Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Camping Backpacks for Women
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Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Camping Backpacks for Women

I am going to talk a little bit about women
specific packs. We all know women are shaped a little different then men and so maybe the
pack should be as well. If you will notice on these twp packs here we have an Osprey
Aether notice the straightness of the hip belt. Men are shaped like this. We don’t have
very much in terms of hips. Women are shaped like this and they need a different shaped
hip belt. You will notice here the up swing of the hip belt. The hip belt comes up when
it wraps forward and it creates a cone and that places it in the woman?s hip. Much better
than one like this that would gouge the lower part of the hips. So other changes in a woman?s
pack typically a little narrower. Narrower straps smaller in torso length a number of
differences. If you have any questions give your local outfitter a holler.

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