Camping for the first time? You NEED to watch this..

Ok, so it’s 5 a.m Today it’s gonna be a long day. But you know what? It’s gonna be a good video. I’m excited to do this. Let’s start this up. Alright, the ferries leaving in half an hour, 45 minutes we got to go. Alright these people gotta get off the road they’re driving so slow! You know what? I think we made it! Alright I’ll see you on the ship and we’ll get this video really started Alright so we’re on BC Ferries, if you’ve never been I’ll put a map right here. It’s honestly really gorgeous I’m gonna show you in the next couple of videos I released but for this video I’m going to be talking about the cost of camping, expectations, how much we spend because we got a lot of equipment and food we had to buy. I’m going to go over all that in this video. So I’ll give you some views of BC Ferries in this video I’m going to talk about the cost of camping, how much I spend and comparing it to just staying in the low to medium range motel or hotel, What to expect, what you should bring and of course, was it worth it? I’m going to be covering a lot of topics in this video so be sure to LIKE the video and if there’s anything I missed feel free to ask it in the comment section below and I’ll answer any of your questions. Now before we begin I have to show you some images of Vancouver Island. Alright, so I hope you like the glimpse of Vancouver Island I gave you. Anyways, this is my first time camping. Not my like I’ve been camping before, I stayed in RVs, cabins, Airbnb but in this one, I’m actually gonna be sleeping in a tent for the first time. We just bought it, we’ve never set it up. So I’m not sure what to expect. That’s should be interesting. I think I’m gonna save money, but we’ve spent quite a bit of money now, so I’m not sure Anyways, we got a lot of setup. So let’s start this up Alright so we got to set this tent up. Haven’t done it yet. This should be interesting. So, let’s start adding up the cost of camping. All the figures are in Canadian dollars but I’ll convert it to US dollars at the end. We spend $35 on a tent, it sleeps three people. We paid $45 per night on a camping location and We camped for five nights. We shopped around pretty heavily for camping supplies and a lot of the big outdoor retailers were really expensive. if you’re camping in the winter or doing something more hardcore then you might want to stop at these outdoor retailers but other than that, I’d avoid them. People can go crazy with the amount of camping supplies and camping gear you can buy. Walking around the campsite I seen so many RVs with so much stuff. I seen this one RV with a satellite dish, outdoor plants and they weren’t even staying there long-term. It’s crazy. I really recommend just going to Walmart if you’re planning on camping for the first time. They have the best prices and the equipment is perfectly fine for summer camping. We paid $30 for the twin air mattress. These two chairs were $10 each. We also bought all our food at Walmart which covers breakfast, lunch and dinner. For five days, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect here but the food came out to – yes sixty nine dollars and 69 What else oh, we also found a used stove and grill for sale online. Alright so we got this used stove and grill for $45 It’ll definitely work We were lucky enough to borrow a cooler and sleeping bags. The rest of the stuff like cooking equipment, clothes and everything else we already had so the total cost of the camping trip, excluding Attractions or anything else we would have spent Regardless was four hundred and twenty four dollars and sixty nine cents but I’m going to add an additional hundred dollars for firewood, we did eat out and any extras. What are you grilling? Now if we would have stayed in a hotel motel or anything like that It probably would have been about $80 a night food for two people over five days, maybe $300. I wasn’t sure if we were gonna save anything but it turned out we did. Alright It’s a little after 11 o’clock. We’re gonna get some sleep. It’s actually pretty cozy in here. I thought I’d be claustrophobic, but it’s actually kind of roomy. The mattress feels nice. I think I’m gonna get a good sleep but I’ll see you in the morning Alright, so I made it through to the next morning. It wasn’t too bad, got a good night’s sleep. I’m ready to start my day. Anyways, I want to thank you for watching. Anyways, I want to thank you for watching, check out my channel I got a lot more video just like this one and until later, I’ll see you later. Alright.

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