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Camping Gear : Camping Gear Hiking Poles

I am going to talk a little bit now about
hiking poles and staffs. There a little bit more useful then you might think this one
here being very rustic looking but even this one can take a little bit of pressure off
of you knees as you going down a hill. The down side is a little heavy. It looks nice
but a little heavy. You get into poles then they become lighter and more compact. There
are single pole set ups like these. There nice particularly in groomed trails sense
you?re only using one pole you?re not tearing up the ground so much. But on more rugged
terrain some people will even go to two poles like this. They look very much like down hill
ski poles. With one in each hand when you pick one up ones always on the ground unlike
the single pole set up. When you pick it up its useless until you put it back down as
you go down hill you place it in front of you and take some of the pressure off your
knees as your going down hill. You can also use it going up hill to help pull you up.
If you have any questions on poles give your local up hillier a holler.

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