Camping Pt. 2 | Sole Kings | Ep 4
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Camping Pt. 2 | Sole Kings | Ep 4

You got the Jordans, LeBrons, Kobe’s and
KD’S. And you’ve got all the numbers in their series. Or maybe you got Asics,
Adidas, and Reeboks with special matching graphic socks, you may have dead stock, or some beaters. Or ones just wanted but the hype eaters. Sole protecters, cleaners, and wipes are a must. You would scream and cry if they had a
flick of dust! Early alarm times and long receipts and any type of shoes that
you call heat. Matchy-matchy with the little one. Room filled up but still not
done. Custom kicks or rare joints. Any shoe made to shoot three points.
Signatures or collaborations. And party packs for celebrations. OG colorways with plush leather and restoration so they look better. Display boxes a ziploc
bags, “Damn! You still got the Jumpman tag?” Trade you for this and trade you for
that ten these will go dope with my new snapback. You could have the new releases or old retros. And you could go to all the launch shows. And you wish your babies go up on sale but you know they won’t because they everyone’s grails. And it
doesn’t matter how this life this said cuz you know this is the life of a
sneakerhead. Good looking out on this. I worked hard for those connects, dog. So don’t fuck me over. That’s all I’m saying. Yo, D. Is that who I think it was out
there? Yeah, it was Chase. What was he doing here? He’s my plug. My sneaker plug. Yo, that dude’s grimy. I still think he had something to do with getting me knocked. Like I said, keep that street
shit out my shop. Besides, that was a long time ago. I did 10 years, D. A dime. Look,
I’m just saying, watch your back. Camping has always been fascinating to
me. To love something so much you’ll sleep outside overnight and spend a grip just
to cop it? That’s love. I don’t even love my mama that much. And I love my mama. I was on my king thing, I got the– What is this? What is that? I got the 3 Kings. Crazy. You want me to get some sneakers for you when we walk up in there? Okay. Aight, cool. Say no more. I got it for you, baby. Stay beautiful. [Laughter] You’re funny. Cool. Like my sneakers? Yeah, those are nice. Guess how much I paid for these.
How much? Nothing. Got them for free. You crazy right now. Yeah. Exactly, baby. Stay beautiful. So Larceny, did you get that body from
working out in the yard? What? No. Why are you always here? Hey yo. Forty. Got my kicks? Bitch. Look alive. Yes sir, Buscemi’s right here in every color. Yo yo yo, it’s ya man, Hannibal the God,
picking up his exclusive Buscemi’s from Woodstack with ya girl—what’s your name, ma?
Uh oh, sorry ma, It’s only ten seconds. It’s a Snap. Bitch. What was that? Hey uh, peep game. Want to get a man’s
attention you gotta learn how to speak his
language, and speak it fast. Is that so? So tell me, what’s your language? Uh….[laughter]. Bloop! Alright girl. I am gonna go get
some stuff waxed. I’mma talk to you later, okay? Later, girl. Oh, come on bitch. It ain’t that bad. Bye. Bye, bae! So if you guys had to wear one pair sneakers for the rest of your life, what would it be? One sneaker?? One pair of sneakers. My J’s, my Cement 3’s. They gotta be the ones. Black Cements, man, black Cements! Yeah, the Black Cement 3’s, but, sometimes I don’t like shoes. I like being barefooted. I was a kid, right? And um, I was in the kitchen with my Grandma. So I had some time to ask her for the kicks that I wanted. I asked—begged her for these Jordans. It was the 17. Came in the suitcase. Blue, white, and black joints. Loved ’em. Best Jordans I’ve ever seen.
So I asked her ’em, and she played me, she said no! I couldn’t get ’em! I cried. You cried for some sneakers, son? I cried. So, how does this work? Well, right now I’m just checking the inventory cuz we’re supposed to get a shipment in next week. Yo! What up, boy! Yo Lar, I’d appreciate it when we in the shop, we keep it professional at all times. Feel me? I get it. Aight, no doubt. Thanks. Hey yo, shorty. I’ll be back. Where’re you going? Where’d Larceny go? He went outside. I’ll be back. Your word is your bond, that’s what’s up.
Aight. So look, let’s just find the time next week. We’ll link up, we’ll make
this shit happen. Aight? My man. Alright. Look man, I didn’t mean to interrupt. Oh nah, it’s cool, D. I mean, boss. C’mon. I ain’t mean to come at you like that. Nah, say no more, fam. It’s cool. I gotta learn to respect your boss-ness, y’know? It looks good on you, man. Look I’m just…I’m really just trying to
get used to things on outside again. You know? Things done changed. Brooklyn’s changed. But hey, it’s a good thing right? Yeah, no doubt. I remember when they were giving out beat downs on Ralph Ave. Now they’re giving out lattes. [Laughter] Crazy right? But uh, good lookin’ out for the job,
man. Not too many people give a second chance to an ex-con, y’know? C’mon man. We go way back. I believe in giving me second
chances. Yo Larc, you’ve remember when we dreamed of being sneaker gods? Aw, yeah man! You remember when that Run DMC joint came up? (In unison) My Adidas! Yo, we had the track suits I had the glasses… Pagers with the gold chain. The
money. (In unison) The hunnies! [Laughter] Yo! Whatever happened to that one hunnie that you hollered at outside of the tunnel? Remember that? Yo, she had the fattest— Okay—my wife. We got a kid. Yo, but she had the fat a— Wife, dog. Wife. Yeah yeah yeah, you right, you right. You right! Tell her I said hello. Aight. She got a sister? C’mon, man. I’m saying, if there’s two of ’em, we could double date. We should do a double date, you know. I just got out, man!


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