Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Caring for Sleeping Bags
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Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Caring for Sleeping Bags

We’ll talk a little about taking care of your
sleeping bag because if you are going to be comfortable you want to take care of your
bed. And pretty much all that can be said is that you’ve got to look on your bag and
find the label that tells you how to take care of it. They usually say commercial front
load wash. You never want to put it into your home regular one with an agitator. What happens
is an agitator in a washing machine will tear the bag up and void the warranty on it. And
the bags that we carry Bill Jackson’s have a life time warranty. So you want to maintain
that warranty for as long as you can. When you are out in the field make sure you put
it in a water proof bag to keep it sheltered from the water again, it doesn’t do as good
a job if it’s wet, particularly if it’s down. If it’s down it doesn’t do at all any good.
Down bags eventually you’ll have to replace the water repellent finish to outside. And
there are products that will do that, there is one called down wash so if you have any
questions about how to take care of your gear, contact your local outfitter.

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