Camping and the importance of not moving firewood. | What’s the Deal?
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Camping and the importance of not moving firewood. | What’s the Deal?

So for those of you who saw our first episode,
you’re already familiar with the concept. For our newcomers, it’s simple… I ask you what the Canadian Food Inspection
Agency has to do with today’s item: this nice log. [What’s the Deal?] Camping season has begun, and you’ve got
everything you need: a tent, a sleeping bag, food, marshmallows
and firewood. But before you leave, did you know wood can
contain certain invasive species? Say what? These can include insects and diseases, and their impact is likely to be harmful to
the environment, economy or human health. A perfect example is the Emerald Ash Borer,
which to date has killed millions of ash trees in Canada since it first arrived from Asia. So, what’s the deal? Well, we all have a role to play given these
bugs can travel vast distances hiding in firewood that we move around. To protect our forests, the CFIA works with
its partners to prevent the introduction and spread within Canada of plant pests, as well as detect and control or eradicate
designated plant pests in Canada. How can you help protect our beautiful country? Make sure you buy your firewood locally and
burn it on site. For example, and if you’re camping in a
national park, all firewood must be bought on site. This way, when you’re roasting your marshmallows, you’ll be helping to protect our forests
and economy for generations to come! Happy camping! Learn more about the CFIA:

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