Camping in Czech Republic vs. USA
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Camping in Czech Republic vs. USA

Ready buddy? Are you scared? Hi it’s Jen from Dream Prague and today
I wanted to talk about the difference between camping and river rafting or
canoeing in the u.s. versus camping and canoeing in the Czech Republic now I just got back from a weekend trip
near cesky krumlov down the Volta River and it was so much fun but it was
totally different than anything I’d experienced in the United States mainly
in California and Oregon so the first thing that you couldn’t help but notice
was how totally overcrowded everything was when we arrived at the first
campground there were tents as far as the eye could see and they were stacked
like it looked like a tent city and we were literally tripping on all of the
ropes the tithe that like harness the tents to the ground there was no place
to go and this is really weird because in the US the whole point of camping and
getting out in nature is to get away from people like people are the opposite
of nature in Oregon when we went on a five-day
river rafting trip you even had to apply to win a lottery so that you could have
permission to go and if you didn’t win the lottery that year your group didn’t
get to go the whole point is to keep the people to a minimum out in nature and
it’s generally the same out on the river when you’re on the river in Oregon you
don’t really see other people’s boats and if you do give a friendly wave but
that’s it you let them enjoy nature and you enjoy nature and in fact when you’re
looking for a place to camp at night if you come up to a stop or you had
predicted that you would camp there and there’s another group or even another
tent you just don’t stop there as a courtesy you just keep going until you
find a place to camp without people it’s kind of rude to go up to someone in
nature I just can’t right next to them it’s the total opposite in the Czech
Republic we were going down the river with people um on both sides of us we
had our dog with us and people seem to love saying hi to our dog and in fact
there were many opportunities to stop and people were just stopping as big
groups nobody tried to sort of isolate themselves in nature when you’re camping
in the US at night because you know that the only people around you are a few
other tents in your group if you hear noises like scratching on the ground or
heavy breathing you’re pretty sure it’s maybe a wild boar or a bear I mean
basically we’re always on the lookout for bears in the United States but in
Czech Republic if you hear rustling or noises brushing up against a tent or
heavy breathing you can be sure it’s just honza who’s sleeping in the tent
about a meter from your head the second difference I noticed was
entertainment so when we were packing to get ready for the strip mine I noticed
that my husband brought his little portable water / speaker and he had it
clipped on his backpack and I was like you can’t bring that that’s that’s so
rude you can’t go out in nature and like sync up your playlists to a speaker
you’re gonna you’re gonna interrupt the birds or probably be offensive to our
Czech friends that you just want to play you know some soundtrack when we’re
trying to be out in nature in the United States sure you’ll bring like if someone
has a guitar or a ukulele they can bring that and sort of have some some camp
side music but you don’t want to just bring your your music from home I
thought we’d look like these Americans that couldn’t live without our devices
and our phones and our music for more than a day at nature and I thought no
the checks are probably way more serious about nature no music and then of course
we get to the campsites and everybody’s playing music whether it’s from speakers
synced up to their iPhones a lot of people had guitars everybody was singing as loud as
possible joining in there was no sort of like isolated respect the nature type of
music happening it was really just a big party and everybody was invited the only
bad part about the entertainment was when the big drunk sing-along group
decided to move their party outside my tent about a meter away from my head at
4:30 in the morning when we were working out the details
with our Czech friends the ones who invited us we said should we bring like
a gas stove or just lots of dried food like what should we do was only gonna be
two days probably could have gotten away with some dry food and she wrote and she
said just bring cash and I was like cash do they translate that wrong okay maybe
there was some sort of bait and tackle shop at the beginning of the adventure
where you could buy fishing poles and fishing bait maybe they had some soggy
sandwiches and that was just the traditional Czech way to sort of you go
you buy your food at the traditional fish shop and then you go on your begin
tour so when we went river rafting in Oregon we had to pack all of the food
and all of the drinks we would need for the entire trip so that’s eight people
eating for five days so we had these giant coolers packed to the brim with
all the food we’d need and then we also had like a makeshift kitchen so we had
all of the pots and pans the propane the utensils everything that we need and
every single time we camped pull it all out set up the kitchen do the whole bit
and we had like a menu and it was planned this for this day and this for
this day it was a very big organized and for beer we actually brought an entire
refrigerator this United States refrigerator like huge full of beer and
we put them in these sort of dry bags which are almost like netted laundry
bags full up with beer and then you tie them to the back of the raft that way
they just kind of don’t weigh the boat down but they’re dragging behind you and
then keep cold and that’s what you do with your beer but you’re talking about
eight people who drink a lot of beer on a river for five days so it’s a lot of
beer and a lot of food well the checks don’t need to do that because every
single 30 minutes there’s a stop on the river with like a real restaurant
so at breakfast we would get eggs and toast
and cappuccino for lunch I had delicious halusky which is actually a Slovak dish
but it’s like milky with cheese and really really warm and comforting
because especially because it was totally raining that day so it was
really nice to have a hot meal and for dinner there were sausages and a
Zac which is like a fried steak of chicken or pork and salads and really
delicious sweet dumplings stuffed with blueberries and slight Hachiko which is
wood cream and of course draught beer everywhere you go draught beer
so like you’re never without food you’re never without beer and we stopped like
oh my god during the day we stopped like four or five times just to kind of get a
refreshment so the next difference is where the
Czech Republic really wins my heart and that has to do with the toilet so in the
United States in some parks and some national parks you’re not allowed to
open the woods you have to bring your own disposal mechanism with you
so we have this thing called the groover and the groover is a toilet that you use
and then you pack up and you put it on your boat and you bring it with you
everywhere you go so when we went on a river rafting trip we went for five days
and we had eight people and we had one groover for the whole group it’s pretty
disgusting let’s just say that pooping in the woods is way better than the
groover in contrast the checks had bathrooms every time we stopped clean
bathrooms with fresh toilet paper it was amazing it was like highly maintained
outhouses everywhere you went there was plenty of clean room for washing your
face brushing your teeth taking showers never found it afternoon that was
without toilet paper and actually might not be the most authentic camping
experience but I really preferred the chuck toilets to the American ones another big difference was the actual
Falls so I guess in English we just call them like the Falls or the Rapids and
they’re marked on your map in check they’re the yes
yezi oh god my teacher told me so many times yes that basically the little the
little votive pod the little waterfalls we must have gone over like nine of them
in two days so an organ the Falls are quite big and they’re a little
nerve-wracking when you’re going down it you’ve got a captain who’s steering the
raft and everybody really has to hold on sort of strap themselves in and take
precautions because if you fall off it’s deep water there’s lots of rocks you can
get stuck you can get stuck under the boat my husband flipped us once in a
boat and it was really scary we lost a camera I was stuck under a boat it was
someone got hooked in the in the bum with a fishing hook it was it was it was
messy and it was scary the Czech Republic Falls are just a little little
smaller so they’re usually sort of man-made and so they’ll be like a sign
saying don’t go down the main fall like go down this little sort of divided area the good news is that when my husband
managed to flip us in a canoe in the Czech Republic we were basically in waist-deep water
and all I had to do is pick my dog up out of the water with one hand and try
to like fish all of the crap that had fallen out of the boat with the other
hand got a little banged up on the knees but it wasn’t ever really deep in fact
because the water was so low there were a lot of parts where if you weren’t
careful you might actually get stuck so it was ID no there was no part of the
river where a non swimmer could get worried another difference was you can’t go on
the river unless you have a someone who’s qualified to take you down the
river so we happen to have someone in our party who had done this many times
and it actually worked as a guide in the Czech Republic there were groups of
drunk stag parties drunk hen parties no sort of nobody was wearing their
bests their safety vest they were just kind of like hanging out of the beach
you did not get the impression that people were taking a lot of safety
precautions in fact my husband and I had our hats on and our glasses in our
sunblock and our best and my dog had a vest and we were actually kind of
standing out from the rest of the crowd so we’re really just there to get tan
and drink and listen to music and have fun and the last big difference between
canoeing and camping in Czech Republic versus the United States was sort of the
climax or the the Vista the views like what about your trip are you taking away
and telling stories about so in the United States when we go river rafting
or camping generally there’s some snakes that we get to see or some maybe some
wild pigs or some deer the river rafting trip in Oregon we saw three bears that
was pretty awesome I mean basically the whole time you’re camping you’re just
like watch for the banner so you have to pack up all your food airtight so that
the Bears don’t get it like bears are a big problem when you’re camping in the
US ok the scenery is pretty cool too in Czech Republic the Vista was quite
different we ended our tour in cesky krumlov which is probably the second
most visited place besides Prague in the Czech Republic and we got to go
basically at the very bottom of the river and all of the tourists that are
up at the castle they’re looking down at us and our views are just like this epic
ancient town and it was really just gorgeous and something I’ll never forget
so if you’ve ever been to Chester love but you haven’t seen it from the river I
highly recommend taking a day River cruise through cesky krumlov so overall
it wasn’t the natural experience that I thought it was gonna be I thought they
were gonna be checks like whittling away their forks and knives out of sticks and
sort of living like like real outdoorsy people and I wasn’t gonna fit in as an
American who needs real toilets with my husband who’s got the portable speaker
setup with his iPhone but it really was the opposite the Czechs were just like
having a big party just like they do anywhere on the weekend
only they’d moved it to the river so bottom line I would definitely recommend
a camping slash canoeing trip the Czech Republic thanks for joining me
today and if you’ve ever camped in both places in the United States the American
West or in Czech Republic and you notice some differences let me know in the
comments below okay tuck ciao oh boy


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