Camping and Off-Roading in a Jeep Wrangler | Roblox Episode 2
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Camping and Off-Roading in a Jeep Wrangler | Roblox Episode 2

it’s gonna start raining that’s not good I
don’t have my top on you do though great I’m gonna put my headlights on as
welcome to a mikegolden Games and welcome back to Roblox in this episode Anakin
and I are gonna be going off-roading I got my Jeep Wrangler over here he’s got
his big souped up pickup truck over there how’s it going Anakin beautiful big diesel this this right here
that’s this poor ah we’re not liberal crying in traffic or we just gotta push
oh yeah that’ll definitely come in handy we got five stitches are bright we have
good scoop on it oh yeah I said all that intakes oh we don’t have totally mirrors
goes on to cheap to afford it but but we do have six exhausts on here dad we got
on thick tires back here Nikki Nikki airs two men ah go toolboxes nice on it
okay we don’t have a steering wheel oh that’s nice it’s not good it’s gonna be
off-roading a really hard oh yeah we steer with our minds
oh nice yeah and it’s all jacked up dad it is that it is right pot yeah so yeah
with my Jeep here it’s basically just you’re running mill Jeep Wrangler
two-door I do have the top off which is nice
the doors are kind of stuck on they some reason somebody welded the doors on so I
can’t actually get them off right now maybe I’ll take a sawzall with it later
yeah do the Dukes Hazzard yep yeah all right so you want to lead me to the
off-road place yeah he has it my truck don’t have this on there’s a spare tires
yes I do so look yeah good luck if you get a flat
you sure you don’t have a spare tire underneath the bed now you check Oh yeah I mean the shoe that should come
with one under there yet oh yeah oh good sweet okay sweet yeah what is this guy
doing guess you think he’s a family friend when he’s on yeah he should
probably get off your property yeah you never know what’s gonna happen on the
trail you could you know crash into a tree and the branch will come straight
through the windshield you know this vest will hopefully
protect your chest not so much your neck but it works all you need is a little
extra protection you see nothing oh we got somebody following us behind
us he’s already off road and before us oh it’s alright we got full steel
bumpers both of us and what we’re good I think it’s a Camaro oh I just blew that
stop sign nobody saw that this cheap is pretty quick oh whoa okay
gonna do that got a little death wobble there that’s not good you know I just
bought this cheap into freaking suspensions on that stuff already oh yes
very thick mud we surprised what our hazards on just be a little safe it’s
gonna sit rainy that’s not good I don’t have my top on you do though
great I’m going to put my headlights on as well I’m running enough behind you
here damn yeah that’s like it you need me to winch you out all right this Jeep
is pretty good for low on this thing it’s so good yep oh the rain started and
I’m getting soup yeah well that’s what’s it rain hey oh
you got a raincoat for me I’ll thank you with drink oh all right
I might’ve box the spelling on that one I’m not sure nice recreation area coming up here yes
guys this is abandoned one to snowball snowball read you loud and clear okay it’s a nice big area I’m gonna go
try to do some rock climbing let’s see how this does it are you watching me
yeah here we go here we go my approach angle is the bumpers touching we’re
scraping wait I’m going straight through it okay nobody saw that well back up
there whoopsie and you’re a little quiet oh we got around
oh where did you go freakin Bobby howdy I just having a
great day off-roading beautiful day other than the rain you know no top on
the Jeep that’s not good I said we going camping to be a camper
no that’s alright I like being a SWAT member yes so if we cash into a tree we
don’t well somebody just died back here back here ah right yeah oh you wanna go
grab the entree coats uh yeah where is it in the back seat back here yeah I
mean let me see it should be both I can’t okay there we go
grebs multicam raincoat and bug-out bag yeah here you go
oh thank you all right man we didn’t stop it Duncan before we
came out here ooh damn you got a big backpack yeah all right okay where we
gonna take it we go hike and we should probably Park her vehicle somewhere a
little more out of the way around this way
good see that this looks like a good tent hey Rick Wow let’s get my lights
off there we go I’m going inside my tent right now oh it’s nice and cozy you dry
in here good I hope you guys are enjoying this episode so far let me know
what you think of it in the comments below and you know if you have
roadblocks you know maybe you can hit me up and maybe we could do some
role-playing or something well yeah if you do enjoy this episode seriously hit
that like button that really does help me out when you do that and you don’t
maybe cuz you’re subscribing if you haven’t already Anakin Miller – I wasn’t thinking when I
made it well why’d you throw in a poem in the fire that’s it’s a little
overkill that’s true if it is true Dan’s over there I’m ready and uh okay
and what’s up you know we’re gonna do a ruck march all right let’s go all right
so right now we’re going to do a very it’s going to be a hard run so let’s go
sprint it’s alright sprinting sprinting let’s go one get up three four one two
three four one two three four damn you’re sprinting backwards you’re good
at this come on I can even run sideways we’re hiking through all this deep deep
thick mud yeah no not crawling into mud oh yeah
what girl you know play throw yeah yeah let’s just say I hope I lost the match
parachute hey Danielle favorite beer – Wow did it just get stuck in the mud and
you couldn’t find it oh it’s nice and dry in here all right Jason turn Jason
are you running too far buddy it’s back this way oh maybe he just wants to keep
going I like the enthusiasm anything we can actually offer rode over like rocks
or anything no Dean keeps oh oh thank you those hand warmers will actually
come in handy am i turning around on your screen no you’re just sitting still
okay good we get a 1911 on your hip nice yeah what
do I got a Glock yeah I think so actually technically I think I have two
weapons that’s nice that’s right let’s go that was hilarious what let’s go all right let’s go try Jason yeah I mean he just kept on
booking it this way yo so have you ever tried black wrap black bear for coffee
yes I had come off it it is really good yep tastes like freedom hard you run
faster than me because I’m a trained else PDF officer come here bud nope no
I’m not passing you I’m passing you got it there we go running backwards I think
I think I think that’s where we hiking to oh we’re gonna hike this pulling it
back trying find that Jason okay hopefully you didn’t get attacked by a
bear or something he uh he’s got Rick okay oh alright we actually go inside
oh yeah it’s alright guys we are officers of the law so we are allowed to
carry inside of this school yeah demonetized wants a pizza Oh some free pizza on the
ground heck yeah how do I eat it oh I got it okay here we go let’s eat some of
this pizza oh it’s actually pretty good pizza yeah mmm it’s really good it’s
starving from that hike get a computer lab in here yeah there’s a bunch of
computers over here hold on I’m gonna log in to youtube and basically you have
all these computers watching my videos like all the games
yes logging into all these computers loves into all pcs and sets them to
watch YouTube Mike I’ll get blacked out my name are you kidding me
that’s bogus bogus all right let’s get over here I’ve become a teacher no thank you ah my
paycheck is looking pretty cute I’m up to fifty one hundred and eighty-five
dollars oh so so what here’s a fan we got round
oh you find a michael and games coffee mug oh sweet yes yes nice saw your nose
oh yeah they do looks a little soggy but you know what
let me see I got stand over yeah tap that boots here I’ll pick up oh here’s
your Bert thank you yeah grab that burger ooh mmm it’s actually
pretty crisp it’s not not too soggy oh that is good wait right here this is my
old school where’d you go okay go to the math class
emeritus always hated this teacher okay a shaky monetize possibly deal alright
let’s get out of here quick come on let’s go let’s go Oh get out
here where do we get out of here alright so yeah where’s her friend dad he’s kind
of long gone please please come to the art website lets you guys we’re gonna
get back to the campsite and then we’ll continue some off-roading so I’ll see
you guys in a minute just doing some standard maintenance on
my firearms just cleaning them off pretty good
make sure they don’t get all rusty for all of us rain yeah we take a break here
because you know raining our summers wet oh I gotta make sure it’s getting dark
out – we should probably get back to that campsite soon oh you got your
laptop nice yeah I mean I would figure that backpack would have a waterproof
slot for the laptop take a selfie all right let me get over here oh yeah so
funny oh nice it’s a good one that’s keeper what’s our write down the time
and date clean the guns let’s head on out yeah it’s rainin this mud is getting
even thicker and it’s gonna dark out – oh this mud is getting really slow I’m
getting up hold on oh I think my foots stuck in the mud now
– damn it help me get up and help me get up
ah there we go thank you damn I’m good I’m good my foots free oh thank you for cleaning my bag off
yeah oh all right make your buck slip yep all right
finally getting back to the campsite now that’s right these are work group is
that tent bigger than mine it looks bigger than mine okay I’m gonna try try
off a bit in my tent the fire is still going oh man okay it’s nice and dry in
here oh oh you might not want to come in here I just gas the place okay I gotta
get out of it Oh Oh Danny yep that was pretty bad
all this run in in that pizza and the cheeseburger that’s not a good mix well
at least the fire yep okay guys so I’m gonna leave this
episode here I hope you guys enjoyed it let me know what you thought of it in
the comments below this is what the second episode of roblox
so I hope you guys did enjoy it have a great day guys and see you next time
maybe kids are subscribing if you haven’t already and be sure you hit that
little bell icon on the channel that wastes notified when the videos to go up
alright guys take it easy check out my channel if you do like when I post on
there subscribe business helping me along
would put subscribers camping right yes oh it’s just Anakin Miller yeah guys
ticket is it


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