Camping Gear : Camping Gear Personal Locater Beacons
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Camping Gear : Camping Gear Personal Locater Beacons

Some hikers loved ones really get worried
about where they’re going to be and if they’re going to be safe. There are devices out on
the market that basically are kind of a panic button, if you will. This is a personal locator
beacon. And you get into trouble. You turn it on. It basically sends the cavalry in to
rescue you. What you do is you open up the antenna. You turn it on and some units are
equipped with GPS, others are not. The GPS ones are nice. But what happens is this sends
out a frequency of 406 megahertz that is picked up by a satellite which then goes to a command
center which goes to local rescue and then they come and get you. If you have one that’s
GPS enabled they’re going to come right to you where this device is. If not they’re going
to have to do a general search. They’ll have an idea where you are roughly because they
know that the signal’s coming at 406 megahertz and they’ll basically have to do a patterned
search for you. A little bit pricey but if you’re going into a real serious wilderness
area not a bad thing to have. If you get in trouble sometimes it’s a long way to get back
out. If you have any questions give your local outfitter a holler.

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