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today we are st. Mary’s almost in
Florida were still in Georgia were right on the border near Cumberland Island we
couldn’t find a place and Jeckle ordered st. Simons and then this lovely lady
told me today at the RV park they always say that so we found this KOA and we can
only say here this one night and it’s Jacksonville KOA I think but they don’t
have room for us for any other nights came in last night we’ve got to play
mini golf and they had free breakfast and the Internet’s kind of weird but
overall it’s a KOA called it kaolinite look at that bad boy look he’s talking
with Chris it’s bad just hard when they come just – restar your buddy oh you can stay out of their
yard so they had a lot of fun stuff here that you can do so anyways just stayed
here for the night hooked up chilled got away from jekyll island because we had
to check out and they didn’t have any spots at the RV park slighty came up to
me and she was telling me hey if you’re trying to travel right now she said good
luck cuz I’ve called everywhere and nobody has spots and I was like yeah me
too she said well this is what all the old
people come down because it’s nice weather and then when it starts getting
hot here in just a little bit they all go back home so if you’re trying to find
a spot this is a horrible time definitely in January February March
probably like I would say like October no they reduced
then January February March is like real bad so it gets worse now we’re just kind
of like trying to figure out where you want to go stay because we like to plug
up so that we can get cable at least Friday and Saturday night and then water
so we can take showers and stuff we don’t have to plug up every day but it’s
kind of a pain in the butt to plug up for one night because of everything that
we have to plug up even though it takes maybe like 10 or 15 minutes it’s just
kind of getting it out doing it and then I like have to clean the toilets and
maybe the tanks and stuff of it so I never really show y’all my hookups and
that’s what these are when we’re hooking up an RV park it means that we’re
hooking up to this electricity here and now I have my new power surge protector
here so fluid won’t burn anymore transfer switch is out because we’ve
burned two already but that’s all it is is just power and it goes until RV and
then we have the sewer line so the sewer line goes into the RV water all of this
just goes in so if you haven’t seen the videos where I showed you how to hook
that up those are on the website our varsity combi for whole other video but
essentially you can see like the full hook we are gonna try to find somewhere
in the wing of Christ with us tagging along
and we’re trying to find places where his tent can be and it’s just a lot a
lot trying to find a place so we’re probably gonna go towards the panhandle
of Florida today and see if we can find a spot on the beach for a couple days
and then head back up north through Birmingham because I parked my RV up
there where my family lives cause it’s about two hours outside of Atlanta and
it’s free so then we’ll stay in Atlanta at the condo usually so we’re gonna see
what’s up on this trip and show you around what it looks like else this is
the RV setup you can see Chris back there but this is the campground the KOA
that were and give the smartphone and the Mercedes
and then some really cool TVs I’m in there and you can see the rest the RVs
and then we had a fire pit so this is kinda hottest set up at the RV park but
what I was telling you was that we’re here in almost in Florida and then we’re
gonna be going to somewhere in the Panhandle or South I don’t know
haven’t figured that out yet we don’t really have a plan because that’s kind
of how I roll it’s not a good thing it’s not a good
thing but you should plan and the problem is we tried to plan and then
everything was taken so now we have a new plan that we’re gonna have to get a
plan B I don’t know what plan B is but we’re looking for a plan so we’re trying
to find we’re homeless essentially we’re homeless and we’re trying to find
somewhere else anything before we go I’m gonna show you kind of like what a setup
is in here there’s three of us you guys think that everything’s not you
have to move stuff especially in here cuz it’s smaller so we really just have
a lot of reach and I really have stuff in my brain so I like sparkling water
things like that and then you can see that I have my laptop here and we
actually do business so we’re having to move to the post office and mail this
but I have my little drawer set here and Crysta brought his tent out there but we
have my torch set and I did the dishes before we go I try to clean things
before we go and then you know we watch TV over here but we just turned it off
speaking of which I have to turn the TV off so to turn my TV off I just hit this
TV button and have to do that another one we got this super cute thing too so
dreamcatcher we got that new jackal but towels hanging here and then I’ve kind
of shown y’all this before but these are just my clothes that I keep and then I
have my computer and desk and bags like down here good my bags you can see my
bags my office my office here and then these are like my shoes doors so I
really kind of like living here when we’re on the move and then the other
thing is my bathroom so you can kind of see the bathroom when we’re hanging out
laser our bags that we take in the hotels and
then I have some stuff in here usually it falls but just not really a good
setup for in here because everything kind of falls and then you can see what
we do so we take showers at the RV parks or campgrounds and we just store
everything in the shower when we’re traveling and I have my shower caddy did
I take it’s pretty much then we hang our towels in here too job but I do have a
shower if I did want to use the shower but I’ll have to pay for my propane to
hook up because the electricity there’s like a switch I have to hit and I have
to take some stuff off and it’s just too much for me so if you haven’t followed
the transfer switch in life this is the second time they’ve had this repaired
I’m going to show you exactly what happened on the RV just burnt down
almost again the second time I RVs almost burned down I just had this
transfer switch replaced and the same exact thing happened and there’s no
storms there’s nothing going on like I literally have my air conditioned on and
nothing’s working see I asked you that but already guy everybody’s waiting on
me so I won’t go


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