CAMPING SHISH KABOBS DIY DOG TREATS  | Snow Dogs Snacks 53 | Dog Treats
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CAMPING SHISH KABOBS DIY DOG TREATS | Snow Dogs Snacks 53 | Dog Treats

Guess what we’re doing today! With special guest, Thor! *Music* *We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs* *Huskies howling* “Aroooooo!” Alright you guys! So, we are out camping! But today was supposed to be a treat video day. So we thought it would be fun to make a treat for the dogs while camping! That’s right! We’re gonna do dog treat camping! So, this video’s gonna be a little bit different than our normal treat videos. As always, if you wanna see the rest of our treat videos, there will be a link up in the cards above or down in the video description below. We’re gonna make camp fire shish kabobs for the dogs! You want one too, Thor? I’ll put Thor’s Instagram down in the video description below, so you guys can check out Thor. *To Thor* I know, your daddy will be back! He went to take a shower! Alright! So, what we have is some cut up chicken, some cut up carrots, and some cut up sweet potatoes and we’re gonna make some shish kabobs! You girls want some food?
Oh, I’m sorry, Thor, you are a boy!
Do you GUYS want some food? All you, pupsters?
They are like, “Yeah, we’re camping and we will take some food!” Alright! So, I have layered the shish kabobs, carrot, sweet potato, chicken, carrot, sweet potato, chicken, sweet potato… This is what we’re putting on them for our dogs and I’ll think they’ll enjoy it. And now, we’re gonna cook them over the fire! Don’t worry! The dogs won’t be flipping them. We will! And don’t worry! They are not that close to the fire! Wooo! What do you think, girls? That looks amazing! Here’s what we’re gonna do! Alright! Here we go!
Jamie: We need some tongs cause these will be warm… Jessica: They gonna get hot! We’re cooking it! And actually what I’m gonna do with these, you guys, is they are gonna be one of the meal toppers that we use for the dogs. So, the dogs are gonna get their normal food and we’re gonna put this right on top of their normal food! Does that look amazing? Delicious! *To Memphis* Ready? There, try a carrot? *To Thor* Would you like to try a carrot? Thor’s like “Nope!” How about you, Shelby? Nope! How about you, Oakley? Oakley says, “I’ll take a carrot!” How about sweet potato, Thor? Want a sweet potato? Nope! *To Memphis* Want a sweet potato? Of course! *To Shelby* Would you like a sweet potato? *Dog bark* Nope! *To Oakley* You want a sweet potato?
I hope you like them when they’re cooked! Otherwise, you’ll have to eat a lot of chicken. Let’s see if the Greg trick works. Nope! Not this time! She’s like, “I need dip for my veggies, thanks”. *Laughter* Memphis got it! Time to turn them! Alright! They’re done! Now, we’re gonna cut them up a little bit to make it easier for the dogs to chew… *Oakley barking* Are you hungry? Oakley’s like, “Mine, now!” *Laughter* OK, Oakley first, cause you’re gonna drive me crazy… Memphis is like, “Me! Me! Me! Me!” Let’s see if Shelby will eat it… Oh, Shelby… Even Shelby’s eating it! She’s like, “It’s so great!” Is it good stuff? Good stuff? *Munching sounds* And then Thor’s eating it too! You are not being too picky, are you? *Laughter* Ummmm! Campfire lunch for the dogs! Awww! Alright you guys! As always, if you want to check out more of our treat videos, there will be a link up in the cards above and down in the video description below… We hope you enjoyed this fun camping video, and to see more of our camping adventure you can check out Look at them! All four of them are like, “This is great! This is awesome!” *Laughter* Alright you guys! As always… Thanks for watching! Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive! Dream big! We will see you again soon! Say bye! *Music* *Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog!* *Sing a song with your sweet voice* *I know, You’ve been a good little girl* *Good Girl! Good Girl!* *Come and join us for a new adventure!* *Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come into our Siberian world!* *We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs* *Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Gone To The Snow Dogs*
*Gone To The Snow Dogs*


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