Camping Picnic!  Elsa and Anna Toddlers
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Camping Picnic! Elsa and Anna Toddlers

come on yeah let’s get on the blanket
oh those n phone oh and yeah you burnt it I can’t wait to eat my sandwich I’m
so hungry okay I’m gonna put my stick here oh that
looks great I’ll see ya okay come on else yeah are
you ready for the picnic yeah I am we have to go see otter and Anya let’s go
oh hey guys the food looks amazing look at that LC yeah oh wow look we’ve
brought a picnic blanket to use should we put it down
yeah that sounds like a great idea thank you oh look the dogs on the picnic
blanket should we put the other one on – oh that looks so cute they’re on there
sitting together come over here and look at the dogs I’ll see ya I’m coming oh
they look so cute hey guys the picnic looks amazing who made all the food oh I
did thank you oh great I’ll come sit over here with
you guys on the blanket oh look at these dogs they’re so cute come on LC yeah
let’s get on the blanket okay I’m coming I’m gonna sit over here with Barbie Oh
mom come and sit on the blanket with us come on yeah mom come on
okay kids we’re coming let’s go yeah kids give us a second we’re coming okay
come on let’s sit down over here hey mom what’s that on your dress oh those ends
oh my god no oh no they are ends come on I’ll see you we need to leave
quickly let’s go oh come on girls it’s just an still move come on they’re not
scary look look the ads are everywhere they’re on your dress look Oh No we’ll
have to move we’ll have to get rid of them they can’t be on the blanket oh no
they’re getting out of my legs come on let’s move we’ll have to get rid of them
okay come on just move the ends off we can push them away okay I can get the we
can move them like this come on quick the sandwiches are ready to eat oh I’m
gonna go and get my sandwich I’m so hungry
I love these sandwiches look great Anna Oh YUM I can’t wait to eat this oh those
do look great I’m so hungry too I’m gonna get one okay
I’ve got my sandwich I’m gonna go eat it okay I’m gonna go get mine too
thank you Anna oh I’m really hungry there’s only two sandwiches but I might
take both of them I’m starving I’m gonna go and eat both of these
sandwiches I’m so hungry oh I can’t wait to eat my sandwich I’m
so hungry but there’s non left Anna I don’t have a
sandwich you said there was one for everyone oh you have two sandwiches
you’re only supposed to have one I don’t have any oh but I’m really hungry I
wanted to Aniyah do you have two sandwiches you need to share lco doesn’t
have one okay mom I can share that’s fine
here you go Elsie oh here’s your sandwich thanks Anna now we can all have
sandwiches Oh No look at the sky it’s getting so much
darker oh no mom look at it we can’t sit out here when it’s like this what’s
happening it’s only thunder look it’s not even raining but just in case we
should probably pack up the blanket come on let’s go oh no it looks really scary
look at how dark it is mom it’s gonna rain we need to leave quickly come on
let’s go we don’t need to leave yet it’s okay come on we can pack up slowly girls
come help okay come on let’s pack it up we’ve got to fold the blanket come on
there we go come on let’s go oh we’re freezing we should leave
quickly come on girls okay come on let’s pack up get the dog off the table he
shouldn’t be on there come on let’s pack up off the plate
let’s go okay I’ll get all the cups we’ll need to put them in the car
quickly oh the thunders getting louder come on
we need to quickly pack it all the way yeah quickly come on girls come he’ll
come on on yeah pick up the last Cup quickly okay I’m gonna pick up the last
Cup let’s go okay come on let’s go get the cat we
need to put everything in the car come on okay
I’ve got her let’s go you’re on yup you will the cat come on mom we have to go
okay come on we’re ready to leave everything’s packed up we can go
everyone in the car come on let’s go your bye girls we’ll see you next time
hopefully the weather’s better thanks for the picnic we enjoyed it yeah it was
great oh I hope it’s better weather for the camping tomorrow gonna be a shame if
it’s not a me can’t go are we going camping tomorrow
I can’t wait I really hope the weather is better so we can go well yeah if you
girls are good we can go Kathy thanks mom yeah I can’t wait
yay yeah can’t wait oh look we have marshmallows mom can we eat them now
Noel see ya we have to wait we’re gonna have food first and then we’re gonna
roast them but we do need some sticks with a fire if you girls want to go and
find them yeah we can go and find sticks come on let’s go look
oh I don’t see any around here oh look there’s some over there let’s go get
these ones okay I’ve got this stick let’s go put them on the fire be careful
there girls it is a fire it’s gonna be hot don’t touch it okay I’m gonna put my
stick here oh I don’t want to put my stick it down I’m scared of the fire
it’s gonna be really hot and yo can you do it yeah okay I’ll take this
I’ll put this down over here for you see it’s not scary it’s just a fire oh okay
I just don’t want to get close to it I’m scared about roasting the
marshmallows later cuz then I’ll have to get close to the fire
oh don’t worry your mom can help you okay that sounds good hey girls did you
find sticks for the fire oh look you did that looks great
look else yeah what’s that over there should we go look at it oh that’s a
snail come on let’s go look at it oh look it’s huge oh yeah it is
I’m gonna head it oh don’t touch it it’s a snail you’re not supposed to touch
those oh but it’s cute look no and yet don’t touch it come on leave it alone
okay girls are you ready to roast the marshmallows now yeah I’m so excited
okay come on let’s go get them I’m gonna pick one first I want this one I’m gonna
roast mine now okay and you you have to be careful come
on take your time okay I’m just gonna put my here okay I’m gonna watch you
make sure you’re being careful don’t put it too close you’re gonna burn it oh no
and yeah you burnt it oh no what am I gonna do if I can’t eat this like burnt
my marshmallow okay that’s fine we can get you another one but you have to be
careful this time okay I’ll go put this one down
I’ll see you do you wanna have a go before I do mine again yeah okay but I’m
scared I don’t want to get too close to the fire we’ll just ask your mom to help
you she won’t mind oh do you need help with your marshmallows yeah yes please
mom can you pick it up and do it for me I’m too scared yeah okay I can do it
don’t worry okay here we go let’s just roast this on here and you don’t get it
too close like in you did cuz then you’ll burn it okay it’s done here you
go I’ll see ya oh thanks mom that looks great I can’t wait to eat it
are you girls enjoy the marshmallows and yeah do you want some help with yours
yeah please mom I’m worried that I’ll burn it again if I do it okay I can do
it for you okay I’ve got your marshmallow here we go see it’s bro
steam okay it’s done there you go and you thanks mom that’s great okay you
girls enjoy them hey mom we’re finished with our marshmallows can we go color
and now they’re cool books yeah okay that sounds great just
be careful don’t go too close to the fire okay let’s go pick out our books
okay I’m gonna pick this book okay I’ll have this one and I want the dark pink
pencil oh I wanted that one oh okay you can have it I’ll have the other one okay
there you go I’ll take this one we can share it if
you want you can use it first oh thanks LC yeah here you go no problem
okay let’s color in what are you drawing I’m drawing a butterfly oh that’s cool
I’m drawing a bird oh that looks great man yeah if you want to swap colors now
yeah sure okay I’m gonna use this one I’m gonna
color in the wings on it oh that looks great else yeah I’m gonna color in mine
now I’m just gonna color in the wings on the bird and I’m done you want to have a
look oh yeah sure oh and yeah that looks great that looks
so cool thanks I’ll see of yours looks great too okay should we put these back
now yeah okay let’s put the coloring books back okay let’s take the pencils
back to okay we’ve tidied everything up let’s go back to the campsite oh look
and yet there’s a dog and it’s eating a burn marshmallow oh no we’ll have to
take it away from that dog do we have another one to give it no I think we ate
them all up we’ll just have to take this one away I’ll pet the dog while you take
it so he doesn’t notice come on doc don’t pay attention there
okay I’ll grab it okay it didn’t notice let’s just move it over here so it
doesn’t see oh this dogs so cute you wanna come and pet it yeah okay oh it’s
so cute hey girls have you had a good time Kathy yeah mom it’s been great I
can’t wait to come back here again well it’s nearly nighttime now should we go
to bed yeah okay come on okay come on let’s go get into ten
Daniel come on else yeah okay come on let’s get in the tendon lie down so
we’re ready for bed okay I’m gonna get in okay I’m gonna get in – good night

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