Camping In Hong Kong

A lesson I’ve learnt whilst living in HK is that it’s all about finding a balance. Sometimes you have to take a break from the urban jungle and
head to greener pastures. Camping is something I
had always wanted to try. So I rallied up a group of friends who were all brave enough
to face no running water, no power, no toilet and no Facebook. Finding the perfect camping spot in Hong Kong’s great outdoors
is a journey in itself. We picked Tung Lung Chau
in the New Territories. To get there, we lugged our camping gear and took a 30 minute ferry ride together with other weekend campers. Most who looked like veterans with their portable deep
fryers, fairy lights and all kinds of foldable furniture. My group was more amateur
so we just brought along the absolute basics to survive. With some bottles of red wine thrown in. Because we arrived fairly late in the day, we had to set up our
tent right on the edge of the furthest cliff on the island. It was probably a death wish, but we also had the best waterfront views. The next morning after we celebrated for not getting blown off
the cliff during the night, we got up to explore the island. A morning stroll turned
into six hours of hiking and getting lost along the way, but it felt great to be
surrounded by so much nature instead of towering skyscrapers
and crowds of people. As a first timer in camping, I learnt a few valuable lessons. Embrace the squat in the bushes. You can’t avoid it when you go camping, just don’t go against the wind unless you brought along
a change of clothes. Number two, bring along
at least one friend who has set up a tent before,
especially if you’re right by a steep cliff and it needs
to be structurally sound. My experience back when I was a girl scout has become rather foggy, so all I could offer was moral support. Number three, if you’re camping
during the colder months bring a lot of wine with you. It will keep you warm and
help you put on a brave face when you’re surrounded
by complete darkness. And when you’re constantly reminded that you have no phone signal. Camping was definitely a great way to escape the city life over a weekend. I’ll definitely want to do it again.

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