch out, Steve, comin’ in. – Come in, Grace. – Whoo! And look at all the snacks we have. – Oh, what do we have? – We have hot dogs for dinner. – Wait, we have to cook those though. – Yeah, we have a cooking stove. – Oh, okay. – And then we have soda and
water and juice and s’mores. – Oh, we can cook s’mores
and hot dogs on the grill. – Oh, good idea. – Oh, careful, careful. Careful.
– Oh, no, no, no. (blowing) Stephen! – Grace! (both blowing) There we go. – Phew! Okay, I guess mine is ready. – All right. – Alrighty, I guess the next
step is chocolate, right? Let’s open the chocolate up. (scratching noises) – What? – I don’t know. I thought I saw something. Okay, here we go, chocolate. How many do you want? – Two pieces. – K, here you go. You gotta make a chocolate sandwich too. – Two graham crackers comin’ right up. – Alrighty. And then look this is
the ultimate sandwich. Oh, yeah, see look how good that looks. – That looks goods. Okay, I’m gonna do mine. I’m gonna put my marshmallow right here. (Grace moans) Chocolate right here, and then pull apart, just like that. (Stephen moans) – How’s it taste? – Mm-hm, it tastes really good. – Good?
– Mm-hm. – Yeah, this is really good. – Now this is what I’m talkin’ about. Oh, but you know what we need, Grace. Hot dogs. – Oh, hot dogs. Where did those go? – I’m gonna go grab the
hot dogs real quick. You watch the fire. Okay?
– Okay. – Do not ever leave a fire unattended. – Okay, I’ll watch it. Wow, Sharers, this is
such a good summer day. I love it. Now we just need to do
some campfire songs. Comment down below what
campfire songs you know. Wait, Stephen, what’d you say? – What? – What’d you say? – I didn’t say anything. – You didn’t? – No, why? – I thought I heard you. – I didn’t say anything. – Oh. – All right, let’s cook
some hot dogs on the fire. Although, we kinda had
desert before dinner, but– – That’s the best way to do it, honestly. – That’s true. I’m not even hungry for hot dogs now, but I’ll probably be hungry later. – Alrighty, well I got
two new sticks ready for our new hot dogs. – All right, let’s open them up. – Alrighty, well, I’ll snack away. (Grace moans) – Never cooked hot dogs before, but I’m gonna put it on just like this, and I’m gonna roast it just like this. – Yeah, I’ll stick my hot dog on. – There we go. – Oh, yours is turning colors. – Oh, mine’s purpley-brown. – Okay, yours is almost ready. – Oh, there we go. That looks good. – Oh, wait, it caught fire. – No, it’s perfect. Mine’s all cooked. Grace’s looks good. – Yeah, ’cause I’m doing it
like nice and slow and steady. Lemme check it. Oh. (both shriek) – Yours fell. – Oh, no. Wait, now I can’t eat that. – Quick– What was that? – Oh, my God, that was a huge bug! I wanna get out of here! – Quick, you gotta cook another hot dog. – Another one? – Yeah, you gotta ignore the bugs. Bugs are all part of camping. What was that? (animalistic growling) – That’s not funny. What is that noise? – I don’t know, Stephen. – All right, hold on. I need to go check that out. (growling noises) – Stop, what is that? – I don’t know. – All right, hold on. Turn this fire off, real quick. (screaming) Grace, what is that? – A big bug. Wait, why is it coming from the tent? – It’s coming from behind the tent. – There is no other door,
other than that door, and I’ve been staring at
that door the whole time. – No, it’s coming from behind the tent. Hold on. Grab the lantern, let’s go. I need to go check this out. – We don’t even have any spy gadgets, like how do I protect myself. – Shh, shh, shh, shh. I’m gonna go check it out. – I have hot dogs. I can use them as a– (swishing noises) – That’s not gonna work very well, Grace. – Why not? – You could maybe use it to throw, but you can’t whack
someone with a hot dog. (laughing) – Oh, man. See, I have a good idea. – What? – I learned this at camp. What you do before you go to sleep, or after you build your tent, actually, is you walk around in a circle
with two sticks clapping it, and that scares all the monsters away. I think we should do that. – Yeah, like mountain lions and stuff. Here, grab two sticks. – Okay, but the only thing is, I still hear that noise
and it’s freaking me out. – Okay, look, you just go like this. – You have to make noise. (sticks whacking together) You have to go like. (Grace squawking) (both squawking) – Wait, is it pow-pow or bow-bow? – It depends on what monster
you’re trying to scare away. We’re in LA, so it’s probably pow-pow. We did a full circle of doing the pow-pow. I think that’s a proper
noise for the LA monsters, so I think we’re good. Now we’re just gonna have
some fun and play some games. Oh, look how cool it looks in here. – Oh, yeah.
– Oh, yeah. – That’s what I’m talkikn’ ’bout. – We can have a slumber party. This is going to be so fun. – Party time inside the tent. And now that we’re in the tent, Sharers, no camping is complete without some songs, like campfire songs. – Yeah, campfire songs! – Okay, here, I’m gonna do the beat, and you can make beats with anything. Here we go. ♪ Igae Lagumba ♪ ♪ Igae Lagumba ♪ ♪ Igae the pegawige ♪ ♪ Igae the piggy-wiggy ♪ ♪ Afa la dafa– ♪ (animal panting) (scratching) – I hope that’s just a bug. I hope that is just a– – Shh, shh, shh, shh. Wait, there’s a window right there. – What do we do? (both gasp) (leaves rustling) – Did you see someone? We checked them both– (twigs snapping) – What do we do? What do we do? – Shh. (leaves crunching) – There is something out there. What animals does LA have? – It’s probably just bugs. – Bugs. – ‘Cause the bugs would. Oh, that’s a bug, it’s a bug. It’s definitely a bug. – Did you see it? – No, no I heard the wings flapping. – It’s a bug. – Oh, it’s a bug. Oh, it’s a nasty bug. (both sigh) Oh, that scared me. See, it’s just a bug. So for this song, Sharers, we’re
gonna do down by the river. You remember this one? – Oh, yeah, okay. – So we can use our water bottles. – Oh, got a new instrument. Alrighty, let’s do it. Hit it! ♪ Down by the river ♪ ♪ Down by the river ♪ ♪ We took a little walk ♪ ♪ We took a little walk ♪ ♪ We met up with some otters ♪ ♪ We met up with some otters ♪ ♪ And had a little talk ♪ ♪ And had a little talk ♪ ♪ We threw em in– ♪ (animalistic growling) – What? (Grace gasps) – Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. – What’d you see? – Did you see something? I’m pretty sure I saw a hand. – I thought I saw a
hand holding something. Like one of our camp out sticks. – We left ’em outside. – We did leave them outside. – Shh, shh, shh, shh. (leaves crunching) – Oh, my God. It’s breathing. Grace, I’m gonna go check it out. – No, no, you can’t go out there. – I’m gonna go check it out. I’ve got my sticks. I’m gonna go check it out. – But we don’t even have
our iphones out here. – Oh, you’re right. It’s fine. – Here, at least take a light. – Okay, I got a light, Sharers. Come on over to my channel, right now. I’m gonna go follow, and see what that noise was. All right, you gonna stay here? – Oh, yeah, I’ll stay here, but be safe okay? – Okay, I’ll be right back. All right, let’s do this, Sharers. Come with me. Click the card right here, come follow me. Let’s do it.


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