Camping and grilling at Gochang [Battle Trip/2019.07.28]
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Camping and grilling at Gochang [Battle Trip/2019.07.28]

Camping isn’t that easy. He hasn’t done anything yet. (Table set rent, $20, grill rent, $30) Everything you need to barbecue was inside that RV? We rented that stuff. You can get all that gear for just $50. For just $50. The rice will be ready in a minute. Add charcoal. – Make sure to add plenty. / – I have a lot of hair. Oh… (He adds plenty of charcoal) This is my first time camping, so please be understanding. (Makes the viewers anxious…) (Fire show) (Holding a camera instead of the torch) Just focus on one piece of charcoal. Safety first, second and third. It’s lit, it’s lit. (The camping newbies finally start a fire) – Alright, now… / – Yes. Let’s get started. Great. (They’re going to grill some eels) I should get a shot of this. (1kg of eel, $55) – That looks so good. / – That looks good! Eel. – You have to see that in person. / – I’m hungry. Why’s it so thick? It’s moving. ♪ Daddy got a car and I’m picking you up ♪ He’s a fun-loving guy. This is so great. They sell the sauce too? Everything. If you pay $10 extra, they throw in veggies like… – Ginger and perilla leaves. / – Really? Happiness for $10. – It’s not dripping that much oil. / – Yeah. Eel is supposed to be really oily. Maybe because they’re Gochang eels. They aren’t that oily. Nothing’s dripping. Are all eels this plump? Yeah. This is crazy. – So plump. / – I’m amazed. This is going to be good. I’m not really grilling this right. You’re not supposed to turn them so many times. It’s like I’m stir-frying this. – I bet it’s going to be delicious still. / – Yeah. It’s grilling really nicely. – Are you satisfied? / – Yeah. I think this is going to be good. (The eel grills to a nice golden brown) That looks good. (Looking tasty) Should we eat now? Yeah? It wouldn’t make sense if it wasn’t cooked when it’s been over flames for this long. Yeah, I think we can eat this now. – Eat up. / – Let’s eat together. Let me bust open the blackberry wine. Finally. Let me pour you some. Thank you. Good work today. No, we still have something left to do. A perilla leaf… – A perilla leaf… / – Add eel… – Right. / – And ginger. And some sauce. Since the bar snack is ready… It’s been a fun day. Good work. Blackberry wine really suits them. It’s perfect for them. Yeah. (They each have an eel wrap) (Yes! This is it) Yeah. It’s done. This is the best eel I’ve ever had. Unforgettable. It’s so nice and chewy. It’s so good. This is great. (This eel is very clean and not greasy) You can’t compare freshly grilled eel to the kind you get at a restaurant. This is the best. (Truly the best) The texture is different. It’s very clean and so chewy. Maybe this is just me, but it’s so plump and not greasy. (He tries a piece without a wrap) It’s good eaten as is too. Let me try that too. Just eat it as is. It’s so good. Amazing, right? This is so good. I feel so laidback and happy now. Eel and blackberry wine go really well together. Eel is good for men’s… – Wow… / – Stamina. Yeah! Well said. There’s a reason why this stuff is good for stamina. That’s why they go so well together. That isn’t food. That’s medicine. It’s like medicine. Blackberry isn’t just good for men. It’s great for the elderly. Blackberry juice or soda for kids. – Mixed in lemon soda. / – Yes. – Children can drink that. / – Blackberry soda? Wow, nice. (How does it taste?) It’s so good. Try some. It’s really good. It’s really like berry soda. They go so well together. The best part of this tour. – Eel and rice cake skewers. / – Nice! – This is… / – A work of art. – You could sell these. / – This is… I’m going to make rice cake skewers. – With eel? / – Yeah. Like sausage and rice cake skewers? Eel and rice cake skewers made by fathers. I’ll add some sauce to the skewers. Eel and rice cake skewers. – That looks so good! / – Eel and rice cakes. It might seem strange, but it was so good. It looks so good. Wow, that’s crazy. These pieces of eel are almost the same size as the rice cakes. This is such a treat. Let’s try it. – Eel and rice cake skewer. / – I bet it’s good. You should’ve eaten it from the side. It’s so good. It’s good. Wow. Kids would love this. – It goes well with the rice cakes. / – Right? – I didn’t have high hopes for this. / – I ate a piece. Right? The rice cake and eel taste great together. – Pretty good, huh? / – This is good. Kids might not like eels. They might say it’s fishy. But with rice cakes… It’s not as fishy. This isn’t fishy at all. Kids would love this. Alright, since we’re feeling good, let’s do our cheer for the opening and the ending. Alright. ♪ Daddy got a car and I’m picking you up ♪ Father Tour! Alright, so… We’ve been away from our families for a day. But this is a recon mission for our families. We had such a great day. So, what happens tomorrow? I’ll lead the way tomorrow. Tomorrow, we will follow Wonjun to many hidden gems. We’ll try to enjoy our tour. It was a perfect day today! – Should we shout it out? / – Our cheer? ♪ Daddy got a car and I’m picking you up ♪ Father Tour! Nice. He’s such a good host. They’re so happy about it. (It was a happy day) They’re so satisfied with each other.


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