Camping Safety Tips For Riverside County
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Camping Safety Tips For Riverside County

Riverside offers some remarkable hiking trails
and camping sites within the county… When enjoying these recreational areas. Individuals should take precautions to reduce
their exposure to wild rodents, squirrels, chipmunks and their fleas since some wild
animals carry diseases that are dangerous to people. Follow these tips to ensure your time outdoors
is safe and healthy. Avoid touching, feeding, and getting near
wild animals. Enjoy watching them from a safe distance in
their natural surroundings. Keep food and water stored in sealed containers
and out of the reach of animals. Make sure your family pets are vaccinated,
that you use veterinarian approved flea products and always keep a close eye on them. Mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects can cause
certain diseases as well. Always apply FDA approved insect repellent
and be sure to follow the directions on the package. Check for ticks daily and remove them promptly. Wear long sleeves, pants, and other light-colored
clothing to help prevent and spot ticks. Camping should be a fun way to get family
and friends together to enjoy the outdoors! Always be aware and prepared.

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