Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Sleeping Pads in Camping
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Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Sleeping Pads in Camping

I’m going to talk about sleeping pads and
a lot of people don’t think they’re that important but they kind of are. If you’re out there
getting some sleep at night, you can really mess your time on your vacation backpacking
if you can’t get enough sleep because you’re not comfortable. Some people can go with a
closed cell foam pad. The advantage of this is it’s light but the down side, it’s not
quite as cushy. Depends on if you’re a real heavy sleeper and it’s easy for you to get
to sleep this is definitely a nice way to go. Another down side, it’s not very compact,
so usually this gets strapped on the outside. These are open sole mats and with these, they
self inflate. You just open them up, sit there and it will inflate while you go off and set
someone else up in camp. Nice thing about pads, insulates you from the cold ground,
very important thing to go along with your sleeping bad. If you have any questions give
you local outfitter a holler.

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