Camping Iris Parc Le Chêne Gris pod Paryżem
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Camping Iris Parc Le Chêne Gris pod Paryżem

– It was a beautiful swing
– I know Now we will show you a four-star campsite wave your hand there is our mobile house, 128 Here is the playground The spider is here where? here, run away! there is no spider, he went away then we went here and opened the gate attention, it will close down soon ah, it went down limbo now we are going to the reception – to the reception?
– yes here we have an information point here we have a map on the map we can see the center of Paris Eiffel tower We were at the very top of the Eiffle Tower Ivone knows, Ivone will lead us there was a pool here we’ll go to the pool later look! Well, walk nicely. Beautiful Look how Ivone is walking here was the playground in this house and then we went here Wanna sing? And when the day comes, the day comes and our black hearts beat us joyfully to Justine, let’s run great, now Agata Hello Come on, give me a hand nice climbing Ivone is on a mushroom it’s easy here oh no, not on the bottom
come on, give me your hand I want to open then open it please open up even more I’m going in and I Kris don’t want to go to the swimming pool it’s closed?
no, Krzyś doesn’t want to go to the pool We’re going to the pool now how hot water

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