Camping at Yosemite National Park…with fire-roasted marshmallows! [Battle Trip/2018.03.04]

– Even the ceiling. / – It’s just a different world. Just nature. – So vast. / – The hotel itself… Isn’t this place really amazing? This place… I can’t express it in words. This place makes me feel small… Being between huge rocks like these. This is the biggest rock in the world. This is a rock? It’s not a mountain? Only masters of rock climbing attempt this rock. While climbing, they hang there and take a break. I heard that’s how they climb this rock. In February only, when there’s a sunset, you can see the fire fall here. What is that? It’s the sunset. Only at a certain time, it reflects off the wall like that. – I thought it was lava. / – Me too. – I thought it was lava. / – Fire fall. It’s called fire fall. I think I can’t see it properly because we’re too close. Let’s look from further away. – Should we? / – Let’s step back. We’re surrounded by huge rocks here. This place is really incredible. It’s so cool. It looks like it’s made by a meteor crash. I’m so glad I get to experience this in my life. You can shoot a music video here. That’d be so nice. If you have a camera, you can film a movie or a music video there. I love this song. I’ll be walking around lonely in the reeds here. (Pant) (Pant) Are you filming for a video game? This is somehow embarrassing. Was it this song? Hang on a second. I won’t lose to Choi Jungwon. What is he doing? Right now, I’m a puma. – It looks cool. / – That’s from the 1970s. – There were lots of music videos like that. / – I apologize. Why did you have to do that at such a nice place? – They did it. / – The music video. That’s actually like a music video. That’s just like in karaoke rooms. This was really common in the 1990s. Why are you blowing your nose? You two play in a cute way. Doing this in Yosemite… It can end up looking really cheap. What on earth were you doing? That is so… I’m pretending there’s a slope there. – This is legendary. / – I’m acting there. It looks like I’m really going down, right? What is that? What is that? Who knew it’d turn out like this? (El Capitan) (Tunnel View) There’s a tunnel over there. Check out the tunnel. – The tunnel… / – Once you’re out of the tunnel… How many times in our lives do you think… – Tunnel View! / – We can see something like this? I don’t know how many times I’ve said wow here at Yosemite. You can really feel the nature. Being influenced by the grandness of this nature, my body is releasing lots of endorphins. Look at the trees in nature. It’s just like a landscape painting. Shouldn’t this be hanging on a wall? The rocky mountain over there… Doesn’t it look familiar? I’m sure you can figure out what it is. This is where the famous computer wallpaper was photographed, you silly. – Your eyes aren’t sharp enough. / – It’s really pretty. It’s this place right here. It’s this place right here. If you look in the phone, they have this emoticon. – You saw this in person. / – There’s a Yosemite emoticon. Really? Steve Jobs really liked Yosemite National Park. You have to take photos in this spot. (Tunnel View, who takes better pictures?) This is the highlight. I can’t wait to see this part. Camping. I think this is the best. I want to eat this. – Rib eye? / – Yes. The meat here are dry-aged. This one and that one. It looks so fresh. They only sell organic food here. This could be a weapon. Is that a sweet potato? We bought wine from a winery and bought meat before going there. It was awesome. Now it’s time for the grand finale. It’s dry-aged steak. – Let’s put salt on it first. / – He’s cooking it? – Look at the size of the meat. / – It looks delicious. So you’re today’s chef? I’m Baek Jungwon. Baek Jongwon? Baek Jungwon. Oh, Baek Jungwon. I know what I should do. We bought potatoes and sweet potatoes. Let’s cook them in a Korean way. If we wrap them with foil and put them in the fire, they will be ready when we finish the steak. Are you sure it’s a sweet potato? Let’s begin. You know in Korea, a dry-aged steak costs hundreds of dollars, right? – How much was it? / – How much was it? Over there it was… $50? It was definitely less than $100. Shouldn’t we cook this too? – PyeongChang Olympics. / – The vegetables… You know the small cabbage? – PyeongChang Olympics. / – The vegetables… I’ll light the flame. PyeongChang Olympics. Wait… You have to cook it on a pan with olive oil. Put Brussels sprouts on aluminum foil. – Add olive oil. / – They look cute. Season with salt and pepper. Then cover it with the aluminum foil. I’ve never been out of breath cooking steak before. – Grilled potatoes are good, right? / – Yeah. We shouldn’t flip the steak too often, according to Baek Jongwon. (A common meat grilling scene at a camp) I was in charge of the vegetables. Jungwon was in charge of the steak. (He places it next to the steak) Jihun, look. (Wow) (The 38-year-old men are surprised) Cook on this side then that side. – Then the sides, right? / – Right. You need to grill it roughly. Looks so good. (It looks breathtaking) The sun set while we were cooking. It looks cozy. It looks delicious. – If you go there with your partner… / – It was so good. It does look delicious. It’s sweet. It looks like it’s steamed. (Pink boy looks out for his friend) It tastes really healthy. This is so… Let’s cut it. Very well aged. This is the finest beef steak. – Let’s cut it. / – Let’s cut it. That steak was amazing. – Is that a steak? / – It’s… This is the finest beef steak. It looks really… The absolute best? It doesn’t make sense. I’ve never seen such a steak. It smells amazing. Does it? It’s insane. (Just looking at it makes them happy) Straight to my mouth. I want to show them the taste. This is really good. – That was his best reaction. / – It’s the best. That was the best. – It must be really good. / – That was so good. See? You can’t help doing that. It was really good. I want to show them the taste. This is really good. After having this, I can’t eat what I had before. That’s why this is served last. Nice. (They drink the wine they bought from Napa Valley) The wine tastes even better than yesterday. It does. Who would have imagined… – You could camp in Yosemite? / – Who would? I didn’t even know you could. Even Steve Jobs couldn’t do that because… – You had a great experience. / – He’s too famous. Since we’re in Yosemite… – Let’s make American dessert. / – Let’s cook it. Okay. That looks amazing. – I always wanted to try that. / – I know. You see it in movies. – They cook it on a campfire. / – I know. – They make s’mores. / – Yes. Why are the marshmallows so big? – Earlier… / – Look. Look. Isn’t it rice cake? It looks like rice cake. I have never seen this. How does this happen? It’s all melted. – Crispy outside and moist inside… / – Amazing. Crunch. This is the best one. This is the best. That looks the tastiest of all the food. That’s the best reaction so far. This is the best food I’ve had here in the U.S. – I know. / – I mean it. I’ve never tasted something like this before. I’m going to roast these at home now. (A taste you want to take back home) Should we have the ultimate experience of feeling small? – Should we? / – Yeah. Let’s look up at the sky and be immersed in the stars. The stars that were hiding are starting to reveal themselves. Jihun, you sound like a poet. I sometimes write poems. Tears welling up in your eyes. Can you really see that? – What is that? / – What? – Is that real? / – These stars were always there. It’s just that we couldn’t see them. (It’s a beautiful gift from the sky) I’m so envious. It can’t be described with words. I wish the people watching this… They might not feel this 100%… I wish they can even feel 10%. – 10%. / – Even 10% will be enough. I feel really small in the face of nature. This was the most satisfying trip for me. I told you. That’s why we came to Yosemite on the last day of our trip. San Francisco, Pier 39, Napa Valley Winery… Anyone can go there. But being here like this in the grandness of nature… – Having time like this… / – You’re right. – It’s not easy to do. / – Very true. Cluck Cluck Tour. – Forever! / – Forever! That’s so amazing. The winery and camping looked really good. There were pouring stars. If you look up at the sky, you can’t see stars immediately. But if you wait for like 10 to 15 seconds, you start to see them. – Because our eyes… / – They’re not used to it. – Then over time… / – Like it’s charging up? You can’t see at first. I thought there were no stars at first. But after 5, 10 seconds… – There are so many stars. / – It’s full of stars? – It’s full of stars. / – You’re on the other team… – But the camping looked really good. / – I’m jealous. How did you carry up your luggage? When you go camping… They provide the tables and fire. – They provide those things? / – Yes. So you just need the food. You can buy at a local grocery and you can take the wine from the winery. – That’s good. / – Okay. Cluck Cluck Tour went to Northern California. It’s time to find out how much the trip cost. The total amount we spent for 3 days and 2 nights in Northern California… The total amount? – Per person. / – Per person! Per person? $817.50. Why’s it so cheap? – Cheap, right? / – Why is it so cheap? Right? Some of them are shocked. – Let’s vote. / – We’ll stand up. Let’s say our final comments and do the vote. Rather than a fancy and fast-paced trip, I prefer a slow holiday. I love autumn. So San Francisco… If you want a slow trip and you want to experience positive energy… I recommend San Francisco. Okay. The trip that Cluck Cluck Tour planned… Will you visit Northern California? Yes or no? Please vote! (Cluck Cluck Tour designed a trip to Northern California) (What will the judges choose?) We’ll reveal the result together next week. Next week. Please look forward to the Southern California trip. Please look forward to it. We’ll see you next week. Thank you. (Next week) Everyone wants to visit Hollywood at least once. On this trip, we won’t go to obvious places. – Like we’re the leads in a movie. / – The leads. For California. I’m so scared! I’m the highest. Let’s go. (Having fun, let’s go with Girl’s Day) We’re going to win. We’ve won already.

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