Camping at Chinese Police Station (English CC)
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Camping at Chinese Police Station (English CC)

very difficult to wake up in the morning because I slept late There is very strong head wind. I am sure this is windy area. Look at there It is very difficult for cycling. So beautiful sunset I don’t know where I sleep tonight. There is police car guarding me. Maybe they will find a place to sleep for me Good morning. I slept in the police station one night. It was warm I slept really well. Today I will reach to Turpan It is touristic city. But it is slow season. So I don’t expect I am gonna meet other traveler. Let’s see


  • MinikuiOtoko

    I live on the wind park area, too. When I workout, I usually I ride into the headwind and then blast full speed with tailwind back to home. Not a fan of the wind, but guess you just have to live with it (not like it's going to disappear or leave the area any time soon! :D). Anyways, as always . . love your updates! Stay safe! 🙂

  • James Andrews

    Jin be safe those times when a police station isn't nearby. I have been told firemen are nice too! Also remember soju is better than baijo, but don't tell your Chinese neighbors that because they will get mad!🤔☺😊😉😎

  • Na Jeong Kyu

    전 오르막보다 더 싫은게 맞바람이에요..ㅜㅜ
    경찰서에서 자는게 가장 안전한 밤인것 같네요..ㅎㅎㅎ
    항상 멋진동영상 감사합니다~~^^

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