Camping Doku, Wild Campen Adventure trip
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Camping Doku, Wild Campen Adventure trip

During 3 days 3 friends fought there way through the woods of Germany. The compass showed them the way. Besides, they slept under free sky, conquered many obstacles and experienced thus a small adventure directly before the front door. The city we have left behind us and now we are running just next to a gravel pit. Matze has a little too much in his backpack. Now the shoulders already hurt him. We just found an old military hall. Earlier we have also found something metal what we didn´t want to touch. Well let’s see where we get out again. Here you have to be careful, that can realy hurt your arm. I would say we walk over there, along the dirt road. Otherwise the farmer gonna kill us. Look over there we can come back. Dude your backpack is realy heavy! Like a stone haha. We walked 30 km in around 7 or 8 hours today My knees started already 3 hours ago to hurt. But it worked out somehow. It has not become worse at least. We have found a nice spot on the lake. On the “Alt Stansdorfer See” and we collected some wood. Later we make a little fire to cook somthing. We didn´t bring our camping stove, cause it was to heavy. For dinner we make a hearty lentil stew out of the bag. I think later we will enjoy the camp fire and chill out a litle bit Tomorrow we going to start early again and I hope it will not rain tonight, because just Matze have a tent at and Dani and me will sleep outside Peace! 🙂 I slept quite well But in between it was pretty cold! yes this morning I’ve put everything I had. but otherwise it was fun oh my feet Hey Matze… you have frozen this night? Hmm…no Yeah because you had a tent! haha Meanwhile, we are right in the forest and hiking cross country to Kolpin. and fight our way through the branches. We’ll see if we get out there where it shows us the compass. We have just heve been given a few remains of a cake. From the baker woman. because he has asked nicely Actually, he just wanted to tell a children’s story but ended up with asking her for the remains of the cake. Yeah… it worked out. 🙂 Tapinambur know how to survive I lost my shoe. I got stuck in the mud. This is how i lost my shoe Dani told us that we can eat this. It´s from a pinetree. That tast quite good, it´s a litle bit sweet. And a lot of Vitamin C It´s ok. very fruity and a litle bit sweet Actualy not bad. Like a litle Snack in between. Wow… from 1872 to 1942 During this time he has lived long. Matze, you too? Yes, sure! We just washing our selfs on a cemetery. Near the end it rains like hell. Dani can´t walk well anymore and here comes one rain shower after another. No better way to end such a trip, right? Matze still drags a half ton on the back. Katrin and 3 Invalides. Well,.. without her we would have done already 30 Kilometers 😉 I think we 3 are all already on the limit. Getting up today was certainly not so simple. But this is how it is! There is no bad weather, there are only bad clothes and we have bad clothes! Hey, we did it. We are know in Müllrose but we didn´t make it to Frankfurt Oder Because we have to work tomorrow. I believe we have walked 90 kilometres. Yes, nearly, i think 85. Ok, 85 Kilometer 😀 We have walked by the sun and by rain. With aching legs and blisters on the feet and thin shoes across the forest and now we are trying to get the train home. We’ll see if we can catch the train in time or not 🙂


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