“CAMPING” AND “BEACH” IN “DURSO” / RUSSIA / BLACK SEA/”Кемпинг” “и пляж в Дюрсо” (2019)
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“CAMPING” AND “BEACH” IN “DURSO” / RUSSIA / BLACK SEA/”Кемпинг” “и пляж в Дюрсо” (2019)

hello everyone, you are on the channel Red Danka and
Today Danka is resting in Durso with us we are camping this is a tent
town people come here in cars like
would a big field put up tents in some trailer house someone like that
So today Daniushka is resting such a house we have camping here
hooked to the car went but now we are going to the sea and
We’ll shoot the Dursu beach there. beauty
last time we shot a video and it this place is from there of this mountain we
did the shooting and now we are right here
we are in such a small beach but very uncomfortable all the little shop
all-all-all is even a playground for children is
show your curves while the circle is such a tribute circle
we had minions here everything plays and now we go to the sea
saw moody’s swim interesting sitges called fish
peeling come see what it is generally in aquariums
small-small fish like these so on it look how many jerk
give me some cool look standing on a fish looking down from a rocket
you’ll go here second floor here ok 400 tribute to wave the pen


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