Camping in Japan | Wild camp bushcraft cooking  in Asia with Harry I.
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Camping in Japan | Wild camp bushcraft cooking in Asia with Harry I.

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that’s a nice one yeah definitely [Applause] I get was yeah you yeah there’s some times that you wanted to I could bring Apache across the hawk know it once under select it and then this one’s much tighter amazing initiative that’s good right very cool and go hey guys first night camping with the mr. Harry I stop 10 o’clock where the tent is a good day it’s fun I learned a lot he taught me a lot cuz you know he’s the land but I got this new tent it’s working out pretty good got the stove going I’m still pipe I live in here yeah it’s good it’s not even it’s warm in here feels like it’s must be like 80 degrees in here so stoked on that so let’s see what’s up for tomorrow today was a busy day it’s a busy day building up camp but tomorrow we have all day to explore and we’re gonna look for some that wood now I’m gonna look for some sheds so hopefully we can do that I’m really happy I can camp with mr. Harry I when I was in the state’s I was just thinking can I meet a Japanese somebody’s Japanese to go camping with and Here I am about 24 degrees right now but not in here and here’s beautiful gonna catch you tomorrow I got boiling water I was it for ugly 600 it’s straight your big I slept like 3 hours total hallo three hours I feel located well yes so smoking hot now yeah he you’d make a real good hire cowboy style yep [Music] somebody check it mm-hmm yeah [Applause] looking for that fatwood I’m also looking for a deer shed I would love one love to find the Japanese deer shed Sika deer dream come true see it by a since a turtle creek taught me well bring you that shed where are you at show yourself show yourself deer shed wow look at that either bronze oh my god there you go smell it smell it this bat would baby [Applause] yeah beautiful timber are you supposed to be like I’m actually kind of hot right now yeah it feels good yeah yeah that thing is very important before you go to bed right make our buddies real hot so effective that behind the good pathways and to all right yep and a little long for maybe one or two minutes okay well tonight number two of camping with mr. Harris on completed it’s a good day busy day but good day cam Aparna fatwood jackpot you got some birch bark hugs some trail cams had some awesome meals Justin Yamazaki 12 and it’s a good company and all-around a good time so really happy I came did my my first overnight camp collaboration so it was fun I learned a lot from mr. Harry not only camping but he also showed me some photography things actually got a picture of the stars finally first time in my life that I got a clear picture of stars so I’m good to know the settings of my new camera I think mr. Harry for that for a being my since a my teacher thanks for coming along I hope you liked this camping video little push crash bushcraft fish as mr. Harry would say so it’s bushcraft to me so I thought it was awesome hang in the bush chairs and the hidden woodsman bush chair and the wade mr. Harry hung his tarp and then the way we set up our little camper I thought it was awesome he gave me some gifts and I really appreciate that and I got a gift from a now Evo a new knife so I’ll be showing that off so we really appreciate it thank you for the gifts mr ihsan and Pajero camp sonic for the knife I love it very much morning day number three got to pack up the camp leave no trace part of the game was a rough night my stove I don’t know what the hell happened to it was so smoky I had to take it out of the camp wasn’t intensive all those stones fault I think I need a new stove piece of crap and it’s so cold but it’s beautiful it is beautiful this morning that’s a hairy stunt I can’t we’re here by this river as you see it’s not like a regular campsite with the hiking in a little bit not too far but it’s nice this area is really nice I’m happy to be here but packing up part sucks but that’s part of camping you got to do it and you go do it clean yeah my stove yeah I had to take it out last night smoke was just pouring out of the stove my whole tent was so smoky I was actually pretty warm in there and I don’t have to worry about the stove anymore which was good so yeah how this wood to waste there you have it this was a leave no trace camp but you have to know that this was a special camp you don’t always get to have this kind of camp in Japan a lot of the camps are car camping so make sure the rules are where you go if you’re gonna cut down trees we only got dead standing trees or trees that were on the ground and after we’re done of course mr. Harry taught me everything and showed me this beautiful wild camp spot which I never get to do in Japan so I really appreciate that sir you’re very kind and my all-time favorite camp partner miter Harry and his link is below so please check him out his channel is amazing way more better than mine so mr. Harry I know superstar if you want to do some wild camping tickly [Music] [Music] [Music]


  • Nate Buker

    So cool you found each other! I'll have to check out his channel. About the stove — do you think you might be able to mount the spark arrester section more toward the top of the chimney?

  • Markus Brackley

    That looked like a great time, thanks for sharing it with us, Rocky. Regarding the stove, I keep saying I'll make one out of a .50cal ammo box, but as yet…. I'm still thinking about it! lol Cheers buddy!

  • Bee Outdoors

    Great video buddy we just got back from a winter cam up north of England it was freezing cold but loved it and managed to get some amazing footage. Regards Alex

  • DizzyMAC

    Sweet camp! Dude hope to get out and do this myself soon and as usual amazing scenery it’s more high definition than real
    Life almost

  • Suzy Q

    So glad you found someone to camp with. Without sounding too dumb I am going to ask what is “fat wood “? Great video as usual. Sorry about your stove.

  • Bud man

    Awesome trip man I do know about that stove thing when it goes out it gets brutal. I do know that feeling
    it would have been nice to find a couple of those sheds from those deer we have those here on the Eastern Shore

  • Hike Camp

    A hot tent like that is the only way I would want to try winter camping. Too bad about your stove giving up on you. Great camp, cooking and bushcrafting. 😎👌

  • Libmanan Channel

    I have seen it to the end! Camping in winter, it is serious! But for those who like camping, the season does not matter!
    (It may be hard to rain · · ·) The charm of the camp has come to light!

    Thank you! I appreciate it!

  • Turtle Creek

    This looked incredibly fun! Sucks about the stove in the middle of the night – maybe too much wood chocking the airflow from the front and couldn't vent through the chimney pipe? Just a guess tho. Try to play with that stove some more before you give up on it. Learning some tricks of the trade from Harry had to be a thrill. About 6 or 7 years ago there was an awesome shed hunter that turned his nose up at me when I talked about tagging along with him and getting some tips from him. Sucked. Now I try to share with anyone who wants to learn. Glad you enjoyed us finding finding a bunch of them here in MD last year. Finding a shed is tough though, that trail cam indicates hunters have that area scouted out already and know exactly when they are dropping after hunting season. I ran into a trail cam in one of my 'no-hunting' parks Sunday … competition is fierce around here. May be the same there for you guys, if not worse. Sorry for rambling, lol!!! You posting your trips is helping lots of other people in ways you probably don't even know. Keep it up Rock. Thanks for a sneak peak into your trip!

  • Texas Life Julie

    Excellent. I'm about to be jealous since it's been too long since I went camping 🙂 What a great spot you found too! Enjoyed a full watch♡

  • NicksNWAdventures

    I don't know stoves that well, but a smokey fire is usually a cold fire. A lot of guys use fire bricks, not sure what else you can do with thin wall stoves besides just keep it hot

  • Warwickshireoutdoors

    Cool man. Looks cold. Do you have to be careful where you wild camp in Japan or are most places ok? ie private land etc.

  • Riverbend Longbows Outdoors

    Yep 👍 That was good Rockie
    I can tell you're becoming more comfortable in front of the camera and using tools
    Loved min 18:48 when you gave yourself the "Hell Yah " look in the camera 😃
    I bet you were super stoked hanging out with Harry , I would have been
    Great editing by the way 👍
    Glad you are putting jeep cap to good use
    Loved it

  • Jeff Smith

    It was awesome of Mr. Harry to meet up with you and teach you some things. It's always nice to have a friend to camp with. Thanks for bringing us along!

  • Craig Betts

    wow if I didn't know you were in Japan that looked like any place in the eastern US I'm glad your showing this side of the country most people just see the night light of Tokyo and I never knew it got cold there I just assumed it was always warm year round and leave no trace good idea with the foil, I'm going to check out Mr. Harrys channel thanks for the link…take care Rocky your friend from Canada

  • Pumpkin Village Maple

    Wow! Two of my favorite youtubers from Japan together in one video. Outstanding. Looked cold but good. Check your draft on your stove. Also light a small fast fire first to warm the pipe. That helps with the draft too. Take care, Al

  • William Logan

    Really good vid with you and Mr. Harry I. Looks like y'all had a great time in the bush. Thanks for sharing and Cheers to you mate.

  • WV Outdoorsman

    Great camp and video guys. I use those military issue wool gloves to hunt in all the time. They work great. I can’t wait for you to find a Sitka deer shed!!! 🔥🏕⛰🦌😁👍

  • Outdoor Serenity

    Looks like u guys had a good time man. Like I always say, good times make good memories. Good to see ya out brother, hope all is well. Stay safe and good adventures!

  • tomola77

    Hi! Rocky-san & Harry-san
    You guys found a nice location. It's like a manly camp,^^I watched Video as if I was there and enjoyed it so much.
    i'm sorry for your stove. I can't wait for the next video^^ awesome winter camping!

  • Trevor Lee

    I’ve been to Japan twice, and never got to do wild camp, so this was incredible to see. Japan’s laws and lack of public land kinda turned me off. Was this private land? I’ve been on the fence about doing the whole Japan thing when I’m done with school, and this video gave me some hope haha. I’m looking at eastern / northern / Hokkaido japan. Are you staying in Japan for a while?

  • Survive The Night

    Hi there, a very enjoyable video, thank you for sharing. Love your tent stove, did you make it? Can you explain the mesh filters at the bottom of the flu pipe please 👍.

    I’d also like to thank you for subbing to my channel, very kind of you. I’ve returned the favour and look forward to cutting through your video pal 👍. All the best, Ant.

  • Black River Rambler

    Top notch camping and bushcrafting Rock!!
    Mr. Harry I is a great co explorer to do this with.
    All kinds of sweet amber gold out there.
    Awesome camp right next to that flowing creek.
    You boys cleaned up well!!
    See ya on the next one!
    Have a great day!

  • Argoよしたか

    We have the private owned land for the bush crafting activities here.
    You can visit us at Shiga, West Lake Biwa where is the great site by the quiet peaceful water. Bring your gumboots!

  • Anthony Payne

    You are the man Rocky! That was one amazing adventure captured documentary style. Hope the stove gets sorted. Atb 👍👍👍

  • Dave Stredulinsky

    A wonderful video of your overnight camping adventure in Japan. Looks like at great spot with the stream nearby and an abundance of firewood. You set up a great camp. The axe you were using looked very sharp the way it was cutting. Too bad you didn't get the best sleep with your smokey stove issue, but I guess that is part of camping. I will check our Mr. Harry I's channel. Thank you for sharing.


    Mr.Harry I collaboration camp is wonderful 👍 I was very surprised that is Mr.Harry I and acquaintance!!
    I will camp style was fun because with both of us😉

  • Harry I.

    This is so awesome, my little brother! I'm editing my video now, but it goes to chaos! Trying to make it shorter but it wouldn't make it. But, that suppose to mean we had a lot of fun so that I don't want to trim footages away. We'll get together again.

  • Common Man Conservation

    So cool :)! The second I started finding someone I could go out with they moved 😂 Now that I am in Lyme disease territory it's even harder. Really cool stuff and glad you and Harry were able to join up. Was the smoke a notable color or anything change that could of decreased oxygen to the fire? I guess could be that cold air got down the chimney and didn't heat up right too. Taking even the ashes out was interesting to see, solid.

  • Wild Life BushCraft

    Very cool vid and great place to camp.
    I would love to learn a thing or 2 from Harry I one day as well.
    Thanks Rock !!!

  • Tannenherz Bushcraft

    High, what kind of material do you use for the tent with the tent-stove ? It is looking like Nilon-Rip-Stop. Kindly Fiete

  • Tonarino Ojisan

    はじめまして、チャンネル登録ありがとうございます。バンバン見に来てください。コメントも、よろしくお願い申し上げます (^^)

  • シンヤのアウトドア Shinya's outdoor

    Nice to meet you, Mr. Rocky, collaboration camp between you and Harry seemed very fun. Thank you for a nice video (^ ^) /

  • Osprey Momma

    👍🤚my dear friends so glad you two were able to get together to go on this beautiful journey together. So nice of Harry to teach you many things. The chair did seem like a lot of work but could come in handy some day. I watched Harry’s video too and wow the food looked so good I could smell it all the in Florida lol. Yes you do eat fast Rocky you must have grown up with siblings learned to eat fast lol. Excellent video great times good memories my friends. I always enjoy watching your videos Rocky. Sending you warm hugs and Florida sunshine to brighten up your day. Here’s to many more years of camping and memories. Have a good weekend take care 💕

  • Happy Pheet Photography Randy Wiley

    Thank you for the Sub, it is appreciated. It looks like you have a lot of good video for me to watch. Always eager to find new and exciting Bushcraft/Hiking/Outdoor channels and yours looks awfully good. I will keep watching.

  • Smell N Roses

    Wow what an awesome camp, bushcrafting and exploring and learning from Mr. Harry I. Definitely was a great opportunity to hang out with a jedi master lol. I've watched several of his vids since you first recommended his channel and very impressive. Glad you two seemed to hit it off, hopefully we'll see more collaborations in the future. Fantastic video, my friend!

  • Armadillo Junction

    Awesome trip , been wondering where you been and go look to find your channel bumped. Looks like Japan is treating you well have a good day!

  • Adventuring Outdoors With Eric

    Glad you had a great time camping with your new friend. You guys worked hard on that camp. Sorry about your stove smoking up your tent! That must of sucked really sucked. Are you gonna get a new stove like you said? That was a cool hanging pot that Mr. Harry I was using to cook the bacon at the end. Nice collaboration bro.

  • Drink Coffee with Jasmin

    I did not know that Japan is that beautiful. I will visit this amazing country one day. i enjoyed your video really much. It has a very calm atmospere although the first day was a little bit busy. Thank you for sharing this video 🙂

  • Den Den OD

    Footage with personality and good impression. Great!
    It was a nice camp, and there was lots of bush for the campfire.
    A good, wild place with prestige to try Harry's food, it was really cool!
    You also found a great fatwood, Congratulations!
    See you next time! Rock san(^▽^)/

  • Emma, Julie & Liz Law

    Superb and beautiful video as are most of yours we have watched. This must have been special to be with Harry-san. We have watched his videos for a long time and always, without fail, find something new and informative. AS we have with yours on a different level. What we particularly see in yours and Harry-sn's videos is a deep caring love of the natural world. You do not exploit the reserves, you honour nature and always LNT. It is such a pity that here in the UK nature is 'just' something to use to get away from life, and very often the discourtesies of life carry over to the treatment of our natural world….hence the fire scars in some of our most beautiful wild country, the rubbish, empty beer cans, bottles and worse left scattered. Thank you for sharing your time and video with us. Stay well, stay safe.

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