Camping @ Bug Jam! (and Disney too)
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Camping @ Bug Jam! (and Disney too)

Just got off work and now I’m on my way home
to jump in the camper and get the heck out of here. I’m ready. Probably parked 15 minutes ago. I have a fire going. I’m going to steam some oysters over it. But for tonight I think I’m just going to
decompress a little bit and give myself a chance to realize I’m on vacation now. I was wondering what I was going to do with
myself this morning. But then it hit me, looking around the park
at how beautiful it is here. These trees are just gorgeous. This is actually really valuable time. Not for what I can accomplish, in terms of
tasks, but just soaking it in. So probably the best use of this time would
be not to do anything. And just focus on acknowledging these few
hours I’ve carved out of a busy life to be here. This could very well be the best part of the
trip. I saw a Tractor Supply across the street,
which those are fun to browse through. Then I saw this- a place called Rural King. Never heard of it but it sounds awesome, so
gonna take a look inside there. So that was kinda fun. I’d have to say that place is a cross between
Walmart and a feed store. Maybe a little bit of hardware store and Tractor
Supply mixed in there as well. It was neat, it was big, really big. So I’m here at Bug Jam. This is Saturday, Saturday morning and I’ll
be going down to Bulli Brigade on the motorcycle. This will be a cool ride, it’s about 60 miles
away. It will probably take me an hour and a half
to get there. By the time I get there it will probably be
winding down a little bit. That’s alright, I just kinda want to dip past
the show and maybe go get a bite to eat and ride back here. But, ought to be a good time. Last night was pretty low key, got in and
got situated. I forgot the grill top for my grill, I forgot
the grate. I left it at the house somewhere. So, cooking chicken was kind of interesting
trying to improvise a little bit and used the bike ramp to serve as the grill and it
worked! The chicken was good, so you do what you have
to right? OK, gonna take a ride down to St. Petersburg. So after the show I went to have dinner at
a place called “Po Folks”. Somewhere I hadn’t been in 20 years. Until very recently I wasn’t aware that they
were still in business but there were still a few restaurants and one of them was close
to the show so for nostalgia I went and had lunch, rather, at Po Folks. It was basically what I remembered. Then I decided to get on 275 to make it back. There were lots of stop lights and I was kind
of done with that so I jumped on 275 and before I got on there I just got this feeling that
I was walking out onto a race track or something. On a small bike that’s a little bit spooky. But, I got on there and everything was going
fine until I got across the big bridge into the Tampa area and everything just stopped. Just parking lot right there on the highway
and I was in that for probably 20 to 25 minutes which is worrisome. I mean, anybody would think that is kind of
a pain to be in but it’s worrisome with a bike like this because it’s air cooled and
there’s no fan. So, there’s a real possibility of overheating
in a situation like that so I had to get off. So I got off 275 and at that point I was beyond
any good route and I was just gonna have to piece meal my way back so that’s what I’ve
been doing for I guess an hour at least, probably longer, and I’m close, very close, except
that now it’s raining. There’s a pretty decent thunderstorm between
me and the fairgrounds so I pulled off at a place where I saw a cover and it just so
happens that it’s the weigh station for a dump and that’s what is going on behind me. They’re nice enough to let me stay here, at
least so far. So I’m gonna hang out here for a few minutes,
let the rain storm pass and then make my way the rest of the way to the camp ground. I’ll just watch cars loaded with their junk
go by on the scales that are behind me. Gotta love doing it your own way. So I made it back. I got rained on a little bit on the way, but
it wasn’t too bad. So back at the car show I’ve already bought
a couple junk parts for the Beetle project. I’ve got some rims that are a little bit skinnier
than those, I think, that I intend to sand blast. They’re white painted, so the plan was to
sand blast those and use them on the front and I’ve been looking for wider rims of some
kind, Centerlines or something to put on the back. If these are the same look as those ones on
the front then this means I’ve got a matching set with the widths that I want so for $45
bucks with usable tires on them I thought I’d go ahead and go for it. So that’s kinda cool, that’s kind of exciting. I’m looking for a few other things as well,
the swap meet is just barely getting cranked up tonight, tomorrow is the big day, so we’ll
see what I can find but things are up and rolling at the Bug Jam 2017, having a good
time. All of this will be full tomorrow with show
cars. Kinda cool to see it beforehand, get to hang
out in the space, it’s kinda neat. This poor dog is a little bit spooked by those
noisy environments but on the other hand it’s good to expose him to stuff like that because
sometimes it will happen when there’s no choice but to be in it. So good morning, it’s Sunday morning, it’s
the big show day. I’m gonna go take a look at the swap meet
first, it’s always my priority, then spend the day checking out some cars too. So I’ve been pretty busy this morning in the
swap meet, I found some pretty good stuff that I’m excited about, there’s one more thing
that I’m looking at, I’m looking at some early fenders. I have a late Bug, but you can put the early
fenders on them. That bothers some people and that’s OK but
I may pick up a pair of those if I find just the right deal but even if I don’t I’ve done
pretty well today. So I haven’t shot a whole lot of video, I
think I’ll do some of that now. There’s some really cool looking cars and
I haven’t gotten to see most of them so I think I’ll get a better camera, run around
and focus on shooting video of the cars that are actually in the show. I’m gonna take a break from the swap meet
for a while, and then once people are trying to get rid of their last few things I’ll get
out there and try and snatch up a deal or two closer to the end of the day. Boy, having a great time, this has been a
really good Bug Jam. So I just asked a guy if his steering was
more difficult to turn with wider tires in the front and he says “here’s the keys, give
it a shot!” So I’m driving Mike’s VW, I’ve never met him
before in my life but he’s letting me drive his VW around the show. Yeah, I can feel a little bit, it’s a small
steering wheel so that would add to it as well. Brakes are kinda low, that’s exciting. Boy, I don’t know if this happens at other
car shows, where people just allow strangers to drive their car but it’s pretty cool. I had forgotten just how colossal this show
is. I just went through 3 huge sections of cars,
any one of those sections would be bigger than most any other show in Florida. Big, big show. It’s pretty cool. Huge variety of course, everything’s covered. There’s Busses, there’s Bugs, there’s Type
34’s, there’s Ghias, there’s Type 3’s, Notchbacks, Squarebacks, Fastbacks, whatever, it’s all
there. Rat rods, everything in between being fully
restored, pretty, and stuff that’s just barely getting drug in here. Pretty cool. Pretty big, pretty cool show. Been a really good time. And just like that, it’s all over. It’s a little after 7PM. All the cars are gone. The stage that was behind me just a couple
of hours ago, it’s all gone, all the vendors. They were just doing awards not too long ago,
but it’s all cleared out for another year. I’d have to say this was probably my favorite
Bug Jam I’ve been to. I’m glad I got the full immersive experience
this time. There’s still some campers down there. That’s about it. All that’s left of the swap meet is this sign. I just had a bunch of fun at the largest VW
show in Florida. What do you do next? Thanks for watching one of the first videos
posted at Haptic Garage. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and gotten to know
me a little better. There’s more travel videos on the way and
you’ll also get to see me working in the shop on the current project and sharing what I’ve
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