Camping On Snow Never Felt More Comfortable | Shred Hacks w/ Xavier de le Rue
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Camping On Snow Never Felt More Comfortable | Shred Hacks w/ Xavier de le Rue

[Music] here are a few tips to encourage you to go into your next camping adventure in winter first thing it’s really important to choose a camping spot not far away from any exposure so choose a place where nothing is going to slide or fall onto you beers in the snow they’re important you don’t want to drink one beer first step is to compact the snow toe to toe best is to use your skis or your split board and make an area flat as much as possible and you let it sit ten minutes and the snow will harden then it’s time to build your tent it’s important that the flyer can be quite tight with the tent so it doesn’t flap all night with us quite a night so now to attach the tent you make a hole like with your shovel not need no need to go super deep especially if the snow is a bit wet and then you take anything it could be a little branch and then you put them down in the snow like sideways doesn’t need to be long and you just cover it we snow compact it a bit like this then doing a little hole for the cold is very handy both for the cold trap so which will kind of block the cold air at the entry of your tent and also it will be very handy so that you can sit inside and take off your shoes and leave all the gear in there the mattress is super important because that’s what’s gonna insulate you from the snow and from the cold one trick if it gets cold is that you can put an emergency blanket underneath so that it cuts the cold and then if it’s really really cold you can double so you can have one air mattress and then one little foam mattress building a wall around your tent can be a really good way to protect yourself in the wind unless it is very snowy or if it’s a very big snowstorm because then that will gather snow instead of getting rid of it oh there is activity the mountain is alive and that’s one of the good things of camping is to watch the nature evolve and be alive because you’re in there you know just passing through you’re living with it and that’s the beauty of it when you go camping on snow no need to bring like liters and liters of water you have all the snow in the world which you can know a little bit a little bit of water at the bar so you don’t burn your pot [Music] [Music] getting me up in the night to go to the bathroom is something that’s quite horrible getting out of your sleeping bag feels like ah impossible so one trick for that you still have an empty bottle that you can do your thing in there if you want to dry your liners a good thing to do is to actually take them inside your sleeping bag because they’re gonna dry in there boiling water keeps you warm all night you wake up in the morning you even have a little bit of hot water for you – good night ladies [Music] [Music]


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