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Be careful, it’s gonna get your mustache So we are on our way to Monterey which is where the
documentary is it’s like an hour drive at most from where I live
there’s a vulture on the street eating carcass we were about to pass by a
mailbox that I hit when I was 16 on an icy road day and it’s still down I do
believe yes here it is still dented. Yup, still sideways that was years and years ago when I
was 16 I was coming down this road and it was super slick and icy and my truck
went right into that mailbox and they still never fixed it to this day I think
they’re just keeping it sideways on purpose so that one day I come and admit
to it and fix it finally but so far I’ve held out pretty good so. I don’t know
where Bryan is he’s been MIA since yesterday but hopefully we find him so
oh my gosh you guys we found Bryan there he is, we found him. He’s alive! okay so now we’re on our way we’re only
running an hour behind guys only an hour behind for our first interview that’s okay I
guess. I emailed him so hopefully he’s cool with that but um anyways we’ll see when we
get there all right you guys we have just been
asked by my cousin to go pick some Indiana sweet corn and Lukas back here is
too scared to but I told him it’s fine and everybody is reassuring him that it
only takes five minutes – Lukas are you gonna come or what? You know what happens in a corn maze, haven’t you ever seen the movies? We’re gonna get him to
do it you guys just wait Bryan you’re gonna do it yeah. Nichelle you can’t pick
either way. I’m on crutches, I ain’t going. Anyways we’re headed there Lukas is gonna do it we’re gonna talk him into it
and get some authentic Indiana fun okay we’re going to pick corn now we got
Lukas to come so that’s good left or right? I’m thinking of umm.. Which way do we go? It’s gonna be a new song about corn guys It goes like corn corn sweet corn. No, it’s terrible sample that and then I’m gonna speed it
up it’s very tough sweet corn really sweet corn this is the farm that my grandma grew up
at and we’re here to pick some sweet corn to eat for dinner tonight so
classic Indiana activity as I told you guys before
right now Emily is scoping for the sweet corn that’s ready to be picked and then
we’re gonna pick it Nichelle is actually here. Supervising. What is your strategy when
it comes to picking corn? I have no idea what do you look for in a ripe and ready
piece. I really don’t know. all right Emily claims no one’s told her how to pick corn but that she
just improvises Oh so the hair has to be dead in order for the corn to be done
see you did know a technique I’m in field of corn now so I’m here with
her in spirit she’s, oh really?! Are they just randomly here or were they planted
these are some pumpkins they haven’t grown yet and the deer ate the other one’s
so I’m not sure where Lukas and Bryan are I do hear their voices so maybe
they’re in picking some corn or they’re not. Nichelle already gave up Lukas you
got to pick some corn for the vlog. Alright how do I pick it? I don’t know what I’ve been told, been picking corn since I was 2 years old. What’s your strategy when picking a sweet corn right now you grab
it and you rip it off the thing have you found a corn? Are there bugs in here cuz I don’t want bugs. How do you do it? Do you just pull it? yep pull down I got it this is real corn.
Out here oh my gosh you guys so much fun picking corn Lukas got to pick his own
stock I think Bryan’s gonna go and try to find his own stock. I have to find one
too actually I’m gonna I’m gonna pick this one I think it’s pretty perfect see
what do you think I don’t know. Got it
and that is how you find corn right here just like that that’s the house my
grandma grew up in back there we’re here on the farm picking corn plus we just
got done filming an interview so we had some downtime before dinner and decided
to pick her own dinner so here is the corn that we got nice nice what are we
doing here Emily what do you have to do after you grab the sweet corn. You gotta dehair it. Dehair it?! Yeah, take the little pieces of hair off so after a fun-filled day of lots of
intensities is that a s’more intensity we picked corn we got our footage we’re
hanging out and how we’re ending the night is at a beautiful little campfire right
here Lukas just made a s’more and ate it but he ate it so fast I didn’t get to
film it can you please tell us your technique in making s’mores
so basically you don’t want to put reverb on your bass and definitely
melody first ask questions later so Lukas was trying to explain his s’mores
technique but it was just music terms so comment below if you knew what he’s
talking about because I sure didn’t Woah. Be careful, your mustache is gonna be gone. It’s gonna get your mustache let’s see you eat that burnt s’more
please. It’s perfect! Did it warm your skin up pretty good so welcome to what 6:00 a.m. looks like
and I’m with the shopvac because this place just got flooded I woke up to the
sound of *Idk* thinking and animal was eating our food and I was like bracing myself
proceeded to see what else was wrong and stepped instantly in a puddle of water
and I was just like no this is the worst oh the RV’s like totally flooded Kenny
hooked me up with this shopvac to try to suck out the water been at it for a
while now I got some more time ahead of us I went to bed like literally two
hours ago so I had to wake up the boys cuz I was like actually I didn’t wake
them up I just shopvacced, started shopvaccing and they eventually woke up
if someone shopvacs I’ll clean out the fridge right now okay Lukas shopvac
Lukas is gonna shopvac I’m gonna clean out the fridge okay I just got Lukas to
shopvac for me so I was already shopvaccing for you I’m just gonna take
a little break over here. Acting like I didn’t do nothing. Watch out for the rat traps so what did you get today at your first
day Monterey Festivals thing first day Monterey Festival like the food wise
fried Oreos tenderloin Italian sausage and an icee so far pretty good how’s it
going for you what’d you get to eat. I got cheese fries and shaved ice. so far today
we have went through the flood and then I have been filming all around town of
different types of things for my film and then basically we’re ending the
night with some fair food that was at the food stand and we ate a bunch of
stuff I think Lukas even mentioned what he ate anyways I tried both of their
food and everything it was really good and right now we’re just relaxing on the
swing in the park because it’s what you do in a small town so basically my film
is all about this small town and the festival that they have I mean this town
is 200 people in it and it has a festival for itself it’s pretty awesome
so that’s what my whole film is about anyway so we’re here enjoying the festival
as well as working so it’s a good time. Best part about our trip so far
craziest part of our trip so far was being woken up today with the flood in
the RV I knew something was going on when I
heard like voices and like problems but I thought. When I first woke up I thought
that there was an animal in the RV because I heard people freaking out like
they were trying to keep it quiet and I thought there was like a bug or like a
snake or some kind of animal the RV I didn’t get it and then I
wondered if Bryan was still in the RV and I realized he was so I was like he
don’t care Bryan what’s been your favorite part so
far. Sup dude. It’s nice to be back in the good old Indiana it’s cold this time
though, it’s kinda weird. Yeah so the best thing about being here is definitely me
and Bryan getting to see our family and Lukas having a good time because our
family’s awesome in Indiana it’s always a good time for
him because he’s a Cali boy and he just doesn’t know what’s going on it’s
hilarious to see him experience that you know you know what would your favorite
cousins in town makes things even better Nah, I’m just kiddin, I freakin hate her dude
she like seriously the worst….. just kidding So we’re in Monterey Town Hall right now
getting the shuffleboard equipment to play shuffleboard Bryan is already
practicing if we can get anyone to play with us
what are your fighting words how do you think this match is gonna go I’m gonna
win 75 zero you think you’re gonna beat me that bad. I’m gonna shut you out. So Bryan thinks he’s
gonna like totally kill me in this shuffleboard game but I don’t know I’ve won
like Championships before people so here’s Here’s a poll question have you ever played
shuffleboard before have you ever played shuffleboard before shuffleboard is a
game a lot of people, old people, usually play it but you know it’s cool huh it’s
like a pole like this and you push a disc across and try to get it to land in
certain point areas and that’s pretty much how shuffleboard goes so take a look
and we’ll show you how to play it so I am currently beating Bryan actually
38 to 15 Bryan what’s up with that that’s not very good so I thought you
said you we’re gonna beat me Oh me and Bryan played we never finished our game
but I was in the lead but we decided to play with my aunt and uncle because
they’re playing and we’re having a great time watching them yes! It doesn’t matter, you can’t go negative can you? and that’s how my
uncle starts a fire right there with his blowtorch thanks for watching and don’t forget to
subscribe and check out our latest video here at TEAMMBL TWO, we have new videos
every Wednesday and Saturday guys so we’ll see you soon. Bye!


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