Camping Reservations and Permits
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Camping Reservations and Permits

Go to Continue to view the list of locations Select a location from the map or use the
list. Use a filter to narrow your search. You can
also filter by island. Select the tabs to find more information. Each location will have varying rules on
how far in advice you can make a reservation. You can use the availability calendar to find
out. The reservation tab is where you start the
reservation process. Begin by signing in to your account.
You can create one if needed. Choose the reservation type that applies to
you and enter the dates you will check in and check out. Choose a site ID using the list below. To view a map of all the sites select “Campsite
Map PDF.” Please note, not all the locations include a map. Enter the number of people that will attend. Fill in your contact information. Please note, the person making the reservation
must be present at the site. Enter your ID number. If you are a resident
you have to enter your Hawaii driver’s license or state ID number to get the resident rate. If the location requires a parking permit
then you must enter the number of vehicles that will be at the location even if it’s
zero. You can add more locations before check out. When you have added all your reservations to your
backpack, agree to the terms and conditions and digitally sign the form. Now enter your payment information. Confirm your information is correct and pay
now. Now print your permit. If a parking permit was required, it will
be included in this file. That’s it, you’re done! Make a reservation today at

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  • eHawaii gov

    This instructional video demonstrates how to make a camping reservation using Hawaii's Division of State Parks Online Camping Reservation System. Watch the video, then visit to make a reservation today!

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