Camping Gear : Hiking Trail Sanitation
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Camping Gear : Hiking Trail Sanitation

Despite popular belief, there is actually
sanitation on the trail. A lot of people, more so than getting sick from contaminated
water, will find themselves getting sick because their just not taking care of their sanitary
needs. Simple things like washing your hands, will keep you a lot healthier than even filtering
your water. I would recommend a multi purpose soap, so you have a soap that can do multiple
things. It’s much better than having a bunch of different things in your pack. Here’s a
couple of biodegradable soaps. They’re very concentrated so it doesn’t take very much,
I’d actually recommend maybe even putting it in a smaller bottle. You don’t need a lot,
this will wash your body, this will wash your pots, it’ll take care of all of this, even
your clothes if you need to. Other things, here’s a deodorant stone. It gets kind of
obnoxious to be in a trail shelter and have someone who decides that their not going to
bathe at all during their entire trip and be a little stinky. This however, is kind
of big, I’d recommend breaking that up and taking a smaller chunk. Then we have this,
basically you’re going out to take care of business, you want to make sure that you keep
your bathroom areas clean, as well. If you have any questions, give your local outfitter
a holler.


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