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(upbeat music) – What’s up, guys? Welcome to Saturday here
at Lo Lo Mai Springs. Today’s the big day,
Halloween Extragavanza. Kids have
activities all day long, starting with a hay ride,
then pumpkin carving, then a couple of activities, and then ending
with the costume parade, where they get to walk around, and then trick or treating
throughout the campgrounds. So, stay tuned. It should be
an action-packed day. (yells) (truck rumbling) – I hopped on. They stopped and let me hop on. – Are you a cat? – [Sierra] Where’s our trailer? – [Man] This is cool too,
what they did. – [Sierra] Yeah,
their campsite’s cool. – [Mason] Sierra and Bryce’s
trailer right there. – [Man] That’s awesome.
– [Sierra] There’s our trailer! – [Man] Nice. – [Boy] Spider.
– Spiders! – [Boy] Spiders. – [Sierra] Look at the big dog. – [Boy] Hi, hi. – [Sierra] Don’t get run over. Ah, look at
that beautiful trailer, wonder whose that is?
– [Boy] You got the best decorations. – [Boy] On the hill.
– [Mason] Oh yeah, you’ll go flying
and hit the board. – [Boy] Springs pond and
you’re standing right there. – [Sierra] Oh my god. They’re like standing
on this hay bale. – [Man] Duck, duck,
– Duck, duck, duck. – [Man] There you go. Yeah, it comes down
to almost that wood, so you do need to duck. (laughs) Bryce waited for the
last second of course, he was like lookin’
at it like, “Okay now!” (laughing) (yelling)
– Melissa, don’t fall! He’s raising us. – [Boy] Yeah, I don’t care. – [Man] This is gonna
break, don’t hang onto that. – (screams) Oh my god! Kids are falling! That’s so weird. (screams) (yelling)
I’m slipping on the ground. – Okay!
– Okay, okay! We’re falling! – [Man] We’re falling.
– [Boy] We’re falling! (laughs)
– Oh my, – We’re slipping
on this hale, hay. – [Boy] Hey, don’t care,
I’m not holding anything. – [Man] I would’ve
took all you guys down. – I was sliding on this hay.
– Mom! – [Woman] Now you are! – [Clintus] Well,
good morning dear. – Hi. – [Clintus] What are
we making today? – Chili. – [Clintus] Chili.
– Tradition. – [Clintus] It is
Tiffany’s tradition, and it smells amazing. Onions, beef,
bell peppers, we got, what is that, kidney beans? – It’s tri,
– Red? – It’s tri-blends.
– [Clintus] Tri-blend. – [Tiffany] Black beans,
kidney beans, pinto beans. – [Clintus] Oh yeah,–
– Chili beans. I need some dark
red kidney beans, that’s what I was
talking about there. – Throw it all in there.
– [Clintus] Oh yeah. The more the merrier, right? – Yup. Is it that time guys?
– Yup. – [Tiffany] Excited? – Bryce is doing a truck,
I’m doing a trailer. – Alright, there we go. – Try that line right there. – I think this is
the easiest to cut. I’ve never cut
it that fast, ever. – [Tiffany] You gutting it? – Yeah. – [Woman] Look how
thick this pumpkin is. – [Bryce] Oh my gosh. – [Papa] Oh my god,
that’s gonna make it hard. Maybe it will thin out.
– Oh wow. – That’s really clean.
– Watch out the gut bucket. Watch out Bryce,
watch out Bryce. – [Tiffany] Put it in between
you guys, there you go. There’s all the
guts going in there. – [Papa] Yours is
pretty thick too, wow. – [Mason] We don’t
have a gut bucket. – [Bryce] Wait, are we
gonna need that piece? – [Tiffany] Yeah,
that’s thick too. – [Papa] That’s just the
access hole to clean it out. – Is it good, Papa? – [Chrissy] How’s Sierra doing? – I’m doing good. – [Boy] Did I cut
it alright, Bryce? – Kind of, yeah. – [Papa] Good job, you’re
doing a good pumpkin. Yeah, good job. That’s for the window.
– Yeah. It’s coming along, Sierra. – [Chrissy] There it is.
– [Man] That’s not bad at all. – Go back there.
– Look at this. Look it. – [Papa] That’s good now. – I like it. – Yeah because we cut the
hole and you see here. – Looks good, both of them. What’s this, back window? Are you sure that’s where
it’s supposed to go? – Right in– – [Clintus] It’s
righty-tighty, leftie-loosie. – [Tiffany] Yeah. (people chattering) – They all done?
– Yup. – [Clintus] Alright,
let’s go put them up. – [Jack] Rusty saved you
a spot next to us. Uh oh, wait maybe that’s better. – Is that heavy? – [Boy] Wait, what’s on top? – Yeah, you did,
that would be cool. – [Boy] Hey Sierra, what’s
that supposed to be? – The air conditioner. – [Boy] And then that? – [Sierra] The internet. – [Clintus] Turned
out good, guys, I can’t wait to see it lit up. – Guys, be careful.
– Hold on. – I’m holding onto it. – [Meemaw] Okay,
okay we’re done. Let me go get this one.
– [Clintus] Good job guys. (ball thumping) – Bryce now! (yells)
– [Jack] Good luck. Oh, good rebound bud. – Hey! – Missin’ the course.
– You gotta take someone. – [Tiffany] What’s over there? – [Woman] You’ve got the
legs, you’re doing good. – Tuck it in. – [Woman] You can do Mike too. (yells) – Don’t rip it.
(laughing) – [Clintus] It’s a good
look for you Bryce. – Yeah, we’ll start
at the neck again. – No. (laughs) – Eight, seven,
– Stop counting down. – Six, five,
– You just do it. – Four, three,
– Oh my gosh, she’s funny. – [Clintus] Oh,
look at those two. – Two, one.
(yells) – ‘Cause they have adults
wrapping them up and they’re tinier.
– Stop moving. – [Man] Okay,
everybody’s gotta sit still. (yelling) – [Man] 3:30 is the, you’ll need the costume. But we’ll all meet here,
then we’ll line the kids up. – He’s not done yet. – [Woman] They’re ready,
I’ll take it, I’ll take it, let’s go. – [Woman] I’d take it. – [Bryce] Just keep on
wrapping until that– – [Clintus] There we go. – Wait, wait.
– That looks pretty good. – [Tiffany] We should draw
a face on the toilet paper. (yells)
– Oh my gosh. – Yay!
– Wait dad, can I see the picture? – Alright guys, it’s the
time, costume contest. And if you can’t tell
from just my glasses and side of my hat, I’m a nerd. – I’m a nerd,
I’m a nerd, I’m a nerd. – We got a nerd, we got
a pretty nerd over here. We got two beautiful
nerds, two beautiful nerds. And we got a scary werewolf man. (imitates growl) (laughing)
(yells) Got a hairy chest
an all, love it. Baby is a taco.
– They’re starting already, we gotta go. – [Clintus] Baby
officially has to wear this every Tuesday now. – [Sierra] Yup.
– [Clintus] She’s a taco. – [Tiffany] Baby doesn’t
match us though. – [Clintus] Yeah I know,
it’s alright. – [Tiffany] Give baby to Papa. (people chattering) – Costume parade,
we parade around. – [Man] You guys just
got in, you look good. (laughs) We’re parading through,
everyone in their costumes. All the judges, all the parents. (whistles) (laughs) Is that how I walk? – I don’t know. Hi Miss Piggy. (people chattering) – [Woman] They’re all so cute. (whistles)
– Nerds. – [Clintus] Well, good job guys. Everybody dressed up
nice, Mr. Woopie cushion. I don’t think I showed them you. You, you, little Bevo.
– Put your hat on Brett. – [Clintus] Mr. Smell-a-lot. Yeah, you gotta
make a fart noise. (imitates fart)
– [Clintus] Let’s squeeze him. (imitates farting) He’s got, look at that, poop emoji slippers, I love it. Uncle Jack, Mr. Poop head.
– Poop head. – [Clintus] He actually won
for funniest costume. (laughs) – No, I won for
best-looking, I thought. – [Clintus] That’s the
joke actually. – Oh. – [Clintus] Bryce,
nice and sweaty? – Yeah.
– [Clintus] Yeah? It’s not easy being
a werewolf, huh? – I’m not, I’m not the, I didn’t win the scariest. – [Clintus] But I have to say, you’re probably
the best looking. – Ah.
This is adorable. – Tiff, get out of the way,
he was talkin’ to me. (laughing) – [Clintus] Can you wear
that to bed tonight? – Stop.
– [Jack] Whoa. – So now it’s time for
the trick-or-treating. Heading around the campgrounds. – My sunglasses aren’t working. – I know. I kinda wish I had
sunglasses on right now. This is hands-down
the best part though, is going around tent to
tent, trailer to trailer. It’s a unique, unique experience that you don’t
get anywhere else. – [Girl] Hey remember,
we can’t have those. – [Woman] Santa left me. – These buckets, they suck. – [Clintus] Why? – ‘Cause like, it’s gonna
fill up pretty soon. – [Clintus] That’s
plenty of candy, son. You know what I’m gonna do
with your candy anyways? I’m gonna give it to
trick-or-treaters on Monday. (laughing) – [Sierra] Baby.
– [Tiffany] Little taco. – [Clintus] Tacos,
I want tacos now. Can we have tacos for dinner? – Tacos, right there.
– No tacos for dinner? – [Man] Is this corn bags? I’ve heard good things. – [Child] Trick or treat. (chattering) – [Clintus] Got a motley
crew here, let me tell ya. Alright, another successful
Halloween here at Lo Lo Mai. I’m gonna undress myself because
this is very uncomfortable. (laughing) Good job Sierra, good
choice on the nerd outfit. It worked for everybody. Mommy,
– It’s wet right here. you’re fantastic. Alright, kids are inside
going through their loot. We got sour, I like how
Sierra’s being organized, look at this,
she has her sour stuff, she has her chocolate
stuff, she has her suckers, she has her food, I love it. And then Bryce is just
like, I’m keepin’ all this, gettin’ rid of all that. – [Bryce] No, I’m just
counting how much I got. – Oh, you’re counting okay. And Mason’s like, I’ll
go through it later. (laughing) Oh, what you got there girl? – Chili with sour cream, cheese,
and little cracker things. – [Clintus] Mommy’s chili?
– [Sierra] Yup. – [Clintus] Always good.
– Oh, I know. – [Clintus] Always good. It smells good, I know
it’s gonna be good, but I’ve been
eating these all day. Bigs sunflower seeds
and pumpkin seeds and so I’m not quite as
hungry as I should be. But I’m still gonna
eat a bowl, right? Still gotta eat a bowl. What did Meemaw make?
– Stew. – [Clintus] Oh,
let me see, let me see. – [Mason] I want some chili. – [Clintus] Oh, look at that. Stew and mommy’s chili. I’m eatin’ good tonight, Bryce. How’s the chili, bro? – Awesome.
– [Clintus] Awesome, awesome. Tasty, spicy? – Not at all.
– [Clintus] No? Mommy was afraid it was gonna
be too spicy for everybody. Is it spicy Mason? No, okay good. Alright, so there’s the
kids pumpkins all lit up. Nice little trailer
trash action goin’ on, with a minion. Lookin’ good, lookin’ good. You’ll have to check
out Mason’s epic pumpkin up in the Bevo’s vlog,
I’ll have it right here in the cards, once it’s up, which will be like
in three or four days. He did a awesome,
awesome job, check it out. These ones got
green flames goin’ on. I think it’s chloric acid. There’s Maddox’s right there. – [Bryce] Yeah,
Maddox is in Heely’s. – [Clintus] Green fire inside. Yeah, isn’t that cool?
– Might win. – [Clintus] There’s a lot
of cool pumpkins up here. – [Bryce] Oh, we did
that one last year. – [Clintus] That’s the
one we did last year, with the flaming skull. – [Bryce] Pokemon. – [Clintus] Pokemon,
there’s a minion. – [Bryce] Where?
– [Clintus] Over here. – [Man] What’s the name
of that dragon there? – [Clintus] One in the
glasses is really good, and this one is like jail.
– Yeah, yeah, with a pumpkin inside.
– That one’s really cool. Check this out, it’s a
merry-go-round, turned out really good. Another castle right here. (people chattering) – [Papa] Hey, you gonna go? You are a big guy. – [Clintus] Alright,
so I missed it, I was in the trailer cleaning
up, what you guys get? – We won the most original. – [Clintus] Most
original pumpkin? – Mason did too. – [Clintus] Mason did too?
– Mhmmm. – [Clintus] So, you can’t
tell what Mason’s was, they’re gonna
wait for Bevos vlog, but what were your guys’? – Ours was a trailer,
– Truck and trailer, right? Our epic bonfire was fell over. Big ol’ stump there on the left. Thing is so hot, woo. (chattering)
(feet shuffling) – Okay, let’s hear it.
– Yup. – It’s a scary, haunted walk.
– Walk. – [Clintus] You excited?
– Yeah. – [Man] There are trailers,
we’re following the lights. – [Clintus] Oh yeah,
see there’s fire. You scared? You’re scared dude,
you’re scared? Hey, least you’re here, least you’re here,
you’re trying it out. – [Man] Some big
thing right there, you want to avoid that. Oh wow, look at this,
how amusing is this. Okay gang over here,
just follow me. – [Girl] Okay that
clown is gonna die. (laughing)
– Oh my. (shrieking)
– Oh my god. – You’re good.
– You’re really good. – [Woman] She was good. – You don’t mind your–
(yells) (screaming) – [Tiffany] You ready for this?
– Yup, look behind us. – [Tiffany] We’re at the front. – Is that like,
is that an actual person, or is that just like a,
– I’m scared. – [Tiffany] I don’t know. – Oh.
– [Boy] I’m not scared. (people chattering) (faint howling) – [Sierra] I think there’s
a couple werewolves here. – [Tiffany] Smells like skunks.
– [Sierra] Yeah. – [Boy] Little kid. Wait, what. You know who that looks like? – [Girl] Wait, what is that? – Follow the torches this way.
– [Tiffany] Torches. (shrieking) (screaming) Campsite.
– [Sierra] Where are we going? – [Tiffany] I don’t know. Follow the torches.
– [Sierra] Follow the trail? – This way.
– Over there. – This way.
– The torches are this way. – [Boy] Follow the torches. – Oh no.
– Uh oh. – [Girl] There’s a
person right there. (screaming)
Oh gosh. Oh my god. (shrieking) – [Boy] Ah, Sierra! Oh my gosh. (screaming) – [Santa] Hey,
it’s not Christmas yet, I still got two months buddy.
(laughs) – [Clown] Hey, looks like mine. – What the heck is that thing?
– Whoa. Whoa.
(laughing) (screaming and laughing)
– Why would you think our paths would cross,
I’m from the North Pole. – All of them, all of them! Guess what,
you’re all going to the meat wagon. Bye, bye.
(screaming) (chainsaw whirring)
(screaming) (screaming and laughing) – Well, the kids made their
way through the haunted walk and I don’t know if
they were scared or not, I know Bryce
gets a little skiddish, but Sierra just
kinda runnin’ through. It’s always a good time,
it’s always fun. It’s just fun, it’s all it is. It’s not like a haunted
mansion or anything like that, it’s just fun. And there’s kids from
all ages, so of course they can’t get
over the top crazy ’cause the little kids
would just poop themselves. But it’s a good time,
Lo Lo Mai puts on a good show. Got our own campfire going
now at our campground and got another pile of
wood, and this is how I want to end my night, just
chillin’ here by the campfire in front of my trailer,
listening to the sounds of the crickets and the creek
and all that good stuff. Hope you enjoyed these
Lo Lo Mai Springs videos, if you did, be sure to
give it a thumbs-up. Stay tuned tomorrow as we
head back down to Phoenix and visit some of
my family. Vlog on. (faint chattering)

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