Camping Gear – Sea To Summit X Bowl
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Camping Gear – Sea To Summit X Bowl

Today we review Sea to Summit’s collapsible
bowl. The X Bowl, by Sea to Summit, is an ingenious
way to hold food on the trail. It’s made of food grade flexible silicon that
is cut resistant and can handle up to 300 degree temps. And is microwave and dishwasher safe. And it folds flat, saving a ton of space in
your pack. The X bowl also comes in a ‘plate’ version
and comes in some of our favorite colors. I love items that double as two and this one
does. The bottom of the bowl is made of a cut resistant,
high temperature, food grade nylon that can be used as a cutting board. When compared to the Guyot Squishy Bowl, which
we also use, I give the X Bowl the edge. It stays flat on it’s own and doubles as a
cutting board. That’s pretty hard to beat.


  • Frank Patriot

    I love my squishy bowl more than i could love a human baby. But it looks like i may rethink which is more practical. Ok, Ive rethought it and the X bowl gets it.

  • TwoGearGuys

    We agree Frank. The name squishy alone is hard to pass up. But come on, a bowl that lets you chop like an iron chef? Friggin crazy man!

  • TwoGearGuys

    Guys, check out Keith's new channel, 'Gear Toons', if you get a chance. He's started a new blog by the same name, too. Thanks!

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