Camping mit Hund *** daran müsst ihr denken ***
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Camping mit Hund *** daran müsst ihr denken ***

Hello! Welcome to CampingFieber!
In this video I want to show you what we take with us for our
holiday in our caravan with our dog. This is our dog “Rocky”, a French Bulldog;
he is now four years old and I hope you have fun with this video. *Music* In this video I want to show
you what we, personally, always take with us when we go on vacation in our caravan
with our dog “Rocky”. “Rocky” is a French bulldog, who
is now four years old, and what I am going to show you makes no claim
to be complete; I’m grateful if you, too,
have tips and tricks, what you always take with you, what cannot be missing by any means
during your holiday, or where you say: we do not need that
at all, we always leave that out. So you are welcome to leave a comment, but I hope that our video may
help you a little, so have fun with it! *Music* What we always take with us is, of course,
a feeding bowl; we have one, which I got as a present when
Rocky was still a puppy; it has here in the middle such an indentation, where a plastic bone is to be put on top, so that he does not gulp so much during feeding. It doesn’t help
a lot, unfortunately, he always gulps. We always take this bowl with us, that’s for
feeding and then we have another one for water, for drinking. What I also always take with me
is an extra sponge, which is then just there to clean the feeding bowls; it has such a scouring pad here, in case
some canned food sticks to the bowl, you can clean that very well with it.
What I also take with me is an extra spoon for canned food. I
just do not want to take one of our spoons. That’s why this one’s always – that’s Rocky’s
spoon. Yes, what we also take with us, is, here, dry dog food in such a box,
which is hermetically sealed, you can also hear that there’s food in it – I do not know if you can see that – the dry dog food; it now also smells like dry dog food, but if you close it,
you do not smell it and you can easily take it with you; so we always take this with us
just in case you do not have any canned dog food left over. What is also important:
in the surroundings of your campsite you may not find the kind of food your dog likes
to eat or tolerates well; there are also many dogs with intolerances,
that’s why we would advise you to always take with you that kind of food, of which you know, your
dog tolerates it well, so that you do not realize when you are already on holiday, oh crap, now I do not get anything here. Here we come to the second point: when we go on vacation, I always
write / search in advance on the internet for some veterinarians near
the campsite – just in case, if there’s anything, you never know, that you need to go to the vet quickly
and then in the rush: oh god, I don’t know, my dog ​​was hit by a car or there
was a fight with another dog that locked his jaw in your dog’s neck e. g.;
I need to go to the vet now, quickly, and then you just do not have any internet-connection
and cannot find any address in a rush. That’s why I always look for it in advance, so that I can then quickly enter the address into the satnav and so on, that is
then always saved in advance. Luckily I never had to use it so far! What we
also always take with us, are charcoal tablets. Now these are here for people; they
are available in every drugstore, but they are also just as tolerable for dogs, as
our veterinarian said, and, yes, if your dog has diarrhoea, then they help; I
do not want to say anything about dosing now, how many tablets per dog; that depends
on the breed, on the size, on the, I’d say, “intensity” of the diarrhoea, yes,
you’d better ask your veterinarian first. It also always depends on how the
tablets are dosed. In this case, I think, it’s now 250 milligrams of charcoal
per tablet. There may be other dosages, too,
that’s why I do not want to say here: you need so and so many tablets per dog when he has diarrhoea or when he has been poisoned; the
charcoal tablets also fix the poison in the body of the dog and then with the faeces,
the poison will then be excreted again. Nevertheless, you have to go to a vet in case
of poisoning, there is no way around it. So in terms of charcoal tablets and
dogs, please ask your vet how much you need per use in case of
emergency. Yes, so here, poo bags,
of course, are always a must and preferably also such a box where the bags can be put into;
I always fix it onto the leash. When taking the dog out for a walk, they
are always at hand and when the dog does his business, you can also directly remove it and then the poo bag lands in the next bin, because you never know,
whether the campsite itself offers a dispenser for poo bags; some have got that, but they
may be just empty and for me there’s nothing worse than going for a walk
with our dog without those bags, so for me they are a must. Yes, what I also take with me is a tick remover, of course, a normal pair of tweezers is also
sufficient: if the dog gets a tick you can remove it directly. What else? Oh, we always like to go on vacation in the
summer time, so I always like to take with me such a cooling mat. This is one for instance. I do not know if there are different
models; the model that we have here now, will get cold as soon as it gets in
contact with weight, I’d say. So if the dog lays on it, then it
cools nicely; if it is too cool once you can also put
a thin blanket on top or a towel, so it’s not such a strong
difference. You should, of course, not lay this cooling mat in the blazing sun, but rather somewhere in the shade or inside the caravan,
on the bed or on the bench or on the floor and then the dog can lay down
onto the cooling mat, so he will not overheat.
What I also take with me is dog shampoo. This is still puppy
shampoo. I always buy puppy shampoo, because I think that’s then
still more gentle. Dogs have a different pH value than
people, so please do not use shower gel for people or
hair shampoo for people, but really some kind of dog ​​shampoo. Then I also take a towel
with me, so I can also towel our dog after showering him. Our dog is small, so
a few smaller towels are sufficient. If you have a bigger dog, of course,
you probably will need a whole lot of towels, I don’t
know. They do not always dry so fast
and depending on whether your dog comes out of the sea and then salt water
and sand are sticking to his fur coat or he may have diarrhoea, which was the case
when we were on vacation with Rocky now, then maybe a little squitters will be
on the rear of his legs or so, then you need to clean him quickly
and then maybe you are glad that you have dog shampoo and not
only water. If you go somewhere, where it is especially hot and your dog would like to
cool down, but maybe he’s not allowed to go into the sea, just like here in
the South of France, where dogs on the beach are forbidden,
so they are not allowed to go into the water and also not to go to the beach and you want that
your dog can cool down, then there are such little wading pools that are
made of such plastic material; I do not have it with me now, unfortunately; I can show it
to you later. It is foldable, that’s then such
a little box and that’s then such a round pool with such small mats that
then go all around and on the bottom, the floor is also made of plastic and then there is a
plug in there; you can fill in water and afterwards via the plug you can also
drain the water or dump it and then your dog can, you can put it somewhere in
the shade, the wading pool, fill it with a bit of water
and then your dog can lay in there, then he has it nice and cool, too;
I can only recommend this. We did not have it with us for this one week now,
because we also honestly did not expect it to be that
hot here. Here, however, there’s always some breeze, the Mistral, that makes the heat a bit more bearable, but if you go somewhere
in midsummer or where it’s hotter this pool is certainly nice
for your dog, if he can cool down a bit and sometimes so – it’s enough
to fill in the water as high as this – so that he can lay in there in order to cool down or you fill it
completely, that he can splash about in the pool; I bet that’s fun for your dog. What I also take with me
is coconut oil. That one, which you can also use for cooking or similar. I bought
such a little pot at the drugstore, for less than a euro, and
I always fill it up with a little bit of coconut oil; I always use this
if the pads of the dog’s paws dry out a bit in the heat. Or
even if the fur coat shows a few areas from scratching or so, where the skin is dry,
then you can rub the oil onto the skin.
So Rocky’s okay with it, I do not know what it’s like with other dogs. However, I do not
use this permanently, but only if something is urgent, then it helps
very good, I think. Yes, that’s it already; Of course it depends: if you
go somewhere, where it is cold, in the winter vacation, then maybe a
jacket for your dog or such socks against ice and snow and road salt,
so that this does not hurt the paws or attacks them. So Rocky does not wear his
jacket – I have one, too for the winter, but he hates these things; he
does not wear it. But if we were to go on winter vacation
with the caravan, then I would definitely take such a thing
with me, so he would not freeze. Then, what we also take with us for Rocky are some
little toys; we always have (from ****) for a bit less than a euro such a
plush thing, such a bear or even here a bone with a rope on it, so he can
nibble a bit and pull and drag a little or just
nibble on it, he really likes that.
And what we also have with us is a dog bed: here we have such a plastic
dog bed, which is quite handy: it has holes in the bottom, where sand
or dirt or the like can drop out and this dog bed, where there is also
such a pillow with it, was firstly less expensive than these fabric dog beds
and another advantage is when it’s wet outside, the lawn, or something is
muddy, then you can place the basket there as well if necessary and can
also clean it again very easily.
We also have such a comfort blanket that we put in there and
we also take this dog bed for the journey. The dog bed is put on the back seat of our car during
the journey; there Rocky lays in there and then he gets
buckled on, he gets to wear a harness, such a dog harness, and on the back there is such
a fixing ring and then there is such a seat belt for dogs,
where he is then fixed with, there he can snuggle into his dog bed
and, yes, on vacation he also has a dog bed so that he can lay down outside in front of the
caravan, in the shade, in the sun, wherever he wants; and he always likes
those blankets, because he always forms a nest with his mouth and his
paws and he always puts the blanket down the way he wants
and, yes, then he always has fun. with it. Yes, that’s it already;
I hope you liked the video; I would be glad if you gave us a
“thumbs up” or if you also have some tips, what you always take with you, I would
also be grateful for that; maybe I forgot something very important or
our dog did not have this or that case so far, which you have already experienced
and you still have a few tricks, so I would be grateful
if you would leave a comment; apart form that I’ll say: see you next time. Bye. *Music*


  • CampingFieber

    Unser Hund Rocky ist natürlich immer dabei. In diesem Video zeigen wir, was wir alles mitnehmen.
    Was nehmt ihr noch alles mit? Schreibt es gerne in die Kommentare.

    Viel Spaß 🙂
    LG Sarah & Uwe

  • Judith Matthias

    Hallo Sarah (& Uwe),
    danke für das Video und die Liste in der Videobeschreibung. Sehr hilfreich. 👍Rocky ist ja wirklich niedlich. Was macht er denn da bei Minute 8:42/43? LOL 🤣
    Viele Grüße, Judith & Matthias

  • Familie Mayer

    Wie macht ihr es denn wenn ihr an den Strand geht wo er nicht mit darf. Geht ihr gar nicht oder wechselt ihr euch immer ab?

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