Camping Basics For Beginners- Camping Tips Tricks Hacks

hi it’s AlaskaGranny it’s hard to believe
but some of the guys in the neighborhood thought it would be fun to put up a tent next to granny camp and yes they
call it granny camp 2 no girls allowed so I thought I would
share their tent versus granny camp include camping tips for beginners it’s fun to have friends and play outside hope
you’re having adventures they actually brought beds and
entertainment center I guess they need all that stuff they need comfort than granny needs at granny camp I have bunk beds camping basic needs a double and a single and I also have an extra fold up cot that we can set out in the middle if we need to underneath we have our big bins that we can store all of the gear and extra food that we need I have a fold up table what things do I need to bring camping tips for campers and a chair I can move the table around
if I need to fold up and put it away and I can bring in from outside patio chairs
if I need to if it’s raining and we need to be inside we have a shelf for all of our dishes and some of our food in canning jars how to store food camping tips for camping pots candles salt pepper and dishes and paper products washing dishes when camping silverware I have a little heater here stay warm while camping it’s super cold we can use our Coleman Quicklight heater this is cooking and washing how to cook when camping area I have a little cook stove here a
countertop I have sink with containers of
water and drain into a bucket down below I have a cooler how to keep food cold at camp outs we keep foods that need to stay cold we have water an oil lamp candle and citronella to
keep the bugs away all these nice drawers full of more supplies while man camp does look pretty nice I think granny camp has a few more of the things a person might actually need no camp is complete
without fire pit and a campfire camping is a lot of fun and i’m glad that my
neighbors decided to come out even if it was just to tease me remember if you are inspired to take
up camping and try it out you need these basics to go camping be sure you bring food, water, shelter and warm clothing a first aid kit tell someone
where you’re going when you plan to return so that if
anything should happen someone knows where to look for you camping is a lot of fun it’s worth the
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